Mosul….. Where to?

Mosul….. Where to?

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It was reported that the civil and military authorities celebrated the anniversary of the end of the military operations and the field events in the city of Mosul and pointed to the reasons behind the presence of terrorism and its tools and control of the city for three full years without going into details and the true reasons and motives that were a major reason for the elements of terrorism to be able to tamper with the city’s capabilities and harm its people, history and civilization.
When we celebrate and sing for the positive positions after a year … We have to be fair, what was done by the government of Baghdad to the people of the city of Mosul , which their people aspires to the return of life to their city and start the reconstruction of it and alleviate their suffering, but the public scene does not suggest to do so because the government and its institutions did not achieve these noble meanings and did not manage to work with a little effort in the field to restore life to the city.
The celebrations were held in certain places from the left coast of the city while the original city (right coast) suffers from destruction and damage. The celebrations were held and the bodies of the innocent people of the city are still under the rubble and the remains of their houses and shops and their economic markets and the landmarks of their neighborhoods and alleys that were mixed with smoke of air and artillery shelling and the dust of military confrontations after being fragrant with the scent of roses and jasmine and the historical affiliation of a civilization extended for more than 6000 years BC.

When the nations, countries and peoples celebrate the end of a difficult phase of their lives and years of poverty, these celebrations begin to review the achievements and service projects and development and the manifestations of the return of life to places that have been affected by wars or military confrontations, and not be a fleeting symbolic celebrations and do not respect the sanctity of the city and dignity and pride its people.

The celebration marks the beginning of a new life in terms of progress, prosperity, happiness and vital and field achievement to achieve a happy and dignified life for the people of the affected areas and cities affected by the results of operations and military confrontations and the Iraqi government should be fairer to announce the first phase of reconstruction of Mosul, the city of spears (Al-Hadba ) .

With realistic features and vision, we will write about the achievements of the period following the first year after the end of the military confrontations in the city of Mosul and review the most important of these achievements as follows:

1. The original city (the right coast) continues to witness the existence of 12 million tons of rubble, which has not yet been lifted. This is what the inhabitants of the city are suffering. These ruins are the remnants of the results of the military confrontations that reflect their situation. They are the ruins of their homes and shops, main roads, alleys, stores of their goods and trade markets. .
2. The thousands of innocent civilians of the city who are still under the rubble are not lifted and the smell of the bodies has become clear to the people of the city and its visitors from the humanitarian and relief organizations. Many areas that are still under the weight of destruction and damage. The bodies of these innocent people are not lifted or taken away and civil defense teams are still searching for them among the ruins of the city.
3. Non- completion and repair of some of the water and electricity networks in the city of Mosul or extend the lines to restore life, even in quantities available and the old city remained complaining over long periods of absence and lack of service projects where there is an urgent need to equate its people and restore hope.
4. Absence of serious field plans for the construction of houses and preparation of projects for the revival of the city after the destruction of (15) residential neighborhood completely and a large damage to (23) other residential neighborhood and the demolition and destruction of more than (10) thousand housing units and (3000) private and government building and the lack of attention to the situation and the state of the people of these houses and shops.
5. Camps (Al-Khazer-Makhmour-Al-Jadah-Haj Ali-Qayyarah) still contain 550-600 thousand inhabitants of Nineveh Governorate who have not been returned to their areas of residence because there is no sign of hope for these families to return to their destroyed homes which are still ruins and the absence of any services and housing construction and reconstruction by government institutions as promised for more than a year ago.
6. The Ministry of Health and all its institutions have not reached the level of the situation experienced by the people of the city of Mosul after the aircrafts of the International Coalition bombed and destroyed (9) major and large hospitals inside the city and (76) health center and the burning of its equipments and contents without a compensation from the Iraqi government or or reconstruction Hospitals and health centers, even a small number to provide medical treatment to citizens, which led to the spread of many epidemics and diseases in the province of Nineveh, where the spread of diseases (polio – viral liver – tuberculosis – cholera) in addition to the lack of first aids and medicines for people with heart disease and atherosclerosis.
7. The competent ministries have not been able to rebuild and rehabilitate only one bridge out of (5) bridges that have been destroyed linking the city with its right and left coasts , as promised by the technical and engineering bodies of the International Alliance Command, whose aircraft have bombed all these bridges where no reconstruction or repair of its infrastructure has been made except for the Iron Bridge with efforts of the people of the city and local Iraqi companies, which caused confusion in the movement of citizens and their movement between the two sides of the city.
8. The infrastructure of the schools and institutes has not yet kept up with the construction process in Nineveh and especially the city center after the aerial bombardment and artillery shelling and clashes between all parties led to the destruction of 308 schools, including all the elementary, intermediate and preparatory stages, and the lack of field alternative plans for the construction and reconstruction of these buildings which belong to the Ministry of Education to contribute to the education of the people of the province and prepare them intellectually and educationally.
9. life has not been restored to (6) water stations, (4) power plants, (6) communications towers, reconstruction and rehabilitation (9) government and private banks and (6) sports stadiums to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure of the province of Nineveh.

Is it achieved for the city of Mosul what it was dreamed of fair and the reconstruction of the infrastructure of its service and development institutions and large projects and is it achieved for the people of Mosul, what they were dreaming of the promises given to them by the leadership of the International Alliance, which sought to achieve its interests and objectives and deceived the city and its people with false promises for reconstruction where it did the Iraqi government ?

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