According to documents from the Integrity Commission.. The former Governor of Baghdad , innocent or guilty

According to documents from the Integrity Commission.. The former Governor of Baghdad , innocent or guilty

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The phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption  is a community deadly scourge, it is part of human nature, and the  good and evil  roots are present in the human being noting that the human goodness  may overcome in  some people     while the evil desires   may  overcome in some others . It must be said that the phenomenon of corruption is not the result of today , but it exists since the existence of man but is growing and expanding , particularly in light of the wars and the deterioration of  economic and living conditions and conflicts that happen in communities.
Iraq , like other countries in the world that has been plagued by wars  where the corruption as spread  by some  of its officials of   weak people, those who put their interests  and  the interests of their communities at the expense of the country, including former Baghdad governor , Dr. Salah Abdul – Razzaq al- Hamid, who committed several  financial crimes of corruption ,  during his career, including:
– – Gimmick of  Salah Abdul – Razzaq, a member party of coalition rule of law and a partner at Imam Sadeq University by 10%, which was the media director   of the  Shiite endowment and works at the time of  his boss Hussein Baraka al – Shami on the  coalition of law state noting that the  ownership of Imam Sadiq University eligibility  had been transferred from  the Shiite  endowment to al – Shami, in a  big fraud and trickery  operation   with the  facilitation , the signing and approval of former Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki who supported corruption among his ministers and his associates in  the   Daawa party and stood  against  any attempt to raise this issue, which   was one of the most prominent faces of the financial and administrative corruption, and it  was  a serious indication of the spread of corruption in Iraq.
– Donation Salah Abdul Razzaq to build scholarships laboratories at the   University of” civil Sadiq Imam” of the Dawa Party , while the Iraqi law prohibits the donation of public money  to the  private  companies or  businesses projects , and the University of Imam al- Sadiq is  purelya business  project  that  its profits in excess of four billion Iraqi dinars  go to its owner Baraka Hussein al – Shami, Cultural advisor to former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. This  donation process was a tricky    and a fraud on the public money and  financial and administrative corruption and punishable by law.

the Integrity Commission disclosed   about  a large number of documents of Imam Sadiq University , and how  the Dawa party  seized it by turning it by order of the prime minister  from  the state university belonging to the Shiite Endowment into civil University owned by Hussein al – Shami adviser to Maliki, also documents the Commission published by a court order  invalidated the process of  sales , in which endowment properties that belong to the religious  body were exposed to the fraud   because the selling price was not commensurate with the real price of the university and the decision is  in the Court of Cassation now , and most importantly, that the Diwan did not offer the university for sale and Shami is the one   who sold it  to himself and  decided  the selling price.
And  the legal authority of the commission  affirmed  that the usurper of the University of Imam al- Sadiq  is the adviser of  al – Maliki , former Prime Minister and leader of the ruling Dawa party , who  puts pressure on  the Cassation  court  in order not to decide  on the subject .and a member of  Parliament  integrity commission , the independent  MP Sabah Al-Sadi mentioned  that the files of the university  of  Al-Sadiq Imam  is the most prominent faces of  the financial and administrative corruption   of the ruling party  and it was a big  scandal  referring to that the  prime ministry had  committed legislative and legal  irregularities in terms of turning all real estates , funds  and cars of endowment to  the civil   university  of investment nature , and selling thousands of meters of the real estates of the state  with a low price  and by installments    of this price  on the long term  with out the knowledge of any one and with out  any auction  noting that the construction and furnishing and rehabilitating  the university were from the Shiite  endowment and from the funds  and   budget  of the endowment .

And in official documents issued by the integrity commission  no.8-1403 , 1-2016 investigations office directed to Baghdad governorate – legal affairs department – legal representative   date 25- August -2016  notifying them  with the decision of the court of competent investigation  for the  integrity issues  in Baghdad governorate  on the date 22-8-2016 regarding the matter of  the former governor  of his donation with amount of  2 million dollar   to rehabilitate the university of Al-Sadiq Imam , and it is a civil  university  noting that the Iraqi law does not allow  spending any sums of money or performing  project by government  entity   in the favor  of  the civil university .
And another document  issued by the Investigations Division of the legal affairs  in Baghdad province / Republic of Iraq ,  confirmed  that the value of  projects that have been implemented at the University of Imam of  Sadiq  amounting to one billion, six hundred and seventy – six million, five hundred and twenty – five thousand Iraqi dinars, Commission did not find a legal justification for the disbursement of the amount by the former  governor  Salah Salem Abdul Razzaq on projects concerning the University of Imam  al-Sadiq (peace be upon him)  due to being a civil University  and it is not permitted to  spend  any amount  or implementation of a project by a governmental entity in favor of the civil University.
it is worth noting that the Imam Sadiq University , which was called by the name Al-Bkir  University,  has an area of 6 acres and a half dunam and  the Cabinet granted it a license of the establishment in 2008 .


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