Mass Group Holding Ltd. Achieved success in Kurdistan and confirmed it in Baghdad

Mass Group Holding Ltd. Achieved success in Kurdistan and confirmed it in Baghdad

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Basmajh: the return of light to the eyes of Iraqis after the darkness stretched for years

The electricity crisis in Iraq has reached  to a standstill, there  was no use with temporary and random prosthetic solutions, as well as a huge waste in the wealth of Iraq and not to take advantage of them, where  Iraq is losing  every day , 700 million cubic feet of gas, and this is enough to produce 2500 megawatts.
The electricity crisis is virtually incurable and chronic, due to the reluctance of the operating companies, and failure to comply with and abide by its promises in the electricity sector, and  overlapping of  energy problems in generation, distribution and transportation with the lack of seriousness in actually dealing with the crisis, and the accumulation of financial and administrative corruption.
Iraq and enters today a new phase, and important in the development of the energy sector, as  the Ministry of Electricity signed  an investment contract with MAS Group Holdings Ltd.  , to build a power Basmajh station, to contribute to end the  bottlenecks in areas south of Baghdad, along with its transformation  of   electric power  to the residential complex of  Basmajh  “; on the basis of the decision Council of Ministers No. 90 for the year 2014 to give investment license to build the production station  of electrical power .
According to a ministry statement that it signed a contract with MAS Holdings Group Ltd.  With  the presence of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi and Vice Chairman of the National Investment Authority and Chairman of Board of the management of Mass company  Ahmed Ismail  where the company has been  given  a  sovereign  guarantee by the Ministry. ”
Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Minister of Electricity and Qasim al – Fahdawi, blessed  this contract, which will expand the capacity of the capital Baghdad.

And the manager of Mass Group  Ahmad Ismail said  after  the signature of this contract that  station is important because it has the  capacity  to transfer the energy  by 3000megawatts .
The  group (MAS Holdings)  is working in four key areas: – electricity generation, and the cement industry, iron and steel, and real estate / Mass City.
In the field of electric power generation , the  group is currently producing about 4,000 megawatts in the Kurdistan region of Iraq in a manner (BOO) “build, own and operate.”
The group has already begun to establish a power station  with a capacity  of 3000 MW  with a manner (BOO) in the capital , Baghdad. After completion of the project  the capacity of the group will reach to 7,000 MW.
The company has achieved success in the field of energy in the Middle East in general and in the Kurdistan region of Iraq , in particular, where it set up a giant projects in the province with an  invested exceeded two billion and a half billion dollars in the construction of power units in the region, in a achieving of  self – sufficiency of energy in the region, and  exceeding  of the energy crisis;  by providing of electricity , ending the energy crisis in the province , which migrants  had helped to its  the aggravation.

Among the  successful projects of MAS Holdings  in the field of energy and industry :

Sulaymaniyah gaseous power station  SGPS operating  with a capacity of  1500 MW. Station is located in the Chamchamal area – in the northwest of the city of Sulaymaniyah up to 60 km. At the beginning of 2008.
The Dohuk  gaseous power station Dohuk , DGPS operating  with a capacity of 1000 MW,  the  station is located in the northern province of Dohuk in Semel area and on the road to Dohuk – Zakho, located about 35 km from the center of the province of Dohuk.
Baghdad gaseous  power   station ,  BGPS operating  with a capacity of  3000 MW , the  station is located in the southeast of Baghdad , just 25 km from the capital. It was contracted with the Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad.
The  Arbil  gaseous power station  EGPS     operating with a capacity  of  1500 MW, the plant is located in the south of Irbil province, which lies about 22 kilometers from the center of the city of Irbil, a space of  station occupies an area of 750,000 square meters.
The  Mas company of  Iraq for the production of iron and steel  with a capacity ofmillion and  a quarter million tons of iron  annually.
the  Mass – Bazian  Cement Factory  with a capacity of  6 million tons and consists of three lines , each line  with a capacity of  two million tons. It is a giant factory that created  by Mass company of Iraq  for  Industrial Investment Company / Sulaymaniyah (one of Mas Group Holding Companies) , among other giant strategic projects.

The project of  Riyah- Tafeileh energy  with a capacity of 100 MW, and  the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has been signed   produced from Riyah power plant  with a capacity of 100 megawatts and be established in Tafila and on the sidelines of  World Jordan Summit  of Energy (Jordan International Energy Summit JIES2).

