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Iraqi economy and continuous wastage

  Iraq is exposed today to the most political and economic pressures as a result of internal and external factors, so we  can not talk about the growth or development of the Iraqi economy since 2003, and the subsequent chaos at all levels, not to mention the continuation of this approach to the present day and deliberately by the successive ... Read More »

Steamship “Al-Hussein” … about completion of the triangle violated the sovereignty of Iraq

  The Iranian regime , predominant of Iraq ,   do not miss  any opportunity  to prove through  its arrogant  practices   that Iraq  after 2003, is  subject entirely to the  Iranian influence .In the twenty-eighth of August ,  Iranian naval police detained  Iraqi ship, “Hussein,” as it was leaving the Iraqi port of Abu Flus in Basra, the crew of the ... Read More »

Popular Crowd Forces in Iraq ( Al-Hashd al-shaabi ) .. Origin and Future “survey”

    Popular Crowd  Forces in Iraq, military factions, were formed in June 13, 2014 based on a fatwa of  Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani to confront the organization Daesh, where the crowd is to become a legal cover to these factions, which have increased in number over time. The  popular crowd has become  as a result of victories against  Daesh ... Read More »

Oil markets between the push and pull (Tug of War)

  The oil markets are  in tug war now. It seems that oil prices still have a lot of surprises, and data , in which markets are  experiencing changes in attitudes and  productive policies  amid of   Saudi Arabia and Russian efforts to intervene to restore balance to the oil markets. Recently oil prices  are fallen as overwhelmed by the abundance of ... Read More »

Militias of popular crowd and the stage of practical preparations for the battle of Mosul

  With the acceleration of the efforts of  international coalition against Daesh  to restore the city of Mosul in northern Iraq,  militias of the People crowd  are an obstacle to achieving the aspirations of the coalition forces; while the latter refuses  strongly the participation of  militias of  popular crowd in the battle,  the militia insists on its  presence in the battle ... Read More »

Tuz Khurmatu…..A model of complicated civil war in Iraq after Daesh

  Specter of sectarian and ethnic war is predominated  on a number of areas of Iraq known as the diversity of social composition, especially those disputed between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq, such as Tuz Khurmatu  district in Salahuddin province, which its  social mosaic has become  as a powder keg ready to explode at any moment. The Tuz  ... Read More »

Oil markets are looking forward to the meeting of producers

  Oil prices kept  on  its progress this week, where  the price of Brent crude reached  to $ 48.35 a barrel, Marking the highest level in five weeks, and of course there was a clear role for the remarks by the  main producers about the possibility of making a decision for the stability of oil prices of the Organization of ... Read More »

Drugs .. a weapon of the Iranian regime in the destruction of Iraq

  Iraqi forces are struggling, on the northern front, in a bloody battles with  Daesh organization which controls large areas there , but in the south there is a battle of another type  that its source is  from Iran. Iraqi forces are struggling in the Basra , predominantly Shiite city , large quantities of drugs that often sneak across the border ... Read More »

The strategic goals of the Battle of Qayyarah

    Vanguards of the security and military Iraqi forces began the  advance towards  the center of the district of  Qayyarah  of the province of Nineveh Having been able to restore a number of villages surrounding the center, which coincided with the progress made by Kurdish forces in the areas of (Makhmour -alkwyr). This field change in the arena of confrontation ... Read More »

Emirates … Youth leading sustainability

  On December 17 / 1999,  in its resolution 54/120,  the General Assembly of united nations   declared  August 12 International Youth Day, which gives an opportunity to celebrate young people’s views and initiatives . On this occasion, the United Arab Emirates celebrated the International Youth Day, which is held this year under the slogan «youth leading Sustainability». Where the General Authority of ... Read More »