ISIS phenomenon: questions to be solely answered

ISIS phenomenon: questions to be solely answered

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Iraqi government forces seek to remove “Mesopotamia” from the “Caliphate State” project announced by the leader of the terrorist Daesh known as “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” through the completion of the restoration of the city center of Mosul, the most prominent stronghold of the organization in Iraq, and its headquarters. Iraqi forces have launched since the dawn of Sunday, in the process of offensive on the rest of the sites of the terrorist Daesh in the ancient city of Mosul, but the organization responded furiously, and blew up about 20 car bombs to disrupt Iraq’s progress. Despite this, the battle of the “old Mosul”, is the last big battles waged by organization of Daesh in Iraq, after losing Megacities which were controlled by it, such as Ramadi, Hit, Fallujah and Tikrit. Not only days left to defeat this terrorist organization from Mosul, and by this great victory that will be achieved by the armed forces under the leadership of its leader, Haider al-Abadi, and in this context, many Retrospective questions to be raised to understand the phenomenon of Daesh, and answering it paves the way for non-appearance of it again in the land of Iraq. One of these questions:

How the organization of Daesh was founded, and who benefits of it, and why this organization was allowed to control of the provinces in Iraq and Syria, and allowed it to spread in the Arab Maghreb, and carry out terrorist operations in Europe and it is now fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan, why this brutal organization has not been confronted from the beginning ?! States kept silent to confront it as it ignored the circumstances of its inception, noting that some of the fighters of the terrorist organization Daesh who formed the nucleus and its leaders even the one who installed himself as “Caliph of the Muslims” were released from the Abu Ghraib prison. They were taken by bus to Syria without being exposed to any harm by the Iraqi military divisions stationed on the outskirts of Abu Ghraib , even the Iraqi American Coordination Center, which was supposed to take care of this event, but it has completely ignored it as if there is a US-Iraqi agreement on that release?

How did three Iraqi military teams fade in front of a group of fighters of the terrorist organization Daesh who were few in number and ammunition, and who contributed to this fade? What is more surprising in June 2014, although the arrival of the terrorist organization Daesh to Mosul and the exit of all Iraqi governmental leaders from it ,the Turkish consulate in Mosul preferred to stay in it and they were detained by it. But the strange thing that this organization who is known of its methods of killing brutally such as the killing of the Jordanian pilot al- Kasasbeh and Egyptian Christians in Libya, and many others, here he was very compassionate and very generous with the Turkish consulate members who were released later, so why the organization did not kill them ?!

Is the organization Daesh formed by a hidden force, and this force will help everyone, and everyone contributed in one way or another to enhance the strength of this obscurant organization? And if otherwise, why there has been no transparent regional and international investigation about an organization that was spread in the world like cancerous disease? There were largest heavy- ammunition stores in the areas of Baiji and al-Seneia in Iraq, and this region since 2003, and until the advent of Daesh in Iraq was under the control of al-Qaeda, and after the appearance of ISIS, it has become subject to it, the question to be raised here: Why this ammunition has not been moved to a safe place.

There is no doubt that the emergence of Daesh on the Syrian and Iraqi scene of events provided a great service to the particular parties, and its appearance was an absolute evil to other parties. The emergence of Daesh is casting in the interest of the survival of Bashar al-Assad in power to this day, the evil of Daesh may represent the displacement of the Sunnis in Iraq from their areas and turned them to displaced people inside Iraq and refugees outside it, and every Sunni Arab and Muslim was seen as a terrorist according to the Western perspective. And its appearance has also contributed in the destabilization of Shiite rule in Iraq. Faced with this ISIS cancer that threatened the unity of Iraq, Iraqi Kurds sought to secede from Iraq to maintain their presence.

Who would benefit from the fact that the Iraqi army , that was known of its national and pan heroics, to reache such a level of vulnerability that it will not be able to preserve the Iraqi soil led to the issuance of religious Fatwa stating that the Iraqi youth to volunteer to fight the terrorist organization Daesh under the so-called forces of the popular crowd and achieve victories over it so this crowd to become the victorious and Iraqi army is the loser .

Undoubtedly, the advent of Haider al-Abadi to rule Iraq in August 2014, and as commander in chief of the Iraqi armed forces is a new page in the history of the contemporary prime ministers of Iraq for his well-known national and renunciation of abhorrent sectarianism , this man brought back the prestige to the Iraqi military, noting that the soldiers and the leaders who left Mosul in June 2014, they are themselves who are fighting now in unprecedented heroically against Daesh in various fronts of Iraq, especially in front of Mosul.

In view of the military achievements against the terrorist organization Daesh achieved in the era of Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister , General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi has become to take part in military intelligence and security conferences as a military leader faces a dark force in the atheist and the twentieth century. And he is also at political level received by the kings and heads of states of the world in a reception worthy of Iraq as a pivotal state in the Middle East.

That what awaits Iraq of Haider al-Abadi post Daesh in the era of Haider Abadi, the construction and restoration of national cohesion and the fight against all forms of corruption , whether committed openly or secretly , and taking care of the media, including the professional journalistic writings addressing strongly to the rampant corruption in Iraq. Abadi for his part is aware that the phase of post Deash requires a lot of real efforts to build what was destroyed by conflicts and struggles that that have prevailed in Iraq since the American occupation of Iraq , which his government is not strong enough to face it in the light of the continuous work of the machine of corruption , which will push him to the use of Gulf investments starting of economic relations to bridge political gaps . Arab Gulf states may not mind to meet the demands of the Abadi, in order to inject something of the strength to his endeavor in the face of extremism posed by pro-Iranian militias which are preparing to jump to the rule.

All opinion polls suggest that the Parliamentary elections, which will take place next year, will be casted in the interest of Haider al-Abadi and in the light of it, he will form his cabinet, and will the ballot boxes be identical to the opinion polls or whether the hidden or dark force will have another word?

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