The   ( Global MAS Holdings   Group )  was featured  with high credibility, good reputation,  that made it  trusted by  IFC, a subsidiary of the World Bank Group , which announced the submission funding worth $ 375 million for  Global Mass company of  Energy in Sulaymaniyah,
and  the financing includes , which includes a range of  investment  loans in equity, $ 250 million from the private account of the institution , and $ 125 million from Audi Bank, Mass global energy company  will use this funding in Sulaymaniyah to add  a production capacity of 500 MW to electricity production plant with a capacity  of thousand megawatts in Kurdistan  region of Iraq; which contributes to provide electricity to about 3 million people.


It was in Baghdad on Wednesday , 28 / December / 2016 opening of the first phase of the  project of   Basmajh   station   for investment  which works with a capacity of  (1040) MW in the first phase., In the presence of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Mohammed Fahdawi, and the President and Vice Chairman of the National Investment Commission, and the chairman of MAS Holdings .
The minister said at the opening ceremony: “We are proud  opening of the first investment – generating station, carried out in record time, and in a difficult situation, to contribute  significantly  to provide  the national electricity system, and in the first phase, the share of the province of Baghdad will be  big ones being within the geographical location of the  capital . , the MAS Holdings company  will continue in the implementation of this station project to reach a production capacity  to 3,000 megawatts, covering the needs of the electric power of the capital Baghdad, densely populated “The MAS is the only company implemented the first phase  among of the  introduction of six investment companies .

the minister thanked   president of the National Investment Commission, and the company is executing the project and all those who contributed to its success, pointing to the possibility of executing company and its success in the Kurdistan region.
chairman of the National Investment Commission Sami al – Araji praised , the electricity minister ‘s efforts to follow up implementation of the project, and to overcome the obstacles faced by the executing company, as well as thanks to the employees of the Ministry of Electricity, and the Investment Commission of Baghdad, expressing at the same time his delight to achieve this success , which he considered it  as the  second   after the completion  the residential complex  in Basmajh. The chairman of the Board of the management   of MAS Holdings  executing the project Ahmed Ismail expressed his delight to enter the first four generating units at the  Basmajh  plant for investment to service, and linked it to the  system of the national electricity, each unit of energy (260) MW, the total capacity of (1040) MW,  pledging the  ministry officials and  investment staff  and energy committee in the Council of Ministers to  the  completion of   the station  entirely  before the  summer of 2018.


Summary about the Basmaja electric station
Basmaja  station is the largest project in the history of Iraq, the station consists of eight gas  modules of the type  (Frame 9-FA) per unit capacity of 260 MW.
the gaseous Tabines operates with two types of fuel (natural gas and liquid fuel / diesel), and  diesel  is preserved  in six  tanks , Each tank with a capacity of 10,000 m3.
It is expected that the plant will be put into production phase  for simple cycle  (Simple Cycle) of the year 2016, and at the same time has been initiated to establish the combined cycle (Combined Cycle) to take advantage of  the  heat emitted from the exhaust emerging from turbines , reusing  the heat in special boilers, with a capacity of  920 MW  without additional fuel consumption , and this leads to increase the  production efficiency and  helps the environment  to get rid  from  combustion waste and reduce the amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere. After the completion of the combined cycle ,the power of plant to become 3000 MW.

Chairman of the Board of  management   of “MAS  holding” Ahmed Ismail,  is considered    among the global Iraqi business men  in general and Kurdistan regime  in particular , a self – made man, not from wealthy of chance, nor from the accidental businessmen who emerged after the 2003 in Iraq with the support of their parties.
And Ahmed Ismail  is one  of the prominent  symbols  in building the Iraqi economy for his contribution in many areas for the construction of infrastructure in Iraq,  and he  is not of those who seek to  the posts  but of those who have achieved success on more than one level  with self effort  and high self – confidence, making him to  enjoy with  the confidence of  international financial institutions.
Ahmed Ismail records a lot of national positions, including his direct sponsorship, material and moral support to a large number of students in universities, especially graduate students.

Shatha Khalil 

Translated by : Mudhaffar Alkusairi

Unit of Economic Studies 
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