Eradication of ISIS, a humanitarian achievement

Eradication of ISIS, a humanitarian achievement

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Syria’s democratic forces ” QSD” are fighting its last battles with the terrorist organization ISIS, which have tightened its grip on it. The troops expect a “decisive battle after slow progress. The control of the eastern village of Bagouz, on the banks of the Euphrates, will be culminated after four years of international efforts to drive out the militants, but the terrorist organization still poses a threat, uses guerrilla tactics and controls territory in the West. The latest attack of Syria’s Democratic forces on the pocket has been delayed for weeks because of heavy use of tunnels and human shields by militants. The democratic forces did not rule out the possibility that some militants would infiltrate out of the pocket amid civilians. The news reports indicate that the organization of ISIS is staggering in front of Syria’s democratic forces and we wonder where are the cries of jihad and steadfastness? Where are the lies of al- Baghdadi and his fake promises? He left them facing death or humiliated surrender? And he was disappeared …., the difference between the gang and the state? He proved to be a gang leader with excellence.

The ideas and practices of the terrorist organization of ISIS who spoiled the land and the destruction of plowing and offspring, is not Islam in anything, but is the first enemy of Islam, and that the Muslims are the first victims, because of the horrific crimes of ISS against humanity as a whole .This terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria does not represent Islam, since Islam does not allow attacks on the sanctities, the safe people, or the Muslims. Islam believes in the sanctity of bloodshed.
Researchers in legal policy described the terrorist organization ISIS as “the satanic plant”, asserting that this is a misguided terrorist group. They said: “If the Western media has called this organization by Islamic names or attributes it to Islam, it is doing this deliberately in order to distort the image of Islam, and this should not be done by the Arab media. We are in front of a terrorist organization that has nothing to do with Islam noting that ISS has violated all Islamic values and the purposes of the great shari’a that Islam has brought, as well as violating human values common to all human beings. They added “resistance” of ISS and those similar to them who are planning to corrupt Egypt is a legitimate and national duty. And what is happening by ISS and its the supporters and followers and those who walk in its orbit or do the same in killing, destruction, corruption, sabotage and provocation and stir up the chaos, it serves – without a doubt – the interests of the Zionist enemy, the biggest beneficiary of provoking chaos in the region and then the colonial powers that are hungry in the oil of our Arab region, and to control vital sites therein. Since its emergence, the terrorist organization of ISIS has been practicing terrorist systematic crimes that are crimes against humanity and should not be tolerated. The perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to international justice, such as the killing and displacement carried out by an oppressive organization ISIS against Christians, Yazidis and Muslims in Iraq and Syria.

It seems that this terrorist organization is fighting its last battle against humanity in Syria, and its end must be imminent. Apart from the horrific crimes committed in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya, with its presence ,the phenomenon of hostility and hatred of Islam has increased dramatically in European countries because of the practices that have been implemented by the terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq. The organization has distorted the image of Islam and Muslims who has become subject to many attacks, including attacks on religious institutions and Islamic centers. The phenomenon of what is called by Islam phobia is not new, but it dates back to many years ago, but this phenomenon has been grown dramatically recently as shown by official statistics of the British National Bureau of Statistics. “We have come to Rome,” this hashtag raised by the media of ISIS after slaughtering the innocent Egyptians. Those, the elements of this terrorist organization have become prisoners of Syria’s democratic forces. The dark media and those who advocate it should stop transmitting the poison and inciting hatred among peoples. Therefore, we shouldn’t have mercy or pity with the scourge of this terrorist organization, which did not respect the human right to life. It committed massacres that are beyond description, its eradication is not only a service to Islam but to all humanity.

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