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The events in Iraq represented by the American strike on a Hezbollah battalion camp in the Al-Qaim region located on the Iraqi-Syr ...
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The issue of the American presence in Iraq did not turn into a core issue in the political debate only after the America killed th ...
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On January 5, the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on a resolution calling on the government to end the foreign military pre ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi Since its new renaissance in the last two decades, Turkey has been ...
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A few years ago, a talk of drawing a new Iraqi map was appeared that includes a clearly defined Arab Sunni region. However, this t ...
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About three months before his resignation, the Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi, visited China, accompanied by a delegation of min ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi Iraq lives in an embarrassing economic situation, after emerging f ...
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The assassination of Qasim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis fueled the tense relations between Iraq and the United States to a ...
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Amer Al-Omran Preface: Today... After more than eight years on the crisis in Syria, and the decline of the severity of the conflic ...
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Muammar Faisal Khouli Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi It was not surprising that the Iranian media escalation against the bac ...
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