Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results (2)

Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results (2)

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The Activities of the operations  for  the liberation of Nineveh continued in its second week and the Iraqi military and security units and Kurdish forces were able to the  implementation of all combat missions in the  operations sectors  with precision and high organization   and with good field ability  which were able to implement all the plans and military goals that were prepared by the command of the international coalition and the participation of all affiliated states and working with this coalition of 63 countries.
The  most important thing that distinguishes  the second week of the battle can be outlined   by the following:
1.The  hordes of  forces working within the eastern sector to the province of Nineveh,  and within  operations  of the division  16 and the counter-terrorism forces  of the axis of Khazar and were able to achieve its objectives and the actual control of the areas (Bartila-Tlsagv) and  to tighten its circle  on the  center of the district Ba’shiqah and by the backing and participation of Kurdish forces under the supervision of  aviation of international  Alliance and control of the linking road between the center of the district of  Bartila  toward the outskirts of Mosul down to the area (Kokjali) , which lies on the outskirts of the first residential neighborhoods of the city.
2.The  military units of the 9th division  and Kurdish forces   participated  with them within the northeastern  sector from the axis ( Alkwyr) tightened  its control  on the  district center of  the Hamdaniya  and all  villages of it  and the presence  at the junction of Hamdania towards the city center and in  a distance of 8 km , which reinforced the importance of this work is to  advance  towards the first residential neighborhoods  that  are near the outskirts of the city  , it is the   neighborhood  of ( Intisar).

  1. The presence offorces of  Nineveh  guards  consisting of the volunteers of the  city ‘s residents   led  by  the former governor of Nineveh  , Atheel Al-Nujaifi with  the  fighters of the division  16  in the northern axis were of critical importance in promoting of cohesion  among  military units and  the volunteers of the sons of Mosul , this interaction and harmony  was of great  importance in reaching the goals set within this  sector  noting that  these formations were able  of the concentration on the outskirts of the city of Mosul specifically in the area of al-Shalalat  (waterfalls)  of  Abbasid Tel and advanced towards  encircling  the district   of the center of Tilkaif  and  liberation  many of the  villages  surrounding the district .
  2. The most important thing that has been achieved in the last days of the end of the second week of the battle   was  the participation of fighters of popular crowd (PDF crowd) to enter  through western axis of the  sector of the   Nineveh operations  , a move that was expected but came out of contexts what were agreed  upon and announced by Haider al – Abadi while delivering his speech at dawn on October 17 2016 when initiating  to  start  of the  military operations where he did not mention the participation of the popular crowd at the fight as well as he was surrounded by the  commands  of the Iraqi army and its  branches  noting that  there was no presence of   any leader or official of the leaders of the popular crowd , but Iranian pressure to the necessity of   the participation  in the battle  over  the military formations that are supported by  Iran  and represented by detachments of the  popular crowd is to make Abadi to  authorize them to move across the axis ( Al-Hadra-Tel Abth-Afar).
  3. The division 15 and formations of Federal police and fighters of emergency of Nineveh province  were continued  to advance  within its  targets in the southern axis extending from the junction of the district  of  Qayyarah and  many villages and areas that were retaken  and  most important  was  to enter the  district of  ( Al-Shurah) and expansion in the direction of  the progress toward  tightening  the control  on the district  ( Hamam  Alil )  and despite the slow in this fighting  axis but  it was able to accomplish its tasks accurately .
  4. The exchanged  harassment  and political  talks  between Ankara and Baghdad were continued  and took many directions  represented by  taking firm  stand of  Baghdad not to allow the Turks to participate in the  operations of the  liberation of Nineveh  with the continuing of  Turkish military and political discourse for the  necessity of  presence inside Iraqi territory and insist on the actual participation and when any operations of   demographic change  of the province  especially the district of  (Tal Afar) .
  5. The importance and the results of the last hours of the end of the second week of operations  were  appeared  in the arrival of counter – terrorism troops into the area (Kokjali) ,the important industrial district ,  because it marks the beginning of supervision and access to the first residential neighborhoods of the city of Mosul and in particular neighborhoods (al-Samah-Al- khdraa apartments   – the Al-Malayin Al-thalitha  –   Quds- Aden) .

8.The concentrated troops within the sector of the division 16  and counterterrorism forces confronted   heavy fighting at the walls of the city of Mosul and in particular area (Kokjali) because of the tactics followed by the Daesh fighters in strengthening their defenses through the creation of the  line oF the first fiery by planting IEDs and explosives and the use of bomb car and motorcycle   and  field  bombardment  on  the places of concentrated troops .

  1. The announcement of theparticipation of the fighters of popular crowd has an   psychological impact  on the people of the province and its impact was negative so that led to the displacement of thousands of members of the  villages extended  from the district  of Hadra  – village of garihn  towards the city center and leave their houses and farms   and  going to the destination of the city , which led to the continued progress of  the crowd fighters and control over more than 65 villages and down to 5 km from the area (Tel Abth), and during their  progress ,   they  prevented the presence of any  Iraqi  news agency with them  and insisted on this style in order to prevent the media from  pursuing  the actions and behavior of their fighters who committed some of the acts that had previously practiced in  areas of  (Ramadi-Fallujah-Saqlawiyah- karma -Baiji-Tikrit-Diyala) , they carried out acts of demolition and burning of a number of the houses of citizens and the destruction of their farms and especially the  residents of the area of   Graihn of the clans  of(Al-Bagarah – sbaaoyen-Albobadran) .


This was the most important thing that distinguishes the days of the second week of  the operations of Nineveh , Will we see a tangible progress that suggests an effective control on the left side of the city of Mosul, or will it be  a word   for defensive lines and surging resistance of the fighters of Daesh     in determining the pathways of operations that is what we will see in the coming days and weeks.


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