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In the midst of political and economic crisis  in which Iraq faces  today ,  its economy is  facing large challenges that are the ...
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6 OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) meeting in Algiers later this month has received undue importance from ...
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Popular crowd  militias  in Iraq are paramilitary forces belong to the Shiite component appeared in the  Iraqi scene  after a fatw ...
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Iraq's oil sector and the Iraqi economy lives the worst phase in the history of the country, where the successive collapses of oil ...
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The US occupation of Iraq and the overthrow of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on the ninth of April / May 2003, formed a satisfact ...
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The city of Mosul is living a tragic situation and a significant economic blockade and a bleak picture of daily toil and suffering ...
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The global economy is facing great challenges and disorders as a result of fluctuations in the markets and economic policies in a ...
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Since that Iraq has lost its national sovereignty by the US occupation on the ninth of April 2003, and promote such loss with the ...
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The visit of Iranian President Hassan Rohani to Europe - Italy and France has come as an inevitable and realistic result to what w ...
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Oil prices rose again, an indicator of recovery may be temporary on oil prices, with Brent prices exceeded over $ 30 a barrel afte ...
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