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Battle of Aleppo … the Iranian regime and the movement of Iraqi Nujaba

The Iranian regime’s intervention in Syria,  stood to the side of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in the face of armed opposition   was not  just speculation, but it was a fact  confirmed by Iranian officials themselves, where the representative of Iranian Supreme Leader(Murshed) Ali Khamenei in the Revolutionary Guards, Ali Saeedi, in the last month of November 2015 said  if his country  ... Read More »

Iranian regime … the hegemony statements and its borders

  Some like to talk about Iran as an added strength to the Arab power to support us in the face of the Zionist danger and the risk of global domination and then  it must be allied  , a logic can be a sound basis for not being an  Iranian hegemony project, which  the 1979 revolution  dressed it  religious clothes  ... Read More »

Features of the global economy in 2017

The global economy has witnessed historical stations and  an  important events in the 2016  contributed to the formation of quasi-clear vision of the path of the events of 2017, and possibly beyond, And marked the year that is about to say goodbye after a few days of  the momentum of events and the emergence of a kind of international economic ... Read More »

Iraqi investment law .. moving in the opposite direction

Foreign investment is known as the WTO as a direct investment occurs when an  investor , a resident   in his  mother country has    a productive assets in another country (the host country);  for the purpose of its administration    so  this kind of investments  are described as  they are long-term investments . Direct Foreign Investments   play a role in the economies ... Read More »

Iraq’s budget for 2017: between clear austerity and flagrant deficit

The failure to diversify the resources of  Iraqi economy, which depends on oil   to a large extent  led to more problems facing macroeconomic and social  problem of unemployment  stands  on top of those problems, in addition to inflation and the deficit of  balance of payments and low economic growth. And these problems are emerged  due to poor recruitment of oil ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul:The beginnings and results 6

Nineveh military operations continue to face the fighters Daesh through the main axes developed by the military and security forces of Iraq and it   was able to achieve a clear and tangible progress in the  eastern and south-eastern axes  around  the center of city of Mosul  , with the escalation of confrontations and clashes across the western axis and can identify ... Read More »

Manama summit … about British Gulf strategic partnership

Manama hosted, on 6 and 7 December, the work of the session of the 37th of the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Summit has taken unusual character  in the general context, but it carried in its  special context  an exceptional character, ranging from symbolism of  place that held in  it, the Bahraini capital, more Gulf entities affected by Iranian ... Read More »

Will “OPEC” succeed in the implementation of the final Vienna agreement?

World oil prices jumped above $ 55 a barrel for the first time in 16 months, after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreement (OPEC) to reduce production In November 30, 2016, in the Austrian capital Vienna. Agreement, which described the historic  agreement of  OPEC mandating  of the reduction of total production, with effect from January 2017, by 1.2 million bpd ... Read More »

Basij … One of the striking forces within the Iranian regime

Iranian regime take to consolidate his rule and to spread “Iranian revolution” outside the geographical boundaries  arms that are obvious  for every one, and perhaps the most important of these arms  is the forces of popular mobilization or “Basij”  and form a parallel army  to excel  in its influence on the regular armed forces, and has an internal influence as ... Read More »

Terrorism in Iraq … a multipartite

Iraq has become after the US occupation of it  in April 9 – 2003, an arena for producing the  terrorism and its  fields and streets turned into the scene of the terrorist operations that hid all  the civic life milestones in this country because of the political and security vacuum produced by the American occupation of Iraq. This country  has ... Read More »