The district of Qayyarah ….. the last bastions of the Wilayat Dijlah – Tigris

The district of Qayyarah ….. the last bastions of the Wilayat Dijlah – Tigris

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Events are developed and confrontations between the elements of the (state regulation) and the security and military forces in the area of ​​Qayyarah area  in the province of Nineveh, within the Sector Nineveh operations are escalated And  the nature of the events are characterized  with the fast US attendees  to the event area after control (Qayyarah base) and the announcement of the US Department of Defense to do habilitation  and ready for use  to start  the operations to liberate the city of Mosul and send a force numbering 560 soldiers and officers and  American consultants to Iraq to strengthen their presence and the development of strategic plans and provide advice  to the security and military forces  and Kurdish forces  concentrated there  and complete preparations to  begin  the first steps toward the city of Mosul.

The rapid US presence in the vicinity and the center of Qayyarah base  has its obvious connotations and its strategic objectives that can be read within the following:

  1. To abort the Iranian expansionist role and hegemony and the military influence of its organs and its leaders in an attempt to reach the Qayyarah base and control it and then move towards the city of Mosul.
  2. To foil  steps and actions that sought by the militias of the popular crowd  to take part in   the  advancement  from  the junction Baiji through the international road that  links between  the district Sharqat-Qayyarah  and reaching  to the surroundings  of the military base of Qayyarah    to concentrate  with counterterrorism forces .
  3. to control the Qayyarah base means to  re-control of 90 square kilometers north of Baiji down to the base noting that it  is a distance of a very  tactical importance to  secure the advancement  of military units toward its goals in Qayyarah area and its outskirts.
  4. to tighten the control over the district of Sharqat and  surround it  militarily  considered to be fallen militarily    from a strategic point due to its location  within the range of artillery  of  Iraqi forces surrounded by  advanced  columns  of the military and security  troops managed to split the region from Hawija and  the district of  Qayyarah.

5.Reaching  to the center and the area around   the city of Mosul has formed an  extension    about  (65) square kilometers, that it is one of the most important goals for the military operation   the United States  seeks to lead it par excellence .

     The strategic importance of the district of  Qayyarah

  1. the center of Qayyarah is the main headquarters  and constitute   the command control of the Wilayat  Dijlah- Tigris of the organization of state and it is  one of the main strongholds located to the south of the city of Mosul.
  2. there are many foreign and Arab fighters in Qayyarah from (North Africa and eastern Syria, Chechnya and Afghanistan) where there were immigrants in it – the so-called (Dabiq Army) that belongs to the military formation of a state regulation.

3.the district of  Qayyarah contains an  important oil wells and  old refinery  and the strategic places to store weapons and equipment in Qayyarah base in addition to extensive residential neighborhoods that could be used as human shields by its fighters.

  1. the Apache aircrafts used by the United States for the first time in the liberation of Mosul operations in air strikes to places and the headquarters of the leaders and fighters of the organization  in the district of Qayyarah and its suburbs and the center of the city of Mosul and surrounding areas.

5 the  loss of state regulation of Qayyarah  means losing the Wilayat  Dijlah  (state of Tigris) after losing the  Wilayat  of the Al-Jazerah  in the operations of withdrawals done in the areas and districts   of Anbar province  seized by the   organization in  previous battles.

  1. the loss of the district of Qayyarah   exposes the  (state regulation) to  a financial loss estimated at 2-3 million dollars a month because of the loss of oil wells contained in the land of Qayyarah.

These advantages of the district of Qayyarah constitute a major factor and a central  axes and  an important starting point for the task to complete military  plans to ensure the speed to control the axes of the towns and villages and weaken the organization movement and paralyze its abilities and then complete the pivotal goals to reach the main goal of the restoration of the city of Mosul.


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