Field confrontation in Syria: Europe and ISIS

Field confrontation in Syria: Europe and ISIS

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Within the approach and the manner of the leadership of the international coalition in the face of the ISIS and the targeting of places and the presence of the group’s leaders and training camps of their fighters and lines of communication and transportation and streamline of the organization movement across the Iraqi-Syrian border, an accurate security plan has been prepared which represents a realistic formula to defeat the organization in Syria and Iraq, by agreement between the European countries and the United States of America and coordination of security and intelligence and exchange of security information and determine the movement and the transportation of the group’s leaders and target them by special operations in accordance with the security vision and future strategy to determine the future of this regulation in accordance with the criterions and objectives of the following:

1. The priority of intelligence work and international security, is to eliminate the organization of the Islamic state and to prevent its spread and extend, through its control on the territory of new sites t on the Syrian and Iraqi territories and the use of all the possibilities and military means to limit its activity and advance .
2. To put security plans that ensure targeting the active leaders of the regulation and the collection of accurate information about their movements and contacts and the possibility of being targeted by special operations across of a group of fighters working in the US Special Forces in cooperation with EU intelligence agencies .
3. Restoration of the important and strategic areas dominated by its fighters in the past few months and support of all factions and manpower on the ground, which seeks to meet the state fighters and get them out of their seized areas , and an example of this what was done by the US administration with support of the formation of ( democratic Syria forces) in the restoration of October bridge and vital installations in it from the hands of state regulation in Syria on the twenty-sixth of December – 2015.
4. To enhance the direct security coordination with the Turkish authorities to protect the Syrian-Turkish border and prevent the infiltration of terrorists across the border and to prevent their access to the inside of European depth across Turkish territories.
5. To make use of all the possibilities of international support of political, military, economic and scientific aspects for the support of the international coalition and continuity in the implementation of its strategic plans in the elimination of ISIS and strengthen the presence of the leadership of the alliance.
6. Europeans see that the new plan in the face of the organization but is part of a long-term strategy lead at the end to a political settlement of the crisis in Syria and the field military action should be associated with diplomatic work through the political and media channels and direct meetings between all parties to the conflict.
7. No reliance and sufficiency on military action in the face of all forms of terrorism in Syria, but for everyone to make every effort to unite the political visions and mature field ideas to end the conflict in Syria.
8.Targeting the economic resources upon which the organization depends in continuing its lifetime and its health and its support for the fighters and work to dry the sources of physical and economic supply of the organization and this includes the intensification of the flights on the critical areas which contain the oil wealth and the targeting of the oil wells where and refineries and production as it is happening now in Deir al-Zour province, where the rate of oil production daily reached by the organization of 34-40 thousand barrels and the total fiscal revenue for this production up to million dollars a day.
9.To target the communication and transportation lines used by oil traders to move their products across many tankers Lines that is refined in local refineries prepared by the respective personnel in this regard and crud oil is exported across the north of Syria or regions across the Iraqi-Syrian border area north of the Iraqi AL-Qaim.
10. the US – EU plan see that strikes directed by Russian fighter jets enhance the survival of the Syrian regime and its continuation because it is directed against the effective Syrian opposition fighters and not for the organization of the Islamic state and it is possible that Russia plays an important and positive role if they worked to change its strategy in the region and have stepped up their joint efforts with the Europeans and the Americans to target State regulation.
These are the most prominent vital features of the European confrontation plan, in coordination with the United States to eliminate the organization of the Islamic state and the big efforts sought by European countries in securing its internal and security position and the protection of its national security.

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