The secret of the strategic alliance among Iran and al-Qaeda and ISIS and the like

The secret of the strategic alliance among Iran and al-Qaeda and ISIS and the like

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The documentary film ” Menace in Disguise” confirmed , which was produced by the margin Scoop company and broadcasted by some US and global media in the last March , on the close relationship of the state organization “isis” with the Republic of Iran.

The film to expose Iran’s threat as Menace in Disguise to US and aims to convey how Iran is a potential destabilizing force in the US as well as Middle East and the film shows interviews with officials and US researchers revealing frankly the ties of terrorist organizations with Iran, including national security adviser in the current administration , Michael Flynn, and former adviser to the National Security Council Michael Ledeen.

It also shows the Iranian crimes against direct and indirect US interests, as well as documents proving Iran’s link to the most of the terrorist groups in the world.

And the film indicates that the US Secretary of Defense James Metis, when he wakes up every morning thinking about only three things: Iran, Iran, Iran, and the problem with Iran is the Iranian government was able to avoid the punishment since 1979, stressing that Iran is the biggest state sponsor of global terrorism, and the nuclear agreement facilitates to it to do the aggressive expansive actions in the world which has begun already.

The film raises several questions looking for an answer, including:

– Is the Iranian ballistic missiles violate the nuclear deal?
– Why isis does not attack Iran ever, and what reasons?
– will the world be surprised when the close relationship is revealed between Iran and isis?
– Who constitutes the first threat as Menace  in (Disguise) to the security of the United States of America?
Iran was before the Iranian revolution in1979 a friendly state to the west , and one of the most close allies in the Middle East to the United States of America, and in the New Year 1977 celebration , the US President Jimmy Carter invited Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, as Carter described in his speech, Iran by the ” the great ” , and it is an island of stability in one of the most troubled regions of the world.

After the Iranian revolution, Iran and its people have become interpolated with anti-American sentiments and all its allies in the region.

The former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Smith stressed that Iran was able to get away from punishment since 1979, despite the proven involvement in the Beirut bombings in 1982 and the involvement of the Iranians in bombing of the US embassy in Africa, and their silence on the bombing of the US Cole warship.

Smith stressed also that Iran was behind the killing of thousands of Americans and Iraqis in Iraq, pointing to their involvement in IED manufacturing, and it was behind the electronic attack on Saudi Aramco, where 30,000 computer were destroyed, and it was behind a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States of America.

The former Attorney General Eric Holder analyzes, the plot was done by the Iranian sponsor that it constitutes a clear violation of international law and the United States, including the clear convention that protects diplomats from being harmed.

Holder adds that Iran has not received any punishment for its actions, which created a feeling that it can exercise its aggressive terrorist acts and impunity, and this policy towards Iran made it to continue to its terrorist policy, and continuing efforts to expand its interventions in the countries of the region, making it aggressively seeking to acquire nuclear capabilities , which the Iranian regime pretends that it wants to use this capability for peaceful purposes.

And he warns of the real intentions of the Iranians, to possess nuclear capabilities, stressing that the nuclear agreement, which allows Iran to possess nuclear weapons and carry out aggressive activities is a source of real concern to the world, and this is what is happening today.

Holder adds that the Iranian nuclear deal at its best is a postponement of the strict policy that increase Iran’s ability to build its nuclear program.

According to the French newspaper La Tribune that Iran opposes the idea of a written agreement, because it fears that this will lead to a narrow the margin of maneuver for them later through the development of technical details in the final agreement.

According to a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin said the nuclear deal at its best is the postponement of strict policy, and does not weaken Iran’s ability to build nuclear, and Iran after a decade would have a nuclear program for better resources.

He adds that the agreement contains a lot of violations, as Iran can command a tank through it, and this significantly affects the security of United States and its allies in the region.

The former US Secretary of State John Kerry explains that Iran was moving towards a possession of nuclear weapon but by the agreement we stop it.

Here, the US Representative of the Fourth Congressional District of Pennsylvania Scott Perry asks: Is it possible for Iran to possess a Russian air defense missiles due to the lifting of the ban, to protect nuclear sites?
The first deputy of president of the American Foreign Policy Council , Ilan Berman says : The nuclear deal with Iran is basically wrong , since it could be tactically, because it addresses one aspect of Iran ‘s behavior, the benefits granted to Iran as a result of the agreement were strategic advantages , and Iran received enormous economic benefit , both in reducing direct sanctions on the one hand, and the expansion of international trade in the post – agreement on the other hand .

the former US President Barack Obama pointed out : “under the nuclear agreement , which we and our partners have been reached with Iran last year, Iran has not been able to put its hand on Nuclear bomb. ”

And the researcher in the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Dr. Michael Dean said there is no formal nuclear agreement, and this is worrying, while Iran is pretending, it applies all the conditions, and we are supposed to pay all they want, whether a ransom about them, or part of the completion of their Iranian nuclear program who claim that it is peaceful.

