The Kurdish-Arab deal between reality and ambition

The Kurdish-Arab deal between reality and ambition

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Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

(I have quoted a topic about Brother Loay Khatib on the central bank’s procedures towards Kurdistan , a lot of different comments came to me , so I put my comment to the strained of the Kurdish and Arab groups)
The Iraqi Arab should put himself in the position of the Iraqi Kurd; and the Iraqi kurs should put himself in the position of Iraqi Arab , Kurdish separatist trend emerged after the first world war, where the nationalism has dominated other tendencies in all parts of the world, and the feelings of Arab nationalism emerged In the deepest forms even before the First World War, the problem of national sentiment that it does not adopt principles and does not bear the thought and methodology that the ruler can inflame it without achieving justice and good and the benefit and equity of the people of his nationality; the biggest evidence of this is what Hitler did in Germany, Hitler was loving the sons of his people and loves Germany , But it is not enough to love without just and fair values and principles. Hitler inflamed the feelings of German nationalism and fought the world for Germany and German nationalism. In the end, Germany was destroyed during the Second World War because of its lack of human justice and personal ambitions to govern at the expense of his country, the national ideology does not carry or adopt any values, principles or approach to governance.

We can say that the Arabs have matured in a more advanced stage in dealing with national feelings because of their experiences and suffering. When Nasser lost his war in Yemen and lost the 1967 war, when people were enslaved during the Baathist Arab national regime in Iraq and Syria, Because the Baath in Iraq was ruled in the name of nationalism, and Iraq was destroyed during the period of Baathist national rule. Europe has matured and became aware of the dangers of national chauvinistic slogans during the Second World War, so Europe left the redrawing of the borders among it on a national basis. Europe united today with its various nationalities. I traveled by car from various European countries, noting that when I came from France to Belgium, I don’t see border checkpoints but the same road continues and the driver reads a piece of notice on the side of the road telling him that if you have entered Belgium, you must comply with the maximum speed according to the Belgian law and not the French.

Do not blame the Kurds, they live the period of national slogans as the former Arab generation lived during the period of the tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956, and if the state of Kurdish Mahabad to remain since the 1940s, the Kurds may find themselves in a position to disbelieving the Kurdish nationalism, because there is no national principles and values. There is nothing to prevent that state from being ruled by an unjust dictatorial regime at that time or after it to suffer as what Saddam did in Iraq. The democratic concepts and values in general were and are still missing in the mentality of most of the people in the region. We may need decades to mature these concepts that are closely related to our assessment of human being, respect him, respect for his privacy, ideas and personal freedoms. Unfortunately, these values are still lost in Iraq in its Arab and Kurdish parts.

I can not blame the Kurds in their national aspirations, which they fought for and did so much, and the Anfal operations and the massacre of Halabja witness to the face of their national aspirations by the Arab national system gives itself the right to raise the Arab national slogan and prevents the others to raise of the national emblem in a similar manner.
So I disagree with some commentators who say that the Iraqi Kurdish people should be punished for participating in the referendum.
It is well known that the right to self-determination is a natural right recognized by international law, but I disagree with the Kurds in calling for the establishment of an independent Kurdish state at this critical stage in the history of the region, because there is an Israeli plan to divide the region into states based on sectarian, racial conflicting foundations, This fact confirms that no country supported the establishment of the Kurdish state other than Israel. Was this support a love of the Kurds? No, but this support is aimed at the establishment of a Kurdish state involved in conflict and wars with Arab Iraq and with Iran and with Turkey and with Syria to achieve the Israeli goals to find hotbeds of tension and conflict within the countries of the region as a prelude to divide the region and thus achieve its long-term goal to surround the region by Sectarian and ethnic groups.

The Kurdish politicians knew that they were wrong in their calculations on the referendum and regretted their actions; the biggest mistake to be committed by the Arabs is to show the feelings of healing from the Kurdish people in the recent events. We must be in a position of responsibility and extend our hands to the Kurdish people. We are not in disagreement with them, but with those who have inflamed the chauvinistic nationalist sentiments so the reach to this state; we can confront the plans of them, but not the Kurdish people. If we treat the Kurds as a people with a bad treatment, they will move away from us and they will continue to cling to those who provoke the chauvinist nationalist tendencies, and we will help Israel to achieve what they want to deepen conflicts between the people and countries of the region.

Our approach should be that of the approach of Messenger of Allah (peace upon him) to repel evil with what is better , when he entered to Makkah as a victorious , he commanded Ali ( peace upon him ) to raise the motto: “Today is the Day of mercy, no revenge , this was done with his enemies , the polytheists so what about us, we have one common history, we all suffered from the injustice of Saddam, and we were embraced by the Kurds in their areas at the time of our struggle against the crime of Saddam, and I can not forget these brotherly positions in those difficult periods of the history of Iraq, we should extend our hands to the Kurds and if some of them did something wrong in their actions and treatment of the Arabs and their support to Israel, which wanted to exploit them for its benefits , and abandoned them; they are our brothers and we are the sons of one country , and our future is one; and if the procedure taken by the Central Bank harms the Kurdish citizen, I join my voice to my brother Louay Khatib to stop this procedure . To live brothers and lovers of one country….

Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies