Steamship “Al-Hussein” … about completion of the triangle violated the sovereignty of Iraq

Steamship “Al-Hussein” … about completion of the triangle violated the sovereignty of Iraq

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The Iranian regime , predominant of Iraq ,   do not miss  any opportunity  to prove through  its arrogant  practices   that Iraq  after 2003, is  subject entirely to the  Iranian influence .In the twenty-eighth of August ,  Iranian naval police detained  Iraqi ship, “Hussein,” as it was leaving the Iraqi port of Abu Flus in Basra, the crew of the ship was escorted to the Iranian side. But it is interesting and strange in this detention, which may be a precedent in maritime history that was inside Iraqi territorial sea, which is clear and explicit a violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea  of  1982  which entered into the actual implementation in 1996.  this detention is an advanced stage of the arrogance of the Iranian regime in dealing with Iraq and its destiny. This arrogance is not in need to carry out   the pirating  to the Iraqi ship on the high seas, or to detain it in case of  passing through   its marine  areas  such as its regional sea , or through  its adjacent region  , or its  economic  area, or  its continental shelf, but  Iran  wanted  the detention of Iraqi vessel to be in the territorial sea of ​​Iraq, as a shape  of power surplus  of the Iranian regime  towards Iraq after 2003, and  expressing of the  disregard  of Iranian regime to the Iraqi sovereignty, and an extension of the existing policy of Iranian hegemony towards Iraq for years

This  clear violation of Iraq’s sovereignty on its sea field by the Iranian Marine Police is not  the first of its kind, noting that   the police since 2003 and to this day had detained Iraqi fishermen  .  But this time it was evolved and became a threat as it is no longer confined to the detention of  fishermen, but  on Iraqi vessels inside Iraqi territorial sea! This detention if passed by the Iraqi government unnoticed, and there will be no formal protest by the Iraqi government, it will expose the foreign trade  ( Iraqi export, import )  to the risk,  noting that one can imagine or expect that the Iranian naval police detain a ship or several ships  carrying  with Iraqi oil, which is Iraq’s economic lifeblood,   heading to world markets via the Arbian Gulf, and if this matter occurred  , it would   deepen  Iraq’s sever  economic crisis  , not to mention the political, security and military crises. It also  would put it in critical situation and  to be shown in the appearance of  weakness and an inability to take any diplomatic or economic action against the Iranian naval practices, and vice versa for the import process. In this context, we wonder? Is the Iranian regime need to do this detention  in order to prove its influence on Iraqi state? Iraqi political system, which was established after 2003, is plundered  politically, economically , security and military by Iranian regime . Or that this attack is a message to the Gulf states that  its vessels  and steamboats  passing through the Strait of Hormuz will not be  away from   any Iranian harassment in the event of escalating the level of tension  of  the Iranian regime’s relationship with the Arab Gulf states?

From the standpoint of objective political analysis , what was done by Iranian naval police in the detention of the ship and its crew described as  a violation of Iraqi maritime sovereignty, but from the standpoint of the Iranian system based  on biting Iraq does not understand the detention that way, and the statements of officials of the Iranian regime are the best proof of that and among of  these statements, the statement of  Ali  Yonsei , Iranian President’s Advisor for nationalities and sectarian  minorities , who said in March  2015, saying: “Iran today has become an empire as it was throughout history and its capital Baghdad now, which is our civilization and our culture and our identity Center today as in the past,” he said, referring to rebuild the  Persian Sasanian empire  before Islam, which occupied Iraq and made Ctesiphon  its capital . The statement  of Hassan Hani Zadeh, director of Mehr News Agency in March  of that year when  he said: “The time has come for the people of Iraq  to say its last word and to choose between false ignorant Arabism  and  real Islam and  clean its  robe from the dust of the Arab humiliation, that the Iranian and Iraqi people linked by religious and historical ties despite disputes in relations  through historical stages. ” these  two statements are  “tip of the iceberg” of the entire Iranian statements that see  Iraq as an integral part of it, and therefore the detention of Iraqi vessel in the maritime area of ​​Iraq is not an embarrassment for the maker of the political decision in Tehran  since  it sees  in the Iraqi maritime domain  as an  extension  also to  its field.

In  November of the last  year ,  thousands of  Iranians visitors stormed into ,  who do not have an entry visa for Iraq, “Zurbatiyah” border port in Wasit  province, which lies in central Iraq under the pretext of the revival of “mourning” of Imam Hussein, where they  evoked  chaos  caused material losses and casualties among the border guards  ,  noting that the  Iraqi Interior  ministry  did not issue any protest note only accusation  to the Iranian government of deliberately   carrying out of  the incident of intrusion to  let the Iranians to enter Iraq without visas. This behavior is a violation of the land area of ​​Iraq.  Thus the detention of  Iraqi ship,  “Al-Hussein  ,” a few days ago   was    actually the violation of the Iranian regime  to the Iraqi maritime domain , and nothing was left  to the Iranian regime only the violation of   the Iraqi airspace    to complete the sides of the right-angled  triangle violated  of Iraq’s sovereignty .


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