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West of Anbar: Battle of liquidation of Daesh in Iraq

With the approach of the military settlement of the Battle of Mosul, which began in October17 last year, to the organization of Daesh who practiced the most heinous crimes in Iraq, killing civilians and genocide crimes against the defenseless innocent people and targeted everyone, without distinction of their religions and sects and ethnicities,   the Iraqi – American military effort is ... Read More »

To repair the ravages of the Obama administration… Mattis in Riyadh

Muammer Faisal Kholi In the context of the effort of US President Donald Trump administration to prove its seriousness in the face of Iranian influence in its regional environment, and prevent it from targeting the national security of allied countries in the Arabian Gulf, the US defense secretary arrived Riyadh, on the current 18 April starting of a tour includes ... Read More »

The history of natural Gas in Iraq

Shatha Khalil * Natural gas contributes about a quarter of the energy consumed in the world that is the cleaner or less fuel emissions, an important source of thermal, mechanical and electrical energy in transportation, industry, electricity and housing sectors. Many countries take advantage of this energy and invest it properly as it is part of its revenues that it ... Read More »

Facts about the Iraqi stolen aircrafts in Iran…

Iraq buys its aircrafts   entrusted to Iran    by millions of dollars? The Iraqi air force is the right arm  in support of the Iraqi armed forces in the ground  and  and responsible for protecting the skies of Iraq, and  one of the oldest military institutions in  the field  of its competence in the region and its mission  is the surveillance  ... Read More »

Economic impact: for the exit of Britain from the European Union (Brexit)

Shatha Khalil * There are political and economic indications of France’s exit from the European Union,  the first  is the rise of conservatives  in the French society, and this  will be proved  in  the upcoming French elections, while the second, lies  in the financial burden to provide assistance to the countries of the  Union  exhausted economically, and the burden of refugees,  ... Read More »

Qassem Soleimani’s visit to Kurdistan: the goals and orientations

On the ninth of the curent April , the Iranian  commander of Quds Force  Qassem Soleimani visited the Kurdistan Region and met during his visit  Massoud Barzani , president of the Iraqi Kurdistan  region and met with Nechirvan Barzani, the President of the Government of the Region  in Erbil, and  he met with the leaders of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union ... Read More »

After the referendum: Turkey is moving towards the presidential system

Today the Turkish people decided the future of the political system in the Turkish state, with the participation of 86 percent in the referendum on constitutional amendments, where the vote of the Turks “yes” in favor of the referendum on constitutional amendments that pave the way for the biggest change in the Turkish political system, as announced the sort 99.98% ... Read More »

Gas fields ignite the next war in the Middle East

Gas is a source of wealth, and a tool of influence and dominance, and the backbone of movable warfare from one country to another, and the developed and industrialized countries   are seeking with all its efforts to reduce emissions causing global warming, to keep the planet from pollution of rivers or the sea or soil and since the oil reserves are limited between the next 50-70 years, we must look ... Read More »

The Turkish referendum: A vote on the constitution after the Kemalism

Muammar Faisal Kholi * The huge mosque represents, which the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered to be built on the top of one of the highest hills of the city of Istanbul on which his supporters     are hoping to be a referendum   on constitutional amendments   on tomorrow, “Sunday”, the culmination of his quest to change Turkey. Turkey is on ... Read More »

Why the US military presence is growing in Iraq?

Muammar Faisal Kholi * The diplomatic and military effort of the administration   of US President Donald Trump aims, which is concentrated on Iraq in parallel with its engagement increasingly in the war on Daesh in the last curve, to provide the appropriate environment for the participation of the United States of America actively to arrange its positions in the stage ... Read More »