And that the nuclear deal itself is none existed that no one has signed anything and there is a kind of a verbal agreement only that neither Iran nor the United States has signed on it, and political analysts have said Iran has not and will not sign an agreement with the United States, and things are open on a wide swing for them, so they can do what they want , and the United States did not put any controls on them.

This result make it easier for them to violate all restrictions on ballistic missiles and they manage to build it and test intercontinental ones.

The deputy of international operations, dlm, Jason Apichaan emphasizes: The addition of a point out of nowhere in the final moments to ease non – nuclear sanctions, it will allow Iran to enter unmarked currencies that cannot be followed, such as the Swiss franc and the euro, and others that are transported in the cover of darkness to Iran, to convert them in spending on the purchase and development of advanced systems of surface –Air missiles that came from Russia.
United States adds that the Iranians have a lot of money to spread their revolution and not to spend to improve the social situation and poverty eradication within Iran.

But it will go to support their militias outside of Iran, whether in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Hamas, because it serves their expansionist interests, and this is part of Iran’s very bad behaviors which is the biggest sponsor of terrorism, and seeks to military modernization, which plays a negative role in the region, and what we are witnessing of a negative role in Iraq is the best witness on it.

James Jeffrey , US diplomat, and is considered an expert on strategic issues in the Middle East and Balkan regions and Germany said that militias backed by Iran are responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops, and its involvement in one of the biggest attacks on US soil since Pearl Harbor.

The US criminal court Judge George Daniels, in New York asked in a default judgment that Iran has to pay more than $ 10.5 billion in compensation to the families of those killed in the 11/9 attacks, as Judge Daniels revealed in the documents of the court that Iran has provided material support to the perpetrators and planners of the attacks including Osama bin Laden, as Iran was providing moral and material and logistical support to al – Qaida inside Iran.

And now Daniels sees that al – Qaeda operates by what is called the process of the management of branches, which means that the al-Qaida has many terrorist branches that are shared with the characteristics, but the mechanism of action and goals are different.

Here Iran is applying the principle of diplomats , ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend , ” In this sense , al – Qaeda is working against the United States and its friendly countries in the region, as it is possible Iran is working with al – Qaeda and assist in the implementation of the terrorist operation of the Organization.
The experts confirm that Hezbollah is the first and greatest supporter of the terrorist organizations that are run by Iran, as it began its work in 1986 as it governs Lebanon, which is the main force inside Syrian territory executing the policy and targets of Tehran.

Political analysts mention that if anybody wants to punish Iran or to take action against it because of its support for terrorism, he must begin with Hezbollah, stressing that the real danger is the presence of an Iranian government that uses the power and resources of the state, to promote and coordinate the use of terrorist organizations, a tool of national policy, and these are foundations in Iranian politics and everyone must see it as a dangerous enemy.

Hezbollah, which represents Iran in the world, especially in Arab countries is part of the Iranian regime, and as a matter of fact that there is no separate organization named Hezbollah because Iran is supporting and financed it, and manage and train its elements and arm it, and anyone who says that Iran will stop supporting Hezbollah, like the one who says Iran will cut off its right arm.

And that the problem is not restricted to this terrorist or others, but in the government that is using the entire resources of the state to promote, support and coordinate and the use of terrorist organizations as part of its foreign policy.

And that the concept of exporting the Iranian revolution is one of the functions of Hezbollah and is the basic principle of the work, and this is what strengthens the result of the nuclear agreement, and provides more money to Iran.

According to military studies that the priorities of the Iranian regime is to equip its army with weapons , a Ak-103 , new generation of Russian weapons for city warfare , or the so – called war of streets.

This is proof that Iran is planning for the future of the war of the cities and the export of the Iranian revolution, not for peace and stability in the region, but to achieve the the expansionist terrorist objectives of Tehran , and this is what we hear from the head of Iran ‘s Quds Force Qassem Soleimani and other senior Iranian officials, who see : “The money they receive, is for the the comprehensive control not only in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain , but for its supporters in the east of Saudi Arabia, and thus , all the countries of the region have become less safe, “Iran has a long – term interest in the region to expand its influence in the Gulf, especially the so – called Shiite Crescent.

