Al-Aluaibi: Shortens the time in achieving the oil achievements of Iraq

Al-Aluaibi: Shortens the time in achieving the oil achievements of Iraq

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Operation of Al-Alil Oil Refinery in a record time
Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi has achieved significant international and local achievements since he took over the Ministry of Oil, which contributed to maximizing Iraq’s economic position and its impact on the global energy market and rehabilitation and operation refineries and increase the production and improve it and employment of labor at the local level of the country.
Al-Luaibi stressed that the achievements and its reinforcement is the result of the extraordinary continuous support by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the Oil Ministry and the efforts of the workers and their insistence on achieving economic success despite the challenges facing Iraq.
Today, with pride and glory, the Ministry of oil adds success to its continuous success in the rehabilitation and operation of the Hamam al-Alil oil warehouse, providing strategic storage of oil derivatives for Nineveh, the Northern Region and the Western Region.

Al-Luaibi said that making this achievement is due to the support of Abadi to the hard workers ( Mujahideen) working in the oil sector of the sincere Sons of Iraq, who continue to work day and night for the optimal investment of national wealth and maintain and increase production and work to maximize the revenues of it .
And to work to overcome the difficulties and challenges with all hardness, courage, giving, sacrifice and sincerity in the time of reconstruction and challenge and victory, pledging the Iraqi people and the “national government” to move forward to achieve other achievements during the current year.
Hamam al-Alil warehouse: This warehouse is one of the largest warehouses that provide strategic storage of oil derivatives for Nineveh province and the northern and western regions. The technical and engineering teams of the Ministry of Oil, under the direction of Al-Luaibi, have been able to rehabilitate and operate warehouses, tanks and stations of liquid gas and succeeded in completing the delivery of gas to the North Gas Complex at a record time and at the lowest cost in Hamam al-Alil in Nineveh province.
The warehouse will provide storage capacity of 75 million liters of oil derivatives, including 60 million liters of gas oil and 15 million liters of white oil , pointing out that the national staffs are working on the construction of two warehouses whose capacity is estimated at (1.5) million and five hundred thousand liters of gasoline.
As the national staffs , in the pipeline company and its supporters from the Petroleum Products Distribution Company and the heavy engineering equipment company and the oil projects company , have been able to complete the rehabilitation of the warehouse and operation it in a record time with the possibilities available after the terrorist gangs had destroyed it .
It is noteworthy that the commander-in-chief of the armed forces Haider Abadi, had announced, on (31 August 2017), victory and the liberation of the district of Tal Afar and the province of Nineveh completely from the control of the terrorist organization ISIS after nine months of fighting to expel the criminal organization.

In the context of the same achievements in the province of Nineveh : Of the successes of the Ministry of Oil in the province of Nineveh are the operation of four government laboratories to fill liquid gas and the opening and operation of 26 civil plants for filling liquid gas, and this contributes to cover the need for the province of liquid gas fuel at the rate of 40-43 thousand cylinders per day, higher than the rates of production before the events of Mosul.
The ministry achieved unprecedented revenue of $ 252 million in 2017 in the export of 80 shipment to foreign markets, thanks to the increase in national production of liquid gas and the export of surplus to foreign markets.
Al-Luaibi stressed that the ministry is intensifying its efforts to increase the financial revenues in the current year by rehabilitating, re-operating and improving production and increasing exports by virtue of the ambitious plans set by the ministry to serve the national economy.

Al-Luaibi confirmed the continuation of the Ministry of Oil in its achievements in all directions, sectors to promote the economic and development situation of the country.

All this success comes by virtue of the sincere efforts of the oil sector workers who have the responsibility and trusteeship
To preserve the oil and gas wealth and work to improve and develop them in order to strengthen the national economy.

Shatha Khalil
Economic Studies Unit
Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies