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Administrative and financial corruption in Iraq ….. Economic and social dimensions and ways of treatment

Dr. Mohamed Refaat Taqa * First: Introduction  It is unlimited scientific risk to engage in the study of the administrative and financial corruption in Iraq , the fact that the corruption reached to unreasonable and uninhibited point at all. On the other hand, the fact that Information and accurate Statistics   have not been available about the corruption in Iraq   as well ... Read More »

Iraq after Daesh

With the launch of operations to liberate the west side of the city of Mosul, which was announced by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday last February 19 , the countdown has begun for the Liberation of the right coast . Optimists believe that the coming days will witness the final elimination of al Daesh in Iraq. There are ... Read More »

IMF: Rising Iraq’s debt 64% and low cash reserves… reasons and treatments..

The IMF announced on 18 / March / 2017 about Iraq ‘s debt rising from 32% to 64% of GDP in the period 2014-2016, and a slowdown in credit growth and rising non – performing loans at state banks, with low cash reserves by $ 7 billion annually. And the Iraqi authorities and experts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ... Read More »

Iraqi government documents: reveal the constitutional violations in the 2017 budget

Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi revealed in a weekly press conference, dated 14.03.2017, for raising a case at the Federal High Court to challenge the provisions and articles of the Act of the budget for the year 2017, because it is related to the lives of Iraqi citizens, especially now that the country is going through tough times of ... Read More »

UAE’s humanitarian role in Yemen: Principles and Features

The role of the United Arab Emirates  in Yemen is not confined on the military side, which aims to defend the constitutional legitimacy  in the country within the two operations of  “Decisive storm” and then  the “Restore of Hope”, led by Saudi Arabia, but there is a strong  Emirati humanitarian role  represents an extension of its role and   humanitarian commitment ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul beginnings and results 11

Military confrontations between the military and security Iraqi forces and elements of  Daesh continue as planned by the command of the international coalition under the direct supervision and guidance of the US Department of Defense and  its intelligence  and military services noting that after the announcement of the launch of the third phase of the Battle of Mosul on  the ... Read More »

The future of the region after the liberation of Mosul?

On 17   October 2016, the Iraqi government announced a military operation to restore the city of Mosul after about six months of preparation; the Iraqi forces succeeded in restoring the eastern side of the city after about a hundred days of fierce battles with the state organization, which took control of the city, in the June 10, 2014, and other ... Read More »

Asian Renaissance: To draw a map of the new global economy ..

There is a shift in the balance of global economic powers in favor of emerging countries economically, particularly Asian countries to become the Asian century par excellence, in the light of what will be achieved by the economies of its countries of growth rates and high developmental shifts. This is what has been concluded by the unit of research of the British «Economist» group, in a special ... Read More »

A majority Government to destroy Iraq

Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi There are three theses or perhaps four to form the next government in Iraq: The first thesis: the formation of a technocratic government   of  all members  starting from  the Prime Minister to all the ministers, the advantage of this government that the minister does not enjoy with any political support and therefore if the minister   was  corrupt , he ... Read More »

Yemen: Donald Trump ‘ s preferred arena to confront Iranian influence

Although US President Donald Trump did not focus in his  campaign on Yemen, only some of the statements made by him about the war led by Saudi Arabia against the Houthis in Yemen, and in which he stressed that his country will not  be far from the conflict in it , as it does not represent a direct threat to ... Read More »