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Tal Afar: Between America and Daesh

The organization ISIS and its leaders have began using Alheilodot aircraft, and military logistics and field preparations of all parties that will participate in the operation of the district of Tal Afar’s Nineveh province started to liberate it from the clutches of Daesh fighters, and the Iraqi security and military forces initiated its preparations to besiege all outskirts of the ... Read More »

Abadi’s vision for Iraq after ISIS

After he succeeded in reorganizing the Iraqi army in record time after its defeat and sudden repercussions in Mosul and Nineveh province three years ago, the Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi managed , who was brought to the rescue and reform , to achieve the first big major goal, the liberation of Mosul and the majority of areas of ... Read More »

Public Opinion Poll : Iraq’s future in the eyes of its people

Measuring public opinion, and stand on its indicators is a key pillar in guiding decision – makers in accurate scientific way in all economic, social and political fields. The tribal measurement for the expected responses to any decision of a direct impact on the members of society has become an urgent need to avoid the mistakes of its application on ... Read More »

Syria and the independent administration

On the seventh of the last July, a ceasefire agreement was announced in the south – west Syria, following a bilateral meeting at the forum of “Group of Twenty” between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The agreement covers three provinces al-Suwayda, and Daraa, and Quneitra. These provinces represent conflicting parties include the forces of the ... Read More »

Luaibi: «Sumo» sells ten million barrels of oil through the DME

Under the sound policy pursued by the Iraqi Oil Ministry at the current stage, characterized by utmost accuracy and clear goals, it is working on the implementation of an integrated reformative oil program to serve the Iraqi people taking studied scientific steps to cope with difficult economic and financial challenges faced by the country, and the advancement of the real ... Read More »

Sadrist movement between Baghdad and Riyadh

The call of the Sadrist movement to its masses and supporters for peaceful demonstration in Tahrir Square in the centre of Iraqi capital (Baghdad) comes within the previous orientations and declared objectives , and prepared methods and ideas dealt with it by the leadership of the Sadrist movement, and became one of the features of mass crowd, and the relationship ... Read More »

Can Iraqi government restore Abrams tank from Iran?

Sending  “Abrams” tank , American advanced defensive and offensive tank , to Iran by one of Iraqi armed factions  a few months ago is still a matter of concern to the administration of US President Donald Trump , it was very upset by this sending because  US felt that there was a military insult against it , so the US ... Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood and potential incubators

Dr… Mohammed Salim Zaanoun The crisis that broke out on 5 June between the three Gulf  states, the Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, in addition to Egypt with Qatar imposed on the organization of Muslim Brotherhood to study options and alternatives that are a substitute for Doha, in the event that regional and international pressure to push for a decision ... Read More »

Iraq loses $ 200 billion from the halt of investment projects

The financial crisis experienced by Iraq reflected on all aspects of life, especially the sector of economic investment projects, as the investment projects were revoked from the paragraphs of Iraq’s budget for the year 2017, which amounted to $ 85 billion. The state adapted an operational and austerity budget because of the dire financial situation that the country is going ... Read More »

National Wisdom Movement (Al-Hikmah) … towards Iraq post- ISIS

Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim declared, the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq, on the last Monday , the establishment of a new political movement under the name of ” national wisdom Movement”, a part from the Council, which presided in September 2009, after the death of his father, Mr. Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim. Al- Hakim said that the national wisdom movement, ... Read More »