Would Iraq expect a prosperous future because of the two major achievements which are realized over the past 14 years

Would Iraq expect a prosperous future because of the two major achievements which are realized over the past 14 years

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Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

whoever looks at the last fourteen years , may be able to mention a few achievements but can lists dozens of failures in the management of the country and the rule of the Iraqi state after 2003, failures are almost in all fields and at all levels, from the spread of corruption at the unprecedented level in all the history of Iraq at all levels and all sectors, to the decline in the services of electricity and water, and the decline in important economic sectors such as the agricultural sector , the industrial sector, as well as the deterioration of the health sector and the academic and residential sector with the availability of explosive budget that it could achieve unprecedented development in these vital sectors, and to the unprecedented security failures in the contemporary history of Iraq including daily bombings, killing and assassinations and mass kidnappings , to the entry of ISIS and occupation of one – third of the area of Iraq in 2014, to an increase in poverty and the spread of unemployment, deepening sectarianism that we have not seen it before in the history of ancient and modern Iraq , such as murder on the identity and crimes of Hawija and Spyker, etc., and the captivity of women and the slaughter of children and the destruction of homes and the seizure of homes and land without right, even if we wanted to go to the details , it would be possible to write a complete book of these failures.

But with all these failures , we find two major accomplishments have been achieved during this period, the first achievement is the building of security institutions of the army and police forces and Anti-terrorism forces and the popular crowd and the tribal crowd and others so big victories against ISIS have been achieved during the previous months in the hope of eradication of ISIS ,with God willing , during the  coming weeks, and it is not secret that these major victories have been achieved during the reign of Dr. Haider Abadi opposite the failure of his predecessor , Mr. al – Maliki in the period of occupation of Mosul, Anbar, Salahuddin, and the subsequent massacre of Spyker.

The second important achievement , which can be relied upon is the increase of public awareness, this awareness that made the same people who were killing on the identity, particularly in 2006 and 2007, the same people to come out in the joint demonstrations; Sunni and Shiite , but even the Kurdish hand in hand in a rejection of corruption and fight against the corrupt .

Democracy is a new matter in Iraq, noting that a lot of Iraqi people have elected in the previous elections in terms of ethnic and sectarian perspective where the Shiite elected the Shiite and Sunni elected the Sunni and Kurdish elected the Kurds, unfortunately they did not focus on the sincere and efficient and honest people , they have elected the ones who are representatives of their race and their community to defend about them , and the politicians took advantage of this innocent popular breaths , and played on the sectarian tendons and people trusted them and also took advantage of the deposits of previous regime to suggest or rather declare publicly that the former regime ‘s followers want to go back to rule the country and to send them to mass graves, perhaps there are some innocent people who were deceived by such tricks, the Baath ideology has been eliminated forever noting that it was uprooted even by Saddam when he transferred the party and the partisans to a tool for his service and the service of his family and those close to him, and the more time passes the more increase of the awareness of the people and the number of endorsers of these lies are less but we discover that the reality is the contrary to these statements noting that the danger in Iraq and the region but in the world is this terrorist takfiri thought of al-Qaida and ISIS , noting that the the policies of the rulers over the years have paved the way for the spread of the thought of ISIS again, but even some former Baathists , hostile to the new regime , were forced to abandon their secular Baathist ideas and forced to adopt Islamic deviant ideas of the al-Qaida and Daesh because they are certain that those Baathist ideas are impossible to come out again from the garbage of history.

But we say unfortunately, the sectarian rulers did not make way for Daesh to occupy a third of the area of Iraq only due to sectarian policies , but Opened the door widely and deliberately to al-Qaida and Daesh to allow almost two thousand people to escape from Abu Ghraib prison and other prisons, then participate with sit – ins of Anbar, and the sit – ins of Anbar were turned to sectarian protests par excellence led by al – Qaeda and Daesh, Woe on each Sunni in Anbar of the objectors to the government performance at that time and participants in the sit – ins to prevent al – Qaeda or stand in the face of them or prevent them from leading these sit – ins, so it was easier to eliminate them by the hands of al-Qaida and hundreds of clans of Albonmr and their families and their children and many of the Sunnis have been liquidated because of their opposition to these terrorist organizations.

The greatest goal of the sectarian Shiite rulers has been achieved , here is the sit – ins of Anbar have become a sectarian sit – ins , and this is the right time to ignite a sectarian war, so the Peaceful innocent people of Hawija sit ins to be killed , and to withdraw military leaders from Mosul and left the army without a field command. It was impossible for a few hundred of Daesh to face more than sixty thousand fighters from the Iraqi army , Iraqi police forces stationed in Mosul at the time unless there is a plot inside it, the fundamental difference between the regular and irregular forces, the irregular forces can move with ease as small combat groups without orders and field directives, while the regular forces cannot move without the issuance of orders from a senior military authorities to face the fighting within a broader plan and integrated strategy .

The most one who is aware of the plans that were hatched in that period to ignite a sectarian war for electoral narrow interests is Ayatollah Sistani (may the Almighty prolong his life) , when he informed the representatives of the government at that time , namely , Dr. Hussain al – Shahristani , and Sheikh Abdul – Halim al – Zuhairi , a few weeks before the massacre of Hawija , not to use the army and federal police in the confrontation of the peaceful sit – ins, but local police should to undertake maintaining the security of these sit – ins, unfortunately , the recommendations of Mr. Sistani were disregarded , and the army and special forces were used in the killing of nearly seventy people who were in peaceful sit inns in Hawija and wounding nearly three hundred of them , including many children.

These circumstances that we have passed through it and despite its consequences on the ground are tragic consequences, but the role of it will be important in raising awareness and the election of the best and fittest of the talented and loyal to their country and honest ones , Our country is full of many of these distinguished models and personalities , yes , the former elections are stained with high degree of fraud because of the ill-reputed Electoral Commission and corrupted means of buying votes by the distribution of land and appointments and the distribution of state funds for electoral purposes, but there are high hopes that the Commission has been changed towards the fittest , whether for elections in 2018 or 2022 as well as the increase of the public awareness where it can witness a qualitative jump between one election and the other, and its impact is reflected heavily on the ruling class and then on the development of the country and its future, and I am reassured that Iraq will flourish by the efforts and awareness of his good sons , we , or our children will see days prevailed by goodness, progress , prosperity and well- being …… .. And that is for Allah not difficult.

Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies