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The next day at the Turkish elections: the regional coalition in the face of Iranian alliance

The Turkish voter  was on a date with the parliamentary elections that took place on the first of November , to frustrate  all of the public opinion polls biased and   Associated with Turkish media circles  and non-Turkish , hostile to the trends of domestic and foreign policy of the ruling Justice and Development party . Since the Turkish Prime Recep Tayyip ... Read More »

“Alangmasa” .. a strike force in ISIS

The organization of the Islamic state depends in Iraq and the Levant “Daash” in its battles being waged against its opponents in both Syria and Iraq to impose terror on the other side , taking Alangmasien as an arm to achieve this method. The organization is trying , which observers say that the fighters do not exceed 15 thousand , ... Read More »

Turkish parliamentary elections and expected possibilities

Turkish parliamentary elections will be held on the first of October / November this year in   the  light of  a very sensitive Internal and regional environment    in Turkey .Environment of the internal elections of Turkey  witness  a state of political instability in terms of the inability of any party to resolve things for its advantage  or to reach  any kind ... Read More »

Iraq , Syria and US and Russian influence

In May of this year, Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant – Daash managed to extend full control of the Ramadi city , the center of Anbar province, west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. All regional and international actors involved in Iraqi affairs aware that the organization of the Islamic state may be very interested in access to the ... Read More »

Iran and the popular crowd militias in Iraq

Perhaps, the highest voice rising in Iraq is the sound of Iran, according to Arab and Western analyzes and reports, taking into consideration that Iran supports the successive governments in Iraq since the US occupation of Iraq in 9April – 2003and interfere in setting it in one way or another , that it had a strong military voice inside Iraq, ... Read More »

The impact of the Russian intervention on the interests of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria

Many believe that the essence of the growing Russian military intervention in Syria now aims eventually to establish a system’s efforts to preserve what Iran calls “useful Syria l”, which prevents its fall in any way, and includes the Syrian coast, Damascus and Homs. From here, Some explains that the the growing Russian presence in the coast region is an ... Read More »

Motives of the Iranian shift in the field in Iraq

ISIS Syria Iran Bashar Alasad

Russian support for the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not restricted with weapons , gear and political support, but moved beyond than that to be active participation, as Russian fighter jets launched air strikes on the organization of the State in Iraq and the Levant “ISIS” on 30 September last month. This military development transfered the Syrian crisis ... Read More »

Statement of PAFI President Jamal al-Dhari on Iraqi Government Reform Initiative

Iraq is in desperate need of reform and has been for a long time. As long as Iraq’s political system continues to be corrupt, exclusionary, and non-transparent, groups such as ISIS and the Iranian-supported militias will continue to arise and fuel conflict. In the Corruption Perceptions Index 2014 by Transparency International, Iraq faired very poorly. Iraq has the highest perception ... Read More »

A-10 Warthog: huge attack in Baghdad

An intelligence information obtained by Rawbet center for Research and Strategic Studies, that a- 10 US aircraft, landed in Baghdad airport. However this kind of the plane was participate in many wars  at different  countries as Vietnam since 1972, decisive storm (Yemen), Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the war occupation of Iraq. “A-10″ Warthog is support the ground forces to release all ... Read More »