5G, a new economic and industrial revolution in the world

5G, a new economic and industrial revolution in the world

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While 5G is a new economic and industrial revolution in the world, # Iraq # is still dealing with the # 3G# which is based on   # deception # and the fraud#  on  people.
In  the next two years, the world is looking at 5G technologies , which are the most important event in the world. Its technology is beyond consumer service in terms of communication  with networks   or speed  that reaches (10-27 GB)  to include  improving the 4G performance by hundreds of times, and upload full movies in a few seconds, reducing the response time, developing sound quality, and other technologies, services and functions, and even beyond that, it serves the industrial sectors and agriculture, and it performs full agricultural operations, from examining soil and seeds and following maturity and paddling and enter the laboratory and manufacturing and packaging up to the market for sale, industries and businesses, which means its significant contribution to the economic development of the country used for this generation.

That is, the next big speeds will open large horizons for agriculture, industry, e-commerce and retail, government transactions, energy, utilities, public safety, health care, public transport, media and entertainment, automobiles, financial services and agriculture. • this generation contributes also to reduce the use of the energy of communications towers by about 90 percent compared to current 4G networks.

The Swedish company , Ericsson , at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona presented  5G technologies  and models and tests for generation technology as it was one of the most prominent researches that were highlighted in the exhibition , the presence of more than 2,000 companies from all over the world, 5G is an upgraded version of 4G technologies within the global frequency band, which includes several applications, from virtual reality and Internet stuff.

Experts believe that activities could  be rapidly increased  with more than 70 percent of companies using the technology in production operations by 2021. Manufacturing, energy, agriculture, utilities, transport sectors and financial services are the most widely used  of this technology  by 2020.

Examples and applications that will result from high communication speeds and low response time are surgeons’ ability to conduct remote operations, without having to pay too much  sums  for providing a constant and fast connection, as now, with their ability to do any operation for any patient , even if he was in a remote village, in addition to the ability of commercial companies to follow up their cargo cases in smart ports, and to know where they are located at high accuracy, and at any time, because of linking each shipment to the location segment, and contains additional important data for the company.

This applies to the livestock and poultry welfare sector, where livestock owners will be able to accurately track where the herd is located, determine the appropriate times for milking cows, collect eggs and feeding times, etc., to integrate the countryside into the list of smart places in different countries rather than cities.

For the industry sector, for example: cars,  vehicle communication technology  with everything around them through the 5G networks will provide a better ability for the vehicle  to understand  what is going on around it , because of high data transmission speeds and reduced response time, which will significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents, and develop the experience of self-driving and fully independent.

Vehicles can, for example, cooperate to avoid collisions. Individual actions of the vehicle to avoid collisions can lead to hazardous driving conditions for other vehicles. However, if the vehicle can talk to surrounding vehicles and tell them what to do, they will not be surprised by the rapid movement of the vehicle, then all vehicles will coordinate their actions to avoid common collisions.

At the same time, technology companies are racing to offer their latest products to support the next generation of Internet via mobile as developers of smart phones and computer devices, such as Intel and Qualcomm, have begun collaborating with portable computers manufacturers to support their  5G communications    starting from  the next year.
Where major companies such as Dell, Lenovo, HP and even Microsoft are planning to launch their devices that can deliver very high speeds of video playback to 4K.

its worth to mention that INTL , the developer of smart phones and computers, recently unveiled the X50 Modem chip capable of connecting to 5G networks and will be used by companies such as Sony, Asus and LG in its phones starting next year.

Compared to the 4G LTE, the 5G network will provide 100 times faster speeds than 4G, and more devices by 100 times and while reducing response time by 10 times , and provide a higher data rate of 1000 time than 4G technology , enabling operators to use the technology of FWA, mobile broadband, VR / IP,  applications of internet of things and many other applications  . In contrast, it will generate a huge amount of data traffic and flow that needs to be stored and access to it and the transmission of it over the network.

Siena company also predicted that the performance of the 5G network technology will provide unprecedented gains and results, such as providing more data by 1000 times than 4G network and reducing the response time ten times, which requires operators to set up their integrated wireless network now, The  solutions of  company’s innovative 5G network contributes  to the enhancement the size of networks and automation development, which supports operators to enhance end-user experiences and enter into a new era of mobile communications.

