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Administrative Slouch in Iraq deepens the crises

Administrative slouch  is linked to the  administrative imbalances in social organizations  that it is a real   plague for  the destiny of this country , and feed on the bounties of the peoples and their resources. In fact the subject of  slouch  in the  state institutions can not separated from  administrative corruption. Both are two sides of the same coin and  the ... Read More »

Nukhayib potential confrontation

The recent developments in the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran led  to enhance the role of the confrontation between them and reduce hostile activities sought by Iran to interfere in Saudi  and the Gulf affairs, and this escalation was represented  in the withdrawal of ambassadors from both countries and to stop the political and economic activities between them in addition to the escalation of the pace of political ... Read More »

Oil markets and the return of quotas conflict

  Oil markets experiencing a state of incompatibility between producers, which recently resulted in the absence of cooperation  failing to reach to an agreement between the major producers  on freezing production ceiling in the Qatari capital Doha on April 17 / April. The issue of market shares is   the biggest obstacles to any agreement on the production ceiling, which is ... Read More »

“Saudi Arbia ‘s Vision 2030 : the largest plan toward “economic transformation” in the history of the Kingdom

A crisis of the collapse of oil prices, which hit the world economy since the summer of 2014, produced a state of the search for alternatives to the producing countries and spread a state of terror after prices tumbled to below $ 30 a barrel ,and countries have begun in earnest search for a diversity in their economies to come ... Read More »

Tuz … Do the civil wars to come in Iraq?

The violent clashes are renewed in Tuz “in Salah-aldin province between the peshmerga (Kurdish) forces and the Turkmen popular crowd – Al-hashed al-shaabi ( Shiites Turkmen ), late on Saturday evening on 23 / April in northern Iraq, these confrontations led to the deaths between the two sides , for the Kurdish side ten of the Peshmerga were killed including ... Read More »

About Al-Sadr Statement

In anticipation of the negative evolution of the political crisis in Iraq on the background of the repercussions that has gripped Iraq due to the request of the Prime minister Haider Abadi, from  the Council of Representatives  to authorize him in the formation of a government of technocrats, as Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr issued on Wednesday a statement to contain the ... Read More »

Why did the US administration send its troops to Iraq?

  Due to instability experienced by Iraq in general and the security in particular, especially after the emergence of ISIL “Daash” in June 2014 as a  security challenge  for the continuation of the Iraqi political process as a whole, and under  the war by the international coalition led by the United States against it, the US Secretary of Defense Ashton ... Read More »

Oil prices Drop after the failure of the Doha meeting

oil prices are exposed to anew shock, after falling more than five percent on the back of the failure of the major oil producers  in the Qatari capital Doha To reach an agreement to freeze oil production,  this collapse  was  occurred after the representatives of 18 countries from the major oil producers  on Sunday , April 17, concluded their consultations in Doha to discuss the freeze ... Read More »

Rearrange : economic file of the Saudi Arabia ‘s visit to Egypt

    Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz ‘s visit to Egypt a few days ago formed a distinguishing feature in relations between the two countries, and it has gained  exceptional importance on both political and economic levels , in addition to being a support for the cooperation relations between the two countries. The  economic file has gained during the visit of exceptional importance, embodied by ... Read More »

To What will lead the consensual rule “quota” in Iraq?

It is Mistaken who thinks that the current political crisis represented by the formation of a new Iraqi government could end up with the “dismissal”  of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri and his two deputies, and the complete  of  the  features of its end in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government of ... Read More »