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Towards tightening control over the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh

At the dawn of the seventeenth of the last October  Haider Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister announced the start of military operations for the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, and Iraqi forces in cooperation with the international coalition forces managed  to achieve military victories on the ground represented by the liberation of many villages in the ... Read More »

Iraqi politicians and regional disputes

Nineveh military operations continue to implement the tasks entrusted to it in progress within the main  axes  identified  for it but  they  are  stumbled  from time to time due to several factors, the most important of them  are  the basic defenses  made by Daesh fighters in front of the  attacking military and security forces   in addition to the lack of ... Read More »

Treasury of Iraq is threatened with bankruptcy … and the citizen pays the price

The world countries have become certain  as a result of its long experience at  the  management of  its overhaul  economy  that there is no  exit  of the cycle of poverty, and  the advancement of joints of the national economy and make the economic and social development plans and programs into practice only through the expansion of public revenue collection by the development of traditional sources of revenue, and find new sources  ... Read More »

The economic impact of terrorism in Iraq

Iraq   was on the top of  the countries in the region during the past years  that have suffered from the economic and political crises, and  the global problem was added to the basket of its crises which is  the most widespread in the world .. It’s the scourge of terrorism, and we know the risk of this scourge afflicting all human ... Read More »

How is Ahl ul- Sunnah Wa al-Jammah(ASWJ) to respond against the accusation of them with Shirk (Polytheism) by Salafis …. Intercession and the visit of graves between Salafis, Wahhabis and between Ahl ul-Snnah Wa al-Jammah

This topic is excerpts from the chapter published by one of  masters of  Salafis  who is Abdulrahman al-Bakri, in his book “Daesh and the future of the world,”  p 282-p 289, “where he discovered the falsity  of the  Salafist beliefs”  the doctrine of  Daesh and al-Qaeda,  so he “abandoned  all these doctrines and embraced the doctrine of the Ahl ul-Snnah ... Read More »

Facts about the people of Mosul revealed by one of their sons

I received this letter, “with the amendment to the language” by  a person of Mosul commenting on the story of the girl from Mosul  explaining  the suffering people of the city  hidden from  a lot of Iraqis. The first thing I want to talk to it is that I am from Mosul, I’ve found a lot of people were gloat over ... Read More »

According to documents from the Integrity Commission.. The former Governor of Baghdad , innocent or guilty

The phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption  is a community deadly scourge, it is part of human nature, and the  good and evil  roots are present in the human being noting that the human goodness  may overcome in  some people     while the evil desires   may  overcome in some others . It must be said that the phenomenon of corruption is not the result of today , but it ... Read More »

Qassem Soleimani … The denotation of appearance in Aleppo

Coinciding with  operations of the  displacement of the people of Aleppo  after a siege that lasted four months by Russia and the Syrian regime and the sectarian militias backed by the Iranian regime,  Iranian sites broadcasted  new pictures of Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, during a tour in one of the remaining neighborhoods ... Read More »

The reality of the banking system in Iraq

The Iraqi banking system to pass through several stages  started from 1867, and  the oldest were the Ottoman Bank ,  Bank of the Shah of Iran , eastern British Bank, and then  the  Iraqi national banking stage was started in 1935 , which saw the creation of the agro – industrial bank that became after 1940 two banks: the Agricultural Bank , industrial Bank. In 1941 , Rafidain Bank was established ... Read More »

How it will look like the future of emerging economies in 2017?

The  expectations about the state of the global economy for the current year   by many international institutions were disappointing  , which pointed to a decline in economic growth rates because of the slow growth in the economies of  advanced  countries  and weakening global trade and shrinking  of capital flows and fluctuating of  oil prices. As for predictions about the future of ... Read More »