Documents: Iraqi Airways The corruption in the land and the flight is forbidden in the sky

Documents: Iraqi Airways The corruption in the land and the flight is forbidden in the sky

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The history of aviation in Iraq  dates back to the year 1933, as  the first airport was opened  in Baghdad, and was one of the finest three air ports in the world in terms of capacity, efficiency, and modern equipment as at international airports at the time.
And  the  airport administration was annexed to  the Ministry of Economy and Transport, and in 1934 was attachable to the Ministry of Defense, the airport had been used by three companies and they are: aviation empire, Dutch, and French.
Abdul Razzaq al- Hilali says in the “Glossary of Iraq” in 1956 that Iraqi Airways has an honorable history  They are at the forefront of the civil aviation companies in the Middle East , which its planes are going   inside Iraq and in neighboring countries and   gained good fame and reputation  that made it  in  the position of confidence and contentment by  everyone of Iraqis and foreigners.
In April 1956 the ( the Iraqi Airways service) operated a flight between Baghdad and London and between  Karachi  and Mumbai  and Baghdad.
and  ( the service of the Iraqi Airways)  continued since 1956   till 2003  to set its  foot on the right path, and thus  increased  the popularity of these lines  that it ‘s own  a clean history of flying hours which was not exposed to any problems or disasters and a glorious history in securing air travel safety and both  elements of  reliance and accuracy in  keeping  the appointments.
And in 2007 and 2008  Iraqi Airways were having 30 aircraft , most of them were modern aircraft that  five of which entered service  and the rest were very modern and , there are other aircraft waiting to receive from manufacturers, that  was on the aircraft level but on the level of staff ,some qualified pilots who have worked with it  in the s eighties of the last century  are  still leading the aircraft, and they all graduated from flight school in Oxford, but they  are very few  in the mid  of a new cadre  chosen on sectarian and party   and favoritism bases  to the extent that  bandaged health  person works in the airline  has been sent to study aviation and  graduated; because he was  one of the elements of a particular militia.
And among  chapters of corruption in the Iraqi Airways  the  adviser Ahmed al – Saadawi   ,who holds Canadian citizenship and he was a person  close to former Prime Minister Nuri al -Maliki ,advised Maliki  to purchase  10 Canadian aircraft at a price of $ 27 million per aircraft, without coordination with the Ministry of Transport, and the price is high, and it  is not commensurate with the technical aircraft specifications .

Among  notes on the performance  of Canadian aircraft type Bombardier  that its Engines  need  to be changed  every 2500   hours  of flight  with a price  million  and half million  dollar  for each  engine changed  except for  the cost of the transporting   the  Engines  to Canada  , and when compared it with the  aircraft type  Boeing  737  which priced at $ 42 million  and bought by Iraq  with $45 million , we notice there were a big differences noting that  the Canadian aircraft accommodates   70 passengers ,    whereas  the US  can  accommodate  180 passengers , along with other  factors   , such as the  factors  of comfort and  air freight  capacity  .
With the chaos of Iraq today, Iraqi Airways committed some irregularities deliberately, which the European Union called for preventing aircraft from flying in its airspace, including: the negligence of communications during the flight, and the deviation from the course of aircraft line sometimes smoke in the cockpit, and the preoccupation with personal talk , and convert the aircraft to a place for a sectarian Shiite rituals.
The European Aviation Safety Agency Easa asked in 2014  the Iraqi Airways to provide the European  standards of  security and safety in its  aircraft  , as in other European airlines companies . Iraqi Airways  started  its  flight    to Europe  in a year 2013 after a stop  since 2010 because  of what  was called  at that time  a problem with Kuwaiti  Air ways the it was required from Iraqi Air ways  to apply  the agreement of   the third country  in order to conduct of its flight  to London  that the Iraqi Air ways ought to  land in the third European country to make sure of  security and   safety standards  in the aircraft  before permission  of its  landing   in Landon  and at that time  the  Malmo  city south of Sweden  was chosen  due to the large size of Iraqi community there  and its approach    to Denmark   but the lines changed the path and opened a new line  which was Baghdad – Vienna  – London .
Other  reasons that called t the European Union also  for the prevention of Iraqi Airways planes from flying in its airspace:
– the negligence of communications during the flight, and the lack of standards  of European  safety and security .
– the discovery of Smoking  by  the Austrian authorities  in the  cockpit   in which pilots tried to hide  it by spraying perfume .
-invalidity of oxygen bottles and fire and the lack of biting seat belts and there ‘sno baby seats.
– Pilots are not  familiar with   load sheet  and distribution of weights.
– Ages of  Captain and Assistant to exceed the legal limit
-Engineers of   airline do not speak English nor understand something about the engineering of  aircraft.
–  Friends of the pilot of travelers   were allowed   to enter the cockpit of leading .
–  amazement of  Australians  of the existence   of co – pilot   with a rank of pilot  and he was very young   that  is not commensurate with career progression.
– Officials in lines  brought architects  for maintenance of Pakistanis for the rehabilitation and maintenance of aircraft who refuse any Iraqi engineer or –  workers to accompany them in the process of rehabilitation and maintenance despite the fact that this is contrary to the terms of the contract which provides for the rehabilitation of Iraqi workers and engineers.
Austria has banned aircraft lines from landing at their airports due to a significant lack of documents and technical equipment and after the intervention of officials to end the problem of Austria, the two parties Iraq and Austria  agreed that the  landing  of Iraqi Airways planes again in Austria  on condition to  address the technical problems and shortcomings and problems of the pilots.
British authorities also prevented Iraqi Airways on 08.02.2014 while the Swedish authorities  prevented  Iraqi aircraft  from landing at their airports on 5/8, a
spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority in the United Kingdom confirmed that Iraqi Airways can be used  leased  planes – Wet Lease – to continue its services to the United Kingdom. A meeting was held on 02.12.2014 in Austria with a view to the operator’s commitment to (Iraqi Airways) international standards to improve the actual performance of safety, as the IAEA had received a confidential letter included a reference to the allegations of non-compliance for the operating procedures, and poor performance of flight crew, and that the data is  not updated or non-existent, and the administration is inefficient and ill-store spare parts (potable and non-potable use), the tendency to violate guidelines of ATC air traffic controllers.
Due to  the seriousness of these allegations , the agency called for verification of its correctness   because the European Commission to look at this information in the framework of Regulation (EC (2111/2005, NO where it means to prevent Iraqi Airways from landing at European airports.

