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Mohammed Allawi’s G.A.F.T.A press conference

Today’s Iraq faces many challenges, with some of them having global consequences. The long-suffering people of Iraq deserve to live in safety and prosperity and a stable Iraq is in everybody’s interest. If we are to stand any chance of realising this dream we must first understand the underlying issues at the heart of the problem, then we must proceed ... Read More »

q Altaghier Sources : Russian fighters jets violated Iraqi airspaces and took photos of various locations in Iraq

In serious of ongoing violations of Iraqi sovereignty, altaghier has learned from its own sources that Russian fighter jets carrying out flying over Iraqi airspace without knowledge or coordination with Iraqi side . The sources also mentioned that during the last forty eight hours , Iraqi airspaces are closed due to a serious violation carried out by ten Russian fighter ... Read More »

A-10 Warthog: huge attack in Baghdad

An intelligence information obtained by Rawbet center for Research and Strategic Studies, that a- 10 US aircraft, landed in Baghdad airport. However this kind of the plane was participate in many wars  at different  countries as Vietnam since 1972, decisive storm (Yemen), Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the war occupation of Iraq. “A-10″ Warthog is support the ground forces to release all ... Read More »

ISIS “Daesh” and prospects for chemical warfare

Prior to the 1991 Gulf war, Iraq had an arsenal of chemical weapons that included aerial bombs, artillery shells, rockets and scud missiles warheads stockpiled at Al-Muthana Complex – a chemical weapons production and storage facility located 20 kilometers south of Samarra, according to Western sources. The underground storage structure was built of thick and reinforced concrete and covered with ... Read More »

The New ‘Tri-Border’ Region: Emerging Threats Along the Israel-Lebanon-Syria Frontier

A detailed discussion of the various factors fueling or constraining chaos on Syria’s borders, including Arab tribal politics, Israeli security calculations, Iranian-Hezbollah military strategy, and a seemingly hesitant U.S.-led air campaign. On November 6, 2014, Boaz Ganor and Hussain Abdul-Hussain addressed a Policy Forum at The Washington Institute. Ganor is the associate dean of the Lauder School of Government and ... Read More »