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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi Despite Iran 's circumvention on US sanctions, by all means, wheth ...
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In an extraordinary session held by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, last Sunday, with the participation of the outgoing Prim ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * During an emergency session of the Iraqi parliament, which did not realize the importance of taking int ...
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In light of the recent security developments in Baghdad, the Iraqi Council of Representatives is scheduled to hold an emergency se ...
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It is more like a game of cat and mouse ... these conflicts are overt at one time, and covert at other times, between Washington a ...
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The assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by an American military operation in Iraq can be considered a major climax in the "ba ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi The discovery and exploration in the Middle East region has proven ...
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The US Department of Defense announced that F-15 fighters targeted sites belonging to the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigade, three of them i ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi The global economy, by its current nature which is represented in ...
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Iraqi President Barham Salih announced his readiness to put his resignation in front of parliament for his reservations on the nom ...
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