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motives of the exemption of Iraqis from the prohibition of entry into the United States

Muammar Faisal Kholi In the midst of the battle to liberate Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh led by the Iraqi government  and with the participation of the international coalition led by the United States  ,White House announced on 6 March  that  the US president, Donald Trump  has signed a new executive order on banning of the immigration, ... Read More »

Strait of Hormuz: Iran threats , America bargains and Iraq is paying the price ..

Eyes of the world have  focused  since ancient times on the Strait of Hormuz, which is a conduit for communication, peace and life among the people,  a bridge where tensions and wars are going over it and   on which  international interests are  divided and linked, feeding the world with warmth and  energy, and  stock markets and money rely on it ... Read More »

America dominates the world economy .. by a paper worth 9 cents

The reasons that made the dollar  a currency of the world reserve .. Gold is a safe economic haven, and the gold currency was coined  for the first time in nearly before 700 years  BC, and   the non-coined   gold  was used as a (money) in commercial transactions after examining its weight and purity. And the  gold  was used as a monetary  unit  , after ... Read More »

Iraq after the battle of Mosul

At the dawn of the seventeenth of  October last year, Haider Abadi , Iraq ‘s prime minister announced the start of military operations for the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, with the participation of the international coalition forces and during the course of battle   the coalition forces and the Iraqi army have made  field gains in the war of  restoration of the city of Mosul from al Daesh. Hence , the battle of Mosul ... Read More »

Orders reveal: Bremer do not keep in Iraq planting and tillage

The basis of civilizations in history is agriculture  by virtue of it   cities were formed , evolved and flourished ,and States are still interested in it , and working to improve seeds and preserve them. Among states that focused on the preservation of plant seeds  is the Norway  which set up in 2008  the biggest cellar in the world , “Svalbard” in collaboration with the Consultative Group on International ... Read More »

al- Jubeir visit :Indications and data

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has made a rare visit to Baghdad as the high –ranking Saudi official since 1990  .  al-Saudi diplomacy has surprised all Arab and regional political circles by the visit of  Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al – Jubeir to Iraq in February 25, 2017  since it constitutes a  clear development  in the future of Iraqi –Saudi relations  and an ... Read More »

Political crisis in Israel: the possible alternatives and scenarios

With the beginning of  investigation  last August with the head of the Israeli government, “Netanyahu,” the Israeli political system entered  a compound crisis, as  it  creates a crisis within the ruling Likud Party, and the crisis of the  political system as a whole, on the grounds that the Likud Party, which leads the current government, this requires a diagnosis of ... Read More »

Slavery of corruption to exit Iraq from the Index of Economic Freedom

The economic freedom contributes  to  the economic  growth , including availability of enhancing competition among actors, leading to increase the innovation, efficiency, productivity, and the increase of investments. And  the rule of law operates on the protection of  property  rights, and contractual rights, which provides protection of economic freedom and economic growth. the economic freedom is defined  as the freedom to produce goods and services and consumption, ... Read More »

Iraq … Trump’s Arena to counter the Iranian influence

The retreat policy pursued by former US President Barack Obama’s administration has encouraged   the consolidation of the Iranian regime’s influence in Iraq, which represents a significant weight center for him . This influence has also contributed  in strengthening or the steadfastness of his ally, the Syrian regime ,and  it seems that such a policy has been turned down with administration of ... Read More »

Uncertain future of the economy of the Ard al-Sawad (the land of greenness)… .. the Iraqi debts exceeded $ 100 billion ..

Economic and political  analysts  confirm  that  the size of Iraq ‘s accumulated  debts  have exceeded  $ 100 billion, with many of the problems suffered by the Iraqi economy, and the amount of public debt that has  accumulated  on the country , this was the result of the collapse in oil prices, and the costs of the war being waged against al Daesh. They also affirm that the termination of the file of  Iraq ... Read More »