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The Al-Kadhemi government is striving to address the economic challenges, manage the legacy and multidimensional crises that the g ...
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The movement and spread of the armed militias associated with the Iranian regime expanded until it began to assume false names for ...
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If addressing the negative effects resulting from the division, rupture of American society, and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pand ...
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The pre-emptive security operations that were carried out and followed by the Iraqi security services, in cooperation with the Cou ...
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It seems that the Iranian optimism about Biden’s arrival is still being tested, and Iranian anxiety may need more time to fade or ...
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On Wednesday, the Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fuad Hussein, announced that a request had been sent to the UN Security Counc ...
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The verbal and media confrontation between Washington and Tehran began to be clear, after US President John Biden received the rei ...
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Who burned Iran's consulate in basara? - video ...
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the Trump administration announced the first stage of the re-imposition of the economic sanctions on Iran that had ended with the ...
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Our forces are pressing ahead and are sweeping the upper Euphrates and Aljazeera regions in western Anbar. These areas were not un ...
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