Al-Bitcoin: A New World Order

Al-Bitcoin: A New World Order

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Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. And it is a virtual digital coin invented on January 3, 2009 by an unknown inventor named Satoshi Nakamoto, whose price is twenty thousand dollars. It is not a traditional currency because it does not have a central bank, state or body that organizes and supports it and the interest in it has been increased in recent months significantly in conjunction with the insane increase in its value.
The currency of Bitcoin was created through a complex computer process and then monitored by a computer network around the world.
It is an open source project made up of a group of volunteers to run as peer to peer network, which were ignored in the early years.
People began to pay attention to them – as it did with the Internet – as previously unthinkable things became possible, as society realized that this new invention was not as it was said to be used only in illegal cases.
There are proponents of the philosophy of the virtual currency, and their vision of a future world that sees no benefit in wars by virtue of replacing the traditional currency with al-Bitcoin currency, its dominance over economic life with all its advantages, and the extent to which the conflict between government attempts to reach to maintain its authority over funds and money for monetary freedom Which is granted by the Bitcoin.
The researcher in currencies and its history, John Denhi ” asked: Is it difficult for governments to finance conflicts using a limited currency in digital form? Noting that the Bitcoin falls outside the priorities of the vast majority of people, as most of them do not know what is Bitcoin , and do not give it the right attention .
On the other hand, there is a large and growing segment of people who support this new technology, and they say it will change the world and reduce wars.
“Al-Bitcoin has the power to undermine political power that appears to be absolute power, and it is like the most peaceful revolution that can happen in this world,” said philosopher Stefan Molino.

Financing wars
Professor of political science at the University of Chicago and author of the book “The Economics of War,” Paul Post said: “Historically, as long as the ability to print money is a major means enabling governments to finance wars, collect taxes, and increase debt
which sometimes prompted governments to print money in nonstop, in spite of this , the inflation pressure in many cases would be delayed because Governments would not print money by itself in this case, and the alternative would be debt, which the government would eventually need to pay, forcing it to issue a new currency to pay that future debt, which means delaying inflation.
The costs of war are high and costly and most governments can not afford them without creating a new cash offer and deferring costs to the future.
The first World War was expected to last only a few months, because that was the time period for the money to be spent in participating countries. Instead, countries one by one began to print new money, without committing to the international gold system, to continue funding the war effort.
the expert Molineo confirms through his speech at the conference “The war and the limited currency do not come together,” and he said. “When you have the traditional criticism, you do not have to make people to choose between war funding or social program financing. When governments are able to print money, they do not have to demand from people to take rational decisions or making balances among things,”
One of the defenders of the idea of the Bitcoin , Andreas Antonopoulos , he describes it as a “protocol”, pointing out that thousands of people in the world do not know what is the money or how it works, and it is one of the techniques included in our culture so much that is not visible by us in fact we do not think of money unless it stops working, as happens in some countries when the currency stops working , so we find many trying to define their currency and care about what their money,
Money in its basic form is not a value, but we use it to acquire valuables such as products or services, but there is no value for money in itself. Money is not a building of authority – many of us believe that because – most of the money and work comes from authoritarian origins – where a head of state says that this is your currency and it becomes our currency, and our money, this authority that we believe money comes from.
But what if the money comes from authority? Or arise due to use? It is clear that money is just a language, created by people to express their values among themselves.
Since language is the cornerstone of civilizations that make it cross the barrier of Dunbar’s Number: a theoretical limit for the number of people that any individual can maintain a stable or meaningful social relationship.
The world is changing
Antonopoulos added “Since 2009, the world has changed because someone has set up a protocol of dealing without intermediary, a peer to peer network without a server or client that is able to express and money trading as a kind of content and the Internet professionals may understand what I mean when I say money as a kind of content,”. , Money that can be expressed in data only through any means of data transmission where it can be transmitted using any means of communication or social communication that can transmit information.
He says that the deal of Bitcoin does not need to be transmitted through the Bitcoin network – although this is a convenient way to do so – you can include it in SkypeMogis, or write it in the form of code and place it in advertising of Craigslist or publish it on Facebook.
Antonopoulos indicates that there are no limits in this technology and there is no limit to the Internet, and everyone can access it because it is not a product or a company, and does not need to open an account, and all it needs is to download the program and work on it, The client of Bitcoin is very similar to the Internet browser and the client program is the client’s medium that translates the protocol between a client and the rest of the world’s clients once the client has downloaded and installed the application, it becomes part of a global economic system that is open to all without distinguishing between religion, Age, class or nationality.
This idea will not be fully digested by future generations because they will not know a world where there are banks or paper money, just as there are people in our world today who can not imagine the world without Internet.
Money will be an integrated protocol with the Internet “content-type” can be transmitted by anyone in the world to anywhere in the world.
And what confirms that the world will change, we hear about self-driving vehicles, what if there are vehicles that own themselves, such as cars that are not owned by an institution, but cars are an institution where their fuel bills and electric power and maintenance fees and rent are paid by transfer People who pay to this institution by means of digital currency (cryptocurrency).
Imagine the proliferation of software that promotes itself on the Internet as content and expands its reach because people read it and as a result are able to purchase larger volumes of hosting servers to expand their reach and spread.
Antonopoulos says that Bitcoin is not the money of our ancestors or our parents’ money, but it is written money that can be fully scriptable and has the ability to be precisely controlled, to determine who can get it, when to spend it and how to make it.
There is a whole new area called Smart Contracts, whereby people can program the behavior of their money management systems.
“Money” is a very narrow word for this description, because we used to use other things similar to the money, but we do not call it money like loyalty points (token), such as the spawning cards, flight miles, or the expression of fans of Justin Bieber who gave them access to his lyric album in the form of a token which can be converted into Coin and used around the world through the Internet on this Protocol.
Antonopoulos pointed out that after 2009, more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies were invented by using the Bitcoin recipe , almost all are open sources, expanding in all directions to explore every possible skill in the system and every slight difference in capabilities, features and work to create new markets and raise funds from around the world for thousands of beginnings around the world, thousands of engineers, software engineers and developers are training on the use of this new technology, and the Internet itself is changing very quickly because we have anonymous clients who use the money online and those are mostly outside the authority .
What will the big institutions do with this magical, open, decentralized system free of borders and sources and resistance to censorship?
We will take the open Internet and make it intranet – closed. Large enterprises will create closed gardens with boring, old and essentially unsafe content, adding little value but without the participation of the global community. The institutions will pretend the creation of the Blockchain. It will be mistaken and will fail, because the basic, real and truly exciting principle of this technique is that it is not the blockchain, which is the technical database of this protocol, but what is important and exciting is the ability to create and propagate consensus among multiple parties a cross wide distances without any intervention by any central authority or intermediary, and these consensus (approvals) may seem from the outside chaotic and scattered and strange.
Antonopoulos sees that in the background of this big story there is another story to tell. After 25 years of the Internet, it still takes 3-4 days to send money if you live outside Europe. It will cost you $ 30 to $ 40 if you send money to a country that is not poor, otherwise it will cost you more and take longer time.
Antonopoulos describes banks as a large, closed, corrupt central network that absorbs funds from the poorest people on the planet. In 2017, there are 2.5 billion people who do not have bank accounts, meaning cash transactions only and here e take into account the households without counting wives and children … Obviously they do not care about this under the International Monetary Bank.
He says: Imagine if you make the banking services in the application on the Android device at $ 20 or each person has a smart phone? 3.5 to 4 billion people use the Internet today, including just over a billion with banking services and can fully utilize the financial services. We will make this available to the remaining six billion quickly and will change the world faster than mobile phones. Imagine a device at the price of $ 20 Android is landing in Kenya but it is no longer just a communication device, but it is also an integrated bank – not a bank account but an integrated bank – that can send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world. It can receive deposits and send deposits to buy seeds for fields and to bring relief to the affected places.
You can reach all the people in this world and we can do it in the next ten years. The world will turn very quickly when you provide the capacity of the broad economic integration for everyone in this world. Now you may think banks welcome this idea but you will be wrong. It is not useful for them. It is not profitable for them to serve people who have little money and no access to ID, in countries oppressed with terrible governments, also in most of these countries banks are also criminals, they are criminal organizations or at least not fully distinguishable from local mafias. So how can we fix it? So far all the approaches like PayPal and other technologies we have seen are slowly appearing in money technology and are based on the principle of asking for permission carefully and courteously.
He goes on saying that the protocol is now spreading and if they close this area, anyone who is 14 years old with a copy of the protocol can rebuild it during the weekend at any programming language and usually launch it with a new name again and again.

How does Bitcoin work?
Customers of Bitcoin can do the payment by using smart phones and QR application to read codes. Old Fitzroy Inn was the first one in Australia to accept the currency of the Betquin
About 3,600 new Bitcoin currencies are being issued daily around the world, with a total of 16.5 million units being traded within the maximum permitted amount of 21 million units of Bitcoin .
To acquire this process, the user must purchase it and conduct process of transactions through digital exchanges such as(Coinbase) which take San Francisco as a base for it . Instead of recognizing the central authority of the remittance process, it registers all of it in a public budget called blockchain.
Bitcoins are not actually present but digital keys are registered in a digital portfolio that can manage conversions. If a portfolio is used online, users should have trust on its source because hackers target servers to steal Bitcoin.
It is characterized by low fees, because the currency is not transferred, but the “code” is the one that goes from one portfolio to another portfolio. Customers can pay using a smart phone and QR application to read codes.
The first ATM of Bitcoin was installed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2013, allowing users to buy or sell digital currency.
It has only 21 million units and is more stable than currencies backed by government.
One of the world’s first millionaires, Roger Ver , says after his machine-making company has become the world’s first major company to accept digital currency dealings in 2011. “Bitcoin is the most powerful tool in the world capable of putting an end to ongoing wars.” The fact that Bitcoin is limited, and can not be easily manipulated by governments, and it is the strongest reason that makes us to think of the possibility of being of a world of Bitcoin more peaceful .
Roger Ver added “When the money runs out, the wars will end,”, adding that the Bitcoin would give citizens greater control to resist the taxes allocated to the war and allow users to control their money completely, meaning they would not have to rely on a third party such as banks that may be subject to government pressure to force them to disclose their clients ‘information, or allow the government to confiscate citizens’ money.
Roger Ver said “People will have the right to object. You will not do it in my name, and you will not take my money.” Calling on those who were anti-war to start using al-Bitcoin in their lives today.
The currency of Bitcoin and the technology on which it is based is still new and in its experimental stages and has an impact on all aspects of society, including wars. However, the emergence of this currency has been accompanied by a group of people who believe that it may change the rules of the game. ”

Shatha Khalil
Researcher in Economic Unit
Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies