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Battle of Mosul beginnings and results 8

With the announcement of the end of the second phase of Ninevah military operations in the face of the fighters Daesh and control over all residential areas of the region of  the left Sahel  in  Mosul city center , the military and security Iraqi  commands  proceeded to put the first touches to start the third phase, which relate to go ... Read More »

The fate of the Iranian Crescent in the Arab Mashreq

With changing of  the regional balances of powers in the Middle East as a result   of the change in  the shape of the political system and its nature of a number of Arab countries, especially with the regional heavyweights in the region in the wake of what has become known in the media as the “Arab Spring”, and the consequent  ... Read More »

A dispute supported by documentations .. Umm al-Tibul: the Judiciary supports the Sunni Waqf (Endowment)

Under the growing Sunni endowment resources ;  the dispute was exacerbated  between those who claimed of the right of Ifta (to deliver religious opinions) and seize without the right  a certain property of the Sunni Endowment, and those who had the vigor and legitimacy in the management of Sunni Endowment, and had the highest vigilance and fear of God in ... Read More »

Iraqi Oil Ministry: The development despite challenges

Iraq ‘s oil industry faces a range of challenges in 2017, including the implementation of «OPEC» agreement to cut production by about 200 thousand barrels per day, although it is ranked  the second largest oil producer in OPEC, but it suffers from huge financial pressures because of the deteriorating economic situation and  the war against State organization  (Daesh), and the liberation  of oil fields (Qayyarah & Hamrin), and the reconstruction ... Read More »

Trump and his disturbing comments

With the sudden  and striking  win   of the Republican candidate coming from the business  and trade sector Donald Trump,  the United States of America and the world with it  enter a stage of predictions  and expectations about the future of the internal policy of the President-elect, as well as foreign policy . these predictions   seek to understand whether the United ... Read More »

$ 10 billion , Iraqi loans … a deficit indication or bankruptcy ?

Foreign debt in general is a process employed by States when they are unable to fill the  requirements of expenses  depending on their own financial resources, and the risk of  external debt is in the paralyzation of the development efforts, and  the social and political effects on the indebted countries, and in  its dependency to creditors and its exposure to ... Read More »

Turkey moves toward a presidential political system

Early today, on “Saturday,” national Assembly “parliament” approved the proposed law submitted by the ruling Justice and Development Party, to change the country’s political system from a “parliamentary” to a presidential participated by 488 deputies in the secret voting process of  plenary session of the Assembly, in which  339 Deputy voted  in favor of the proposed law, while 142 opposed ... Read More »

Key facts .. for the economic gains of the Russian intervention in Syria

Economic interests play an important role in international relations, noting that the  actions  of states and its political behavior are in line with its economic interests, so the states  are interfering   in  existed  conflicts  or create it for several goals  including: control of raw materials, the conflict on the commercial ports and roads of communications , control  on the markets.  this is  what we see  today ... Read More »

The appointment of Ambassador Masjedi in Iraq: goals and intentions

  The Iranian influence and  expansion in Iraq is continuing inside Iraq espiciallyy in its internal affairs, and  Iran is keen  to anticipate events; in order  the Iranian security and intelligence  apparatus to take its location, and  status in the event of change of the situation inside Iraq ,  the country is important for Iran, which constitutes a depth extended for its policy and its approach to the expansion towards ... Read More »

Baghdad Dialogue Conference … Vision of Abadi for Iraq after Daesh

The events of Baghdad Dialogue Conference , which was  held on Saturday over two days  in the Iraqi capital Baghdad at  Baghdad University and hosted senior officials and academic figures  under the slogan (after the victory options ), which was hosted by the Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought in collaboration with the House of Representatives and the University ... Read More »