Is Corona virus a new biological weapon?

Is Corona virus a new biological weapon?

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Prof. Ghada Amer

Translated by : mudhaffar al-kusairi

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Graduate Studies and Research – Banha University
Fellow of the National Defense College – Nasser Military Higher Academy
In 2011, a movie called “Contagion”, which means “contagious disease”, was shown at the 86th Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy. The film won the admiration of critics, and when it is shown in cinemas all over the world, scholars paid attention to it and praised its accuracy.
Commercially the movie succeeded at the box office, earning a budget of $ 60 million. But the strange thing is that this movie tells the story of a deadly virus that kills a large group of people within days, and that with the growth of the epidemic that was rapidly spreading, the medical community all over the world is racing to find a cure and control of the panic that is spreading faster than the virus itself.
The movie shows that this deadly virus is a mixture of influenza and another virus called (Nipah), and that it causes encephalitis and respiratory diseases. The interesting thing is that the first woman who was contracted with this virus and died and subsequently infected others has proven to have carried it from “Hong Kong” on her business trip there.

Another important thing is that at the end of the movie, it appears that there is a bat habitat that is being demolished to build a factory, and the bats are still alive, flying to a nearby pig farm, there, a fruit is removed from the mouth of a bat that mixes with the food that the pigs eat. One of these pigs is prepared in a luxury Hong Kong restaurant, where the aforementioned woman shook hands with the chef who is supposed to have been infected with the new virus while cutting the infected pig and the global epidemic begins!

This film is incredibly similar to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which has spread horribly now. China is the source and trying to direct the idea of its spread (in the film and the truth) to the bats that it eats – not long ago – people not only in the city of Wuhan, but bats are eaten in different quantities in some regions within China, Vietnam, Seychelles, Indonesia, Palau and Guam, and in some countries in Africa and Asia and the Pacific, as bats have been eaten in parts of Europe and the Middle East in the past. Because I studied and researched asymmetric wars, and I know quite well that among their weapons are biological weapons, and that in the United States there is nothing called sci-fi movies (Science Fiction) but rather there are films that come up with ideas that are tested or produced in the research laboratories of the US Department of Defense . And I linked – after researching the matter – between what is happening in China and the hidden war that is going on between it and the United States. It may be a correct link or a mistake that will leave the judgment to you.
Before I put forward what I found, I will know what biological weapons are, sometimes known as “bacterial warfare”, they are the use of toxins or infectious agents of biological origin (bacteria, viruses, or fungi) to hinder or kill people, animals, or plants as part of the war effort to fail and weaken the target country.
Because it is difficult to control and verify genes that are targeted by biological weapons, it can spread in a way that is difficult to control, and may be destructive on a global scale, as it is banned globally under many treaties.

The history of biological warfare is a long one. It is a weapon whose deployment is simple. It does not need the electrical components, nuclear fusion, or titanium that is used in making missiles, for example. The use of these weapons also holds a certain appeal to terrorists, because they have the potential to cause great harm, and are also somewhat cheap when compared to missiles or other high-tech equipment.

Also, due to the long time it takes to spread and take effect, there is time for the perpetrator to escape without detection, and it is also unpredictable and most importantly, it creates a good market for the antagonists that only the manufacturer has. For example, more than two thousand years ago: Assyrians infected the wells of their enemies with “rye” fungus , which contain chemicals that cause those who drink them confused mental state, hallucinations and in some cases death.

In 1763, the British army attempted to use smallpox as a weapon against the Native Americans in the siege of Fort Pitt, as the British provided blankets from the smallpox hospital as gifts to spread the disease among the local population.

During World War II, the Allies built facilities capable of producing anthrax spores, which are widely found in nature, they are easily manufactured in the laboratory, and live for a long time in the environment.

It can also be launched in powders, sprays, water or food, but fortunately the war is over before it is used. But it appeared in 2001, as anthrax spores were sent through the United States Postal System, infecting 22 people, five of whom died. The guilty party was not arrested. And because biological weapons are so old, they have now been developed dangerously by gene-editing technology called “CRISPR”, the technology that has set off alarm bells in the defense community, as this technology allows researchers to modify the genome, thereby modifying the DNA sequence easily to change the function of genes.

A report, published in February 2016, entitled “Assessing Threats Worldwide to the American Intelligence Group”, was written by James Clapper, Director of US National Intelligence, in which he placed CRISPR technology on the list of weapons of mass destruction.

The outbreak of this virus in Wuhan, the largest tourist center of China, I think is not a coincidence, it is the largest modern railway intersection linking all major cities in China, and the Chinese New Year celebrations that attract a large number of tourists are held. This genius virus appears to have a long-term planned agenda against China to destroy its economy by describing them as suffering from a serious infectious disease. Media voices have started to rise and shout internationally against China as a demon and icon of death. This has raised concerns about Chinese food products, and will gradually lead to the social , domestic and outside cut of China, and this will shut down transportation in both directions, as we have noticed the airlines already stopping immediately.
This virus has had traumatic effects in the international community against China, as no one wants to welcome it at its doorstep, and there will be serious threats to inflict the Chinese economy in multiple ways, particularly through highly-rated propaganda regarding the travel ban.

There will also be alarming panic by issuing health and safety warnings as insurance companies will stop issuing insurance policies for travelers to China.

There are many foreign articles confirming that this virus is a biological weapon against China, but the most important was what was stated by a former member of the United Nations Committee on Biological Weapons “Igor Nikulin”, where he said that the emergence of this virus could be a result of the use of an American biological weapon.

He mentioned the scandal in 2010, when one of the 400 American military biological laboratories deployed around the world was closed in Indonesia because it was conducting secret experiments with the bird flu virus. When the virus emerged from the laboratory and a serious pandemic began, the United States refused to provide information about its work to the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Thus, the virus that was in the movie “Infectious Disease” may have spread to come true!

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