The 4G and 5G networks will coexist in the foreseeable future, sharing the same wired network infrastructure between cell locations as well as  to and from  data centers where the content is hosted.

As mobile broadband traffic and Internet stuff technology continue to grow steadily on these networks, response time, productivity, reliability and security requirements will be very difficult, requiring more than just a simple network upgrade or expansion.

It is expected that by the end of 2020 there will be 550 million subscribers in the 5G networks, Asia will be the second fastest growing regions in the world, in terms of the 5G subscriptions, which will be 10 percent of the total subscriptions to the 5G networks in 2020, the Middle East and Africa will record a major transition from a majority of the 3G network, in terms of subscriptions, to 80 percent of all 4G subscriptions. Today, almost 90 percent of smart phone subscriptions are subscriptions to 3G and 4G networks. The unified 5G networks are expected to be available in the year 2020, which will accelerate the wheel of digital transformation in many sectors, are giving way to new use cases in areas such as Internet stuff, automation, transportation, and large data.

Economic benefits of 5G networks:
Ericsson Company expects revenue from this technology to reach $ 101 billion by 2026, while video services will reach $ 96 billion in the same year. The company also confirmed that its equipments are ready to provide communications networks in express trains inside and between cities which is more than 300 kilometers per hour, which is usually an obstacle to regular networks that transmit a mobile connection from a cell (or tower) to one another while on the move.

According to experts, in 2035 the full economic benefits of the 5G in the world will be absorbed by a wide range of sectors, producing up to 12.3 trillion goods and services based on 5G . The 5G sales chain itself will generate up to( 3.5) trillion dollars of revenue in the same year, providing up to (22) million jobs.

5G will introduce the world’s exclusive mobile communications for general purpose technologies, such as electric power and automobiles, providing a foundation for innovation, new industries, and to enhance the economy in full. This will happen when the fifth generation develops mobile communications from a range of technologies that connect people with each other, and the information to be in a unified fabric that connects people to everything.
Over time, FG will boost real GDP growth of $ 3 trillion from 2020 to 2035, this is equivalent to adding an economy to the world as much as India’s economy in dollar today, according to research firm BSP.

Where is Iraq from the fifth generation?
Iraq is still lagging behind in communications because of the corruption, and still in the third generation that does not work efficiently. Iraq is far from the technological developments in the world and developed countries and even developing ones, because of the corruption that plagues the joints of the Iraqi state, including communications, and those in the charge of this sector , and most of the companies controlling the Internet sector in Iraq, and is still in the form of speculation and agreements with the influential persons in the government, to steal and waste Iraqi funds.
The term (56) has spread in the Iraqi street ,this figure, as quoted by some sources, is derived from Article 456 of the Iraqi Penal Code on fraud cases because of the weakness of the deterrent laws, the spread of corruption and the domination of some influential parties and personalities , sought to utilize the public position to achieve special interests, which has negatively affected the lives of the Iraqi citizen, who is suffering from the lack of services provided in all forms.
The services provided by the mobile phone companies are very poor. In return, they generate huge revenues estimated at billions of dollars each year, especially in light of the fact that in the case of the austerity situation in Iraq, they sought to raise the prices of its services which are virtually non-existent.
Economic and legal experts, assert that companies operate freely and without fear because of the lack of competition between companies to monopolize the telecommunications sector, according to the monopoly contract signed by these companies with the Iraqi government in 2007, and will remain effective until 2022, the absence of effective control and firm law on the work of these companies, and the disability of the government to ensure the right of the Iraqi consumer, and there is no national telecommunications company that can compete with telecommunications companies by offering lower prices and better services in addition to the interruption of landline telephone service since 2003 .
The Iraqi street is angry at the services of the bad telecommunications companies. The Iraqis express their displeasure and anger at the poor communication services, theft of the balance, and the many false messages that tempt citizens to win valuable prizes up to fantastic amounts and looting pockets of citizens.
Why this silence by the state?! Where is the protection of citizens from piracy and theft  occurred  in front of their eyes, demanding at the same time the official authorities to punish those companies, and obligate them to respect their pledges, and payment of accumulated dues, and forced them  to work in Iraq according to the monthly subscription law in force in many countries, even the Iraqi employee who works for those Companies ,  pay him a minimum wage with long hours of work, these companies, which are no less than a malignant tumor in the body of Iraq.

Shatha Khalil
Economic Studies Unit
Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies