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What is required of US from Iraq?

In the context of  the US war against ISIS “Daash”  and in  its attempts to save the political process in Iraq, and  according to the available information obtained by the Rawabet center   for  Research and Strategic Studies , the representative of the American president in the international coalition, “Brett Macgork”  has met  in Baghdad all of President of the republic ... Read More »

Breaches and confrontations that preceded the Abu Ghraib operation

the events   taken place  in Abu Ghraib   at dawn on Sunday, February 28, 2016 was not an emergency incident  or a qualitative shift in the orientation of the organization of the state and its fighters, but it has come according to the  manners and the facts ,  and events confirmed the fact that what was done by these elements in ... Read More »

Jordan under the Hashemite leadership … one family

GID managed last Tuesday after a vigorous follow-up processes of intelligence and accurate since the early to undermine  a criminal  and sabotage scheme  linked to the terrorist gang Daash intended to attack civilian and military targets inside the kingdom and destabilize national security. Competent security forces have to follow the terrorist group and define its place, where they were hidden  and ... Read More »

Oil and talk about markets stability

Analyzes about the situations that prevailed in the oil markets are conflicting , some go on to say the existence of indicators of improvement of the  market after the rise of  the prices of the  contracts of  deferred crude oil   up to 15% last week, while some believe that the markets  are facing a state of volatility and uncertainty. The price of oil ... Read More »

About Kemal “Ataturk” and his secularism

  On the third of March  1924 ,   the Turkish National Council, “Parliament” issued , under the guidance of  Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk”   the formerPresident of the Republic of Turkey ,  law No. 431, which includes the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate, in preparation for the application of its intellectual  system, which  a secular was one of it. At the annual anniversary ... Read More »

Turkey and the Kurdish red lines

Contemporary Turkish state has passed since its inception in the year 1923,  in many of the internal and external crises, and the Successive Turkish governments  had been able in dealing with it  in away  to preserve the unity of the country and with the least possible losses. But this time  the Turkish state is witnessing severe regional crisis that has negative ... Read More »

The surprise of Abu Ghraib : The goals and objectives

  The organization of Islamic state was able to surprise   everyone  in its creep   and  advance  towards the security zone of the city of Baghdad, capital of Iraq, starting from the  Subaihat area  which belongs to Garma district of Anbar province and then  advance toward areas (Abadi -alscrap-Alheitaoyen) of the district of Abu Ghraib   on Sunday dawn , February 28, 2016 ... Read More »

Ankara explosion and ranges of Kurdish entity

  Since the announcement of Turkish government  that it stands and support for the Syrian people in its opposition  to its government and its political system  in  the middle of  march 2011, when the Syrian cities and districts  witnessed  the outbreak of  massive  popular demonstrations  demanding  for political change in Damascus, the Turks took a clear and supportive attitude to ... Read More »

A government of technocrats … Is it a solution to the Iraq crisis?

On the twentieth of this month, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has requested   from  the House of Representatives  an authorization to form a new government with   a technocrat character  , who sees a way to resolve the crises of the Iraqi state. We wonder, if the House of Representatives approved the request of the PM ,  will it be able to ... Read More »

Haider al-Abadi and a government of technocrats

 Paul Bremer  ,  the governor of the   Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq after the US occupation to it ,  is the first one who suggested  the idea of ​​a technocrat government  in it , and  due to oppose this idea with the interests of the new Iraqi political class , it has been replaced by the idea of ​​the Iraqi ... Read More »