one of workers at the Iraqi Air ways said in a statement to the newspaper al-Gad Press  that the Europeans were visiting  Iraq and recommend to fix many of logistic, technical and administrative errors ,and the most important is  the delay of taking off  and landing of the plane  which is always out of schedule , indicating that one of the reasons  is the delay of fuelling because Iraq does not have  except only one Bowser  which is a special  system  for fuelling oil  for aircrafts  noting that the cost of  Bowser  per  $ 480,000 as the technical agent for the ministry of transport refuses to purchase for unknown reasons  .

and the Air Safety Directorate bear  reasons  by 60%   to prevent Iraqi aircrafts  from landing  in Europe   in which its director  must be  an engineer  or pilot or have a high potential for administration but what was happening that the administration , however , are  in the hands  of people who are incompetent and  away from the specialization in this sector. Pointing out that one of the five planes owned by Iraqi Air ways of Hajj and Umrah exposed to the engine failure so the technical experts  hired  the engine  with an amount of  $500,000 per month note that the cost of repairs is much lower than this  wages
Also , the Civil Aviation Authority contracted with  Egyptian  pilots and Greeks to meet the shortfall in the number of pilots , but after a while  the contracts of the   Greek  pilots were cancelled  in spite of the high efficiency and keep the  Egyptian pilots , who their  period of  flying  must be up to 300 hours a week and the cost of the pilot to fly up to $ 100 per hour and up to $ 260 in the case exceeded the sixty – hours

, while the Iraqi pilot , according to the safety laws do not allow him to fly only 60 hours per month .This means that the Egyptian pilot dues of up to 50 000 $ a month while the salary of the Greek pilot , which is the most efficient up to 10 000 $ and Iraq up to 13 000 $ so that Iraq is capable of rehabilitation of military pilot training courses for civil aviation at a cost of 50 000 $ only.