Here it must be noted to the Iranian terrorism in Venezuela, and the mysterious relationship that was gathered between Khamenei and the late President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, which is run by Hezbollah.

And 1992-1994 bombings in Buenos Aires committed by Hezbollah with the help and provocation of diplomats in Boris Aires, and these people were wanted by Inter Paul for participating in attacks, including Mohsen Rabbani who was among men wanted and accused of the 1994 bombing, as he encounters and contacts secretly in Latin America to recruit people and make them extremist militias.

If we reviewed track record of Iran we would find it was worrying as they catch in troubled waters, and they have a common cause with more regimes hostile to the United States, in Latin America, a neighbor of America, including: search for uranium using their relations with Venezuela for the escape from the international sanctions, and the establishment of financial institutions, and all this evidence of Iran ‘s anti-American policy .

According to analysts, Iran is seeking to make itself more powerful by investing a lot of money, or to make its neighbors weaker, and Iran ‘s policy is always characterized to destabilize other governments; as always feel insecure, and focused on the global instability strategy, and this has nothing to do with doctrine or religion as far as its relationship with politics, which used terrorist groups to attack multiple embassies all over the world, such as the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

Thus, Iran violates the Vienna Convention, an international agreement that Iran was one of the signatories, which provides for respect for the safety of embassies and their host states, protection and protection of embassy staff, whatever the circumstances, but Iran did not respect the Convention, and carried out the attack on the US embassy in 1979, and the British Embassy before several years, and the Saudi embassy this year.

Iran is using the provocative manner in its dealings, particularly with US forces in the Gulf, noting the event of arresting of 10 American sailors ,soldiers, in 2016, which Iran claimed that they have infiltrated in the Iranian territorial sea is an evidence on it, and this represents Iran ‘s provocative behavior, in addition to everything they do in Iraq Syria and the rest of the countries where there are a presence of Iranian militias in it to test the reaction of the United States in response .

and try to prove for the simple public, that despite the existence of a nuclear deal , the potential of Iran has not changed and its desire and willingness to move in the region strongly, Iran is challenging the USA in any turn, and trying to deliver a message, it is capable of spreading terrorism and impunity and able to stand in the face of the hesitated West .

But provocation is not an evidence for the power , but the weakness: the provocations of Iran against America as Iran used its Houthi militias to attack US destroyers next to the the coast of Yemen , including the – U – S – Mason , also supported Houthis in Yemen with money and weapons to enable them to control the country, then to control over eastern Saudi Arabia.

Thus, Iran used Hezbollah and al-Houthis to destabilize the region.

The Iranian regime has friendly relations with many extremist groups, such as al – Qaeda isis and has increased its tactical contacts with isis and people who are the most extreme individuals.

The Iranian analyst Dr. Majid Zadeh indicated that some of them believe that the theocratic rule in Iran is a religious ruling in which the ruler derives his authority directly from God, and this means that Iran is allied with the Shiites only, this is not accurate; Iran is allied with any government that it shares its goals and interests, whether an atheist or communist group , and the mistaken belief that Iran is a Shiite and cannot allied with isis , this is a trick can be marketed to naïve people as Iran can make an Alliance with any extremist group, whatever their religion.

And isis and Iran have common interests, according to the WikiLeaks website, which shows that Iran is home to al – Qaeda leaders inside its territory, and this is one of the reasons for the lack of any attack by al – Qaeda or isis against it.
This means that there is a kind of strategic alliance between Iran and extremist groups.

Zadeh indicates that Iran is seeking to destabilize Saudi Arabia, the way in which it has made in Iraq to ignite a civil war, igniting sectarianism, and this is in the interest of isis , and therefore in the interests of Iran, then the stability of the region is not in the interests of Iran, and this confirms that Iran will not be against isis, here it seems there is a concern about handing Syria to Iran that it has saved the Assad regime , which almost to fall without the appearance of isis backed by Iran, which hit the Syrian free resistance, and treated with Syrian regime commercially by selling Syrian oil cheaply to it because it was in control of the Syrian oil fields, Iraq also was handed over to Iran, and Yemen is likely also to be in its hand.

The film concluded that the Iran would support the terrorist organizations to carry out its own objectives if Republicans and Democrats left Iran with impunity, because the nuclear deal will put arms in the hands of Iran, making it difficult for the United States to monitor how close Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon before it is too late, and this is a kind of nuclear proliferation …
Therefore Iran must return to the pre-1979 period because the Iranian people deserve peace, stability and deserve a system and the government that will not be a global threat.

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