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Slavery of corruption to exit Iraq from the Index of Economic Freedom

The economic freedom contributes  to  the economic  growth , including availability of enhancing competition among actors, leading to increase the innovation, efficiency, productivity, and the increase of investments. And  the rule of law operates on the protection of  property  rights, and contractual rights, which provides protection of economic freedom and economic growth. the economic freedom is defined  as the freedom to produce goods and services and consumption, ... Read More »

Iraq … Trump’s Arena to counter the Iranian influence

The retreat policy pursued by former US President Barack Obama’s administration has encouraged   the consolidation of the Iranian regime’s influence in Iraq, which represents a significant weight center for him . This influence has also contributed  in strengthening or the steadfastness of his ally, the Syrian regime ,and  it seems that such a policy has been turned down with administration of ... Read More »

Uncertain future of the economy of the Ard al-Sawad (the land of greenness)… .. the Iraqi debts exceeded $ 100 billion ..

Economic and political  analysts  confirm  that  the size of Iraq ‘s accumulated  debts  have exceeded  $ 100 billion, with many of the problems suffered by the Iraqi economy, and the amount of public debt that has  accumulated  on the country , this was the result of the collapse in oil prices, and the costs of the war being waged against al Daesh. They also affirm that the termination of the file of  Iraq ... Read More »

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards … expansionist Iranian regime’s arm in the region

The announcement  of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards  about a test of  several ballistic missiles  raised questions about the future of the development   of the Iranian  weapons after the nuclear  agreement concluded by the Iranian regime with the major powers last July?  And with regards   the US response, US officials  made a statement  several  days ago that their management  is looking ... Read More »

Important Information: Chalabi and “dollar gangs”

The sudden death in / November 3, 2015  of  the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmad Chalabi, raises a lot of questions and doubts about the circumstances of his death and was in the process of  his publication of the details of files  to reveal  the corruption networks in the country. Chalabi , who since chairing the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament focused  in more striking way  on ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul beginnings and results 10

These days , the  military confrontations   between fighters Daesh   and security and military forces   in the Iraqi  Center of   Mosul city of its both left and right coasts  are entering  its  five month  after Abadi announced  its beginning  in October 17-10-2016 as  the first phase which  has witnessed  strong confrontations with members of the organization . The nature of the events ... Read More »

Grumbling of Houthis from the Iranian regime

The rise of Houthi group in Yemen and to be on the top  of the political scene and its formation  of military force and its attempt to control the country after the Yemeni revolution, was not far from the loyalty  of the movement to Tehran and the support of the Iranian regime to it, in order to sow sectarian conflict ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia and America: the future of the region’s oil ..

The oil is the backbone of the global economy The oil is   of the most important causes of international conflicts on the face of the earth, since its discovery in 1859, and until this moment, as it contributed to the tremendous revolution in the form of machine and its size and capabilities, and has become the lifeblood of industry and war, transport, technology and an important   scientific stimulus  for further inventions noting ... Read More »

Trump and the Iranian regime

After the arrival of  Donald Trump to the White House , tense  became the prominent  title in US –Iran relations, which has  been ignited when the Iranian regime  at the end of the  last month of January , has launched a ballistic missile, as an experiment, which  the American administration  considered it as a provocative act by Iran , so ... Read More »

Digital Library … the State of Qatar is moving towards the future at a steady pace

All it takes to print a few letters represent the address of digital Qatar Library  on the  international information network “Internet” and   then we can access to the unique cultural wealth of  various countries and cultures  . the efforts of  partnership that began in 2012 between Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and the Qatar  National Library with ... Read More »