The book  No. 12/13/101/3200 dated 18/12/2014 issued by the Ministry of Transport , G. E.  Civil Aviation /Flight Safety Department of the Iraqi Airways  included  several irregularities committed by the lines, and  the representative of SAFA Trevor Woods , who praised the    accurate follow – up  of  the authority of Iraqi Aviation  and the closure of most of the reports that spotted  the irregularities stressed that in the case of repeated alerts and recording the same defects during the inspectors ‘SAFA   for the inspection process as well as the existence of reports for more than 4 months  that  has not been  submitted  corrective  measures  and no action  was taken by Air ways  and not even   a pursuit   by cadres of  lines.
the most frequent  defects contained in the  book  above:
– it  does not update the operations manual and rely on the production version , and not altered by Iraqi Airways  to commensurate with its operational capacity, and the lack of  data charts, and the accounts of mass and balance are  incorrect.
– Not to modify the guide of the list of minimum damages(MEL)  including checklists, and do not update the charts  for the wireless navigation .
– Lack of preparation for the trip, and ensure overall condition of the aircraft before takeoff.
In book No. 834 dated 18/03/2015  directed  from the Ministry of Transport , Public Establishment of Civil Aviation / Department of air safety to Iraqi Airways in response to the book No. 72 dated 10/18/2014 regarding the renewal of an air investor certificate granted to the company AOC001  that the Ministry of Transport  replied that the sections of the company should be  subject to inspection and  made a local exposure  on the  company ‘s departments and found the following in relation to quality assurance and  is not updated the maintenance manual as appropriate for manual of  safety  related to grant the investor AOC certificate, and does not update the operations manual , guide  of  security training curriculum guide..

As for the shelter of aircrafts , the ministry of transport indicated

To the absence of    the major extinguishing  system  and replaced by  minor  extinguishing system   and the lighting is inadequate  and the shelters are not clean  and the warehouses does not have special store for tires  according to the international standards  in terms of controlling the temperature , humidity , lighting , this affects  the safety  of the aircraft and there is no store to preserve oils  noting  they are flammable materials  and were stored  with spare  parts  of aircraft and does not update the data  entry process in line with modern technology which facilitates the trading process by technical staff  and regarding the operations  , prepare pilots table by at least 24 hours so that  the crew  can get rest  to preserve the safety  and non the presence of the safety instructions cards  corresponding to the type of aircraft and the appointment of  main directors    in sections of the company without the consent  of the Iraqi civil Aviation authority
At the date of 03.19.2015 in book No. 869 directed from the  ministry of Transportation to Iraqi Airways company / Quality Assurance Department , document noted to the Message of the  Director of  aviation standards in the European Aviation Safety Agency ESFA which include continuing violations that were discovered on board of the former Iraqi aircraft  mentioned above .What refers to the apparent malfunction of the crew and the crew  of hosting, engineering and operations and the lack of information and expertise.

The Iraqi transport ministry continued to  send official letters to  the Iraqi Air ways company in order to apply the demands of the  international civil aviation  to  carry out and follow up  the reports issued from SAAFA and in case of violation the work with the licenses  will be stopped  and this is also what was mentioned by the document directed  from the transport ministry to the Iraqi Air ways company  dated 29-3-2015 number 1657 related to that  they don’t update the evidences   as soon as the latest versions issued  from the aircraft factory or updating  the date of  amendment  and the charts and  invalid  graphs  and clear weakness in the preparation  of the trip n addition to the  mistaken  calculation of the mass and the balance .
The document emphasizes No. 806 dated 03.11.2015 from the Ministry of Transport ,Public Establishment of Civil Aviation to / Iraqi Airways Department of Quality Assurance emphasizes  the  focus on observations with respect to the stores which  also have been mentioned and focus on the clearance of  materials, parts stored  of aircraft   out of the service and lack of storage cumulatively which caused the suspension of flights by Iraqi Airways to Europe under an official letter from the  foreign ministry / European department  to the Ministry of transport / Office of the Minister dated 12.14.2015 No. 5017/53/5/7 at the Brussels meeting, which  the most important observations were : answers of the Iraqi delegation were unconvincing   in the manner that allows for the lifting of the  embargo  and the existence of a lack of information provided by the delegation , which pointed to the conditions experienced by the country and to stop the trips since 1990 and the desire of the Iraqi side to bypass the problems and correct mistakes.
The document issued by the Prime Minister ‘s Office and a personal secret number 455 dated 28-2-2016  to the   national security advisory  called for the formation  of    a working team  for the verification   about the failures  of the Iraqi Air ways company  as  it got the approval of the Prime Minister  on the recommendations  to continue  the  follow-up, and implement  what was included in the recommendation, and the minister  of transport bears the primary  responsibility  for  the failure of  follow-up   and the wrong  interventions  and incorrect appointments  and  severe central  and finally to nominate  a person  for the  management  of  the G.E.Civil Aviation .




 Shatha Khalil 

Translated by : Mudhaffar Alkusairi

Rawabet Center for  Research and Strategic Studies