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Trump and the economy: the intersection or parallel?

Steve Bannon : He is one of the key associates of US elect President  Donald Trump, and  among his senior strategists who were appointed when he took office, who belongs to the “economic nationalism”, and has an economic vision to remake America in the wake  of the   Trump’s assumption of  the  power. Bannon said that  his vision in a 2014  in a Vatican conference:  the failure of ... Read More »

America and Iraq after Daesh

US administration of President Donald Trump  is seeking to arrange the situation in Iraq in the post-defeat Daesh, that in political terms  the United States is the real political sponsors of the Iraqi political system in a stage after   April / May 2003. So US do not want the failure of this experience  because of its negative impact on its interests ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul beginnings and results 9

Activities of military confrontations continue  between security and Iraqi military forces , and fighters Daesh in Mosul city center, and that characterized   by the criteria of field of communication   between the two parties , and the use of all types of weapons , light, medium and mortars, cannons,  drones  , planes of the international coalition, the Iraqi Air Force and Army Aviation in the pursuit of goals and sites taken by elements ... Read More »

Russia and the Iranian regime … the partnership does not mean the consistency of targets in Syria

That most of what distinguishes the Iranian-Russian partnership in Syria is that it evolved step by step a pace  that  to commensurate with the nature of the challenges and objectives of direct military intervention that looks close to a great extent between Tehran and Moscow, at least in the its declared  form , and with the importance of this partnership ... Read More »

Money laundering in Iraq: the concepts and secrets

International Transparency  organization: Iraq among the most corrupt  six countries in the world  .. money laundering: The subject of money laundering    is still  the hot  ones  on the world  arena , which attract  the interest of governments and security agencies  in general, and financial and banking institutions  in particular. and  tackled  by the media daily; what constitutes a serious threat to global peace and security, according ... Read More »

The historical roots of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti borders and real characterization for it

In April 25, 1920 ,  the League of Nations  put Iraq under the British Mandate for providing advice to the Iraqis to establish their own state, as stated in Article 22 of the Charter of the League of Nations, which stipulates that the States or territories which were under authority of Ottoman  state is the sacred trust in the hands ... Read More »

Can Trump to bring back the money stolen by the corrupt politicians to the Iraqi people?

Is it possible for Iraq to take advantage of the trends and policies of Trump? Trump has spoken in at least ten different occasions during his election campaign in speeches and interviews and different programs about  Iraq , where it can be found on some of these interviews in the video below : He has used the following phrases : {When we went to Iraq ... Read More »

Crisis of Khawr Abd Allah: National Interests or Political Gains.

The border dispute with Kuwait   has been since 1932 at the time of the monarchy, which kept the problem existed until the July 17 to 30 revolution , which  has rejected    marking  the border , and the position of  the Iraqi government  was  clear and explicit in 1973 with Kuwait that Iraq does not recognize the message attributed to Nuri Said 1932, and the record in 1963 because ... Read More »

King Abdullah II … the first Arab leader to meet with Trump

On the  last January 30 , King Abdullah II began his first visit to US under the new American administration, since  he met with US officials in the administration, including Mike Pence Vice President ,also met with the new American Minister of Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson. King Abdullah II also met with the leaders of the Senate and the chairmen and ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul beginnings and results 8

With the announcement of the end of the second phase of Ninevah military operations in the face of the fighters Daesh and control over all residential areas of the region of  the left Sahel  in  Mosul city center , the military and security Iraqi  commands  proceeded to put the first touches to start the third phase, which relate to go ... Read More »