Barham Saleh reveals his vision for the next Iraqi government

Barham Saleh reveals his vision for the next Iraqi government

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The 37th anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Supreme Council was held in Baghdad on Saturday, in the presence of President Barham Salih, Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Mohammad Halabousi and leaders of the political forces in Iraq. At the ceremony, Barham Saleh delivered a speech in which he expressed his vision for the next Iraqi government, where he called for the formation of a government that takes into account the political representation and far from the quota, calling on the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi to form a government, servant to this country. The President of the Republic of Iraq Barham Saleh called on political blocs to cooperate with his Prime Minister to form a government , servant to citizens, taking into account the political map , away from the quota, “abhorrent,” explaining that the Iraqis want a tangible change in the approach of governance, and fight the corruption . He also called for “adherence to the Iraqi constitution as a guarantee to respect pluralism and freedoms and protect the rights of all, and to address the mistakes and not return to the dangers of terrorism.” And he added “Iraq can not accept the return of terrorism again, we want our country to be the focus of a security and political system in the region based on cooperation, solidarity and victory to achieve the interests of Iraq and the stability of the region.”

He added: “We have serious benefits , the message of the last elections and the message of Basra and Mosul and the benefits of reconstruction and the return of displaced people, and the benefits of citizens looking for minimum services and good governance, requires everyone to perform better and requires us to rise above the things that controlled our political work in the past” and he added ,we can not rely on what we have in the past of the abhorrent quota , the biggest loser was the Iraqi citizen and the stability of this country.
He added: “The Iraqi citizen awaits, and perhaps there is optimism about what may be the matter in the next phase, this optimism and this support and patience of the Iraqis, we should not rely on as guarantors forever … Iraqis want a significant change in the approach to governance and performance, and to fight the rampant corruption in the joints of the state, certainly these benefits are not easy to reach and requires us to strengthen the real unity between the good forces of this people, in order to achieve these desired changes .

He went on to say: “We must strive to abide by the Constitution as a reference to guarantee the ability to build a homeland for all without discrimination, and to activate respect for pluralism as a basis for democratic and civil rights and freedoms … and as a guarantee to protect the rights of all without exception and respect them as equal partners in the homeland and address the shortcomings and mistakes .. Work together to build the future and achieve common goals. ”
He pointed out that “we must advocate about what is required to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and the interests of Iraq, and that Iraq is the focus of restoring stability to this region and ending tensions in it.”
He explained: “Iraq has proved and through the struggle

of its people and through the sacrifices and the work of the military and security institution in this country of the army and the crowd and the Peshmerga and tribal mobilization and other forces, has proven merit and efficiency in defeating terrorism militarily, and this was an achievement can not be underestimated. But Iraq can not accept the return of terrorism again, and this region can not bear the return of terrorism again. ”
He stressed that we want Iraq to be “the center of a new security and political system in the region, based on cooperation and solidarity among the peoples of this region to defeat terrorism, atonement, extremism and advocate about the common economic and political interests … I am optimistic about the future because we have lived through difficult stages, you are men of Iraq and its fighters , you have offered dear and precious and you were ready to take great pains and to go to great lengths to overcome tyranny and terrorism. This generous people is capable of facing these challenges. My hope is for our brothers and our people in the Supreme Council, as in our previous hope in them, to be at the forefront of advocates for this national project based on the Constitution, wishing for Iraq to be safe with his people and safe with his neighbors and Iraq as a model for peace and harmony in the region. ”
In a related context, Abdul Mahdi announced the final results of the nomination for the post of minister in the next government through the electronic gate and his press office said in a statement that the number of completed nominations amounted to 15184. The same source said that the number of candidates with a PhD degree reached 1778 by 12%, and with MA degree reached 2200 by 14%, women’s candidacy 15%, male 85%, and independents 96%. He pointed out that the best 601 candidates were selected after the preliminary analysis according to standards, and the Committee of Experts began to examine these requests to determine the best candidates to invite them for interviews. The President of the country had assigned Abdul Mahdi on October 2 to form the next government, and 12 days passed from the Constitutional period of 30 days.

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