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The Turkish referendum: A vote on the constitution after the Kemalism

Muammar Faisal Kholi * The huge mosque represents, which the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered to be built on the top of one of the highest hills of the city of Istanbul on which his supporters     are hoping to be a referendum   on constitutional amendments   on tomorrow, “Sunday”, the culmination of his quest to change Turkey. Turkey is on ... Read More »

Why the US military presence is growing in Iraq?

Muammar Faisal Kholi * The diplomatic and military effort of the administration   of US President Donald Trump aims, which is concentrated on Iraq in parallel with its engagement increasingly in the war on Daesh in the last curve, to provide the appropriate environment for the participation of the United States of America actively to arrange its positions in the stage ... Read More »

The effects of terrorism on the Iraqi economy.

Terrorism is one of the most serious problems of the present century, and the most important phenomena experienced by human societies at the present time, because of the negative effects reflected in preventing progress and prosperity of nations. Terrorism, which has become a global phenomenon, is a serious source of the economies of many of the world countries, for its role in the destruction of the national economy, which is the lifeblood of communities and low ... Read More »

Oil Project: The intermixture of the Economics and Politics between Iraq and Jordan

In the second of the current April   , the  Undersecretary of the Iraqi Oil ministry  Zia Jafar confirmed that the coming period will witness the signing of the Iraqi oil pipeline agreement with Jordan. He added in a statement to the sidelines of the « The 3rd Jordan International Energy Summit» in Amman, that «Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ... Read More »

Data of US military strike for the Syrian regime

The US army launched at dawn on Monday April 7 by order of President Donald Trump a cruise missile strike used the (59) guided missile type Tomahawk fired from two American Battleships in the Mediterranean sea targeting airport (Syrian Shuayrat airbase), it was a response to the chemical attack that carried out on Khan Shaikhoun in the countryside of Idlib province in the ... Read More »

“Global Mass Group Holding Ltd.” Achieves the most important achievement of the Iraq– Jordan economy

The Mass Group holding Ltd.  is  one of  the  leading global  companies in the field of energy, and is characterized by precision of work, and provide equipment and modern  mechanisms and efficient national and international experiences , and the company can  work in  the most difficult circumstances; which  called Iraq and Jordan for establishing a tender of the implementation of the project of  Jordan-Iraq pipeline  to ... Read More »

Battle for Mosul.. the beginnings and results 12

Military confrontations continued between Iraqi security and military forces of all its different forms and formations with Daesh fighters and his leaders inside the center of the city of Mosul and entered its third month in field images on which many routes and defensive lines and offensive methods were followed , and all heavy weapons and guided missiles and launchers ... Read More »

Summit of the “Dead Sea”: the restructuring of the Middle East

D.slam Mohammed Zaanoun * The Arab summit, which was held at the Dead Sea area of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 29 last March witnessed new variables that were not available at the previous summit held in Mauritania last year, they are: The presence of 18 leaders out of 21 ones. In the forefront, including but not limited, the ... Read More »

Bremer: Between the misleading of facts and the theft of Iraq’s money…

Bremer  ruled Iraq between May 2003 and June 2004 and  he has written a book ” My Year in Iraq : The struggle to build  a Future of Hope  “, it is a memoir by ambassador Paul Bremer , Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, published in the USA on 9 January 2006,It covers the period  between May 2003  to July ... Read More »

Haider al-Abadi and Arab summit

 The conference of twenty-eighth Arab summit, which was held on the current 29 March, in the resort of the Dead Sea, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is the first Arab summit conference attended by Haider al-Abadi since he became prime minister of Iraq in August 2014. The follower of the speech delivered at the opening session of the Arab summit ... Read More »