Iraq… Conditions improve and bad political mood

Iraq… Conditions improve and bad political mood

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Dr… Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sheikh
It is not hidden for those interested in the Iraqi affairs, the difficult transformations witnessed by Iraq during the past decade and half noting that since 2003, Iraq has been floundering in several whirlpools and is trying hard to get out of the bottleneck that many experts believe has remained in its place without achieving tangible progress, except in simple aspects that hardly record real achievements.

Almost a decade and a half ago – specifically from 2004 to 2018 – five governments took over the rule of Iraq, starting with the government of Dr. Iyad Allawi and ending with the government of Haider al-Abadi, before the creation of the sixth government headed by Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi , which was voted by the Iraqi Council of representatives on 24 October 2018, and it was formed in its first moment of (18) ministers, and the parliament voted on its ministerial platform, and gave confidence to him and his ministers, and he and his government were sworn in after one day.

According to many politicians, analysts and specialists on the Iraqi issue, and even organizations, associations and international institutes interested in it , the five Iraqi governments prior the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, did not achieve what the government of Abdul Mahdi has achieved , although it has not completed the ninth month until the date of writing this article, but it Has been able to take confident steps in various security, political, economic fields and others.
In order not to classify this article as part of the articles of political flirtation , we will try to demonstrate as accurately as possible what we have mentioned above about the achievements of the government of Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, which can not be denied only by the ungrateful and denier , even though it is only nine months old.
However, before going into the review of the most important achievements of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, we will stop a little to mark the most important challenges facing him and his government, which are the most dangerous and most complex files, and the most important, but not limited to, is the security file thorny, even after the defeat of the terrorist organization from the cities and areas controlled by it represented by the pockets of terrorism, on the one hand, and the growth of groups and armed groups operating for internal and external agendas, whose danger was beyond belief, as well as the growing corruption file that reached the limit appeared to be gnawing at the body of the Iraqi state , where it has formed an increasing challenge to the previous governments as well as economic agricultural and service challenges, and before that political file comes , which is the most important challenges that most politicians bet on the inability of Abdul Mahdi to deal with this thorny and intertwined and dangerous file , which starts from the Iraqi interior , to extend to the neighboring countries, and expand regionally not to mention other files look at first glance it’s easy and simple but the ones who checks its nature and dimensions , he will find it very complicated and the most important of which are the mechanisms and methods of dealing with the political blocs and alliances that are the biggest obstacles to the implementation and success of the government program which Abdul-Mahdi pledged to accomplish , especially in light of the changes and contradictions in the nature and course of work and methods of these entities.
Here and based on the above , the most bvious obstacles facing the government of Abdul-Mahdi , which was the most prominent reason for the failure of previous governments towards the commitments they undertook to make according to experts and specialists, but Abdul-Mahdi proved his wit , insight , ability, his determination and insistence to overcome all these obstacles , and took steps confidently since the first moments of his assumption of office , and went with determination and insistence to what he pledged to achieve , but he did not mind the obstacles he faced, taking into account Iraq and the Iraqi citizen over all the narrow headings, and despite the difficulty of mentioning all the achievements of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi during the first nine months to assume his duties, but we will risk to summarize the most important achievements as follows:
First: the achievements of Abdul Mahdi in the political field:
It is no secret that the role of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, in redrawing the political scene, both internally – or at the external level. On the domestic level, Abdul Mahdi took it upon himself to elevate the reality of internal – internal relations – on the one hand, and internal –external relations , “Arab , regional and international, ” on the other hand, through continuous coordination and fruitful cooperation with the presidency of the Republic and the Parliament, in order to achieve high harmony, and is in the supreme interest of Iraq , and this is embodied through his shuttle tours to more than one country, whether the neighboring countries , or the countries of the region or the countries of the world, in a steady pace, and tireless efforts to return Iraq to its natural position, and enabling it to play its role assigned locally, regionally and internationally, as well as the great quest to distance Iraq from regional conflicts, and to try neutrality taking into account its supreme interests, and good neighborly relations, and without violating its security , interests and its supreme sovereignty.
In this regard, the skeptic is able to return to the bilateral agreements concluded between Iraq and many countries, whether neighboring countries or countries of the region and the world, which varied in their contents and objectives, political, economic, security, bilateral and tripartite cooperation and other fields.
Second: Abdul-Mahdi’s achievements in the economic field :
The economic achievements achieved during the period of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi are many and varied compared to the period of nine months only since he assumed the tasks of the presidency of the Iraqi government, and we will only refer to the most important of them only, according to the economic standards of any country in the world, we mean the cash reserve of hard currency, and gold, as the Iraqi cash reserves of hard currency according to the latest statistics recorded in April last year 2019 about (62) billion dollars in the past April , but other sources indicate that the current reserve reached about ( 72) billion, with expectations to reach (82) billion dollars , and concerning the reserve of Iraq of gold according to World Gold Council in Statistics published on its site , Iraq has maintained its 38th position in the world’s largest gold reserve for July 2019 out of 100 countries, listed in the international financial statistics of the global reserves of gold, which amounted to (96.3) tons, which represents 6.2% of the rest of its other currencies.
As well as the important economic measures carried out by Adel Abdul Mahdi, within the program of government, notably:
• Provide a comprehensive economic plan to improve the Iraqi economy.
• Eliminating financial corruption from all parts of the state.
• To hold accountable the corrupt and recover stolen money to the state treasury.
• Private sector support campaign.
• Settlement of the private sector within the Iraqi state.
• Opening up to investment by seeking to open cities and markets on the border with Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
• Extension of the pipeline to Jordan.
• Promote the principle of “Made in Iraq” and projects “Iraqi hands” and reduce imports.
• Promote exports and restore confidence in ourselves, our experts and our universities.
• Investing graduates and unemployed youth.
• Developing expertise in Iraqi economies.
• Reducing economic dependency abroad.
Third: Abdul Mahdi achievements in the field of security :
The greatest security achievements achieved during the time of the Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, is turning Iraq from the field of defense to the field of attack, as everyone is aware of the size of security challenges, which are one of the most serious files that many bet on the inability of Abdul Mahdi to deal with them, due to its overlaps in which almost impossible to deal with or face, especially with the spread of militias and armed groups operating outside the state, which its force sometimes reached a point that is beyond the strength of the Iraqi state itself, and what increases the complexity of this complex and intertwined file is multiple aspects and sources , but all this did not prevent Abdul Mahdi from confronting this issue, when he explicitly stated that he would strike with an iron fist at the hands of anyone who tries to undermine the security of Iraq and the Iraqis.
Not only that, but the bold and intelligent steps taken by Abdul Mahdi in the same matter, headed the Supreme Council for National Security, and begin to address all security issues, and to address the outlawed groups that operate outside the state, and guidance to hold accountable those who threaten security and social peace, and eradicates of the hands that disturb security as well as the success of the selection of two security ministers of the Ministries of Interior and Defense, who are efficient figures and recognized for their integrity, professionalism and strength and firmness, as well as they are the sons of the ministries they assume , that Abdul Mahdi ‘s move was like the arrow he threw to his opponent’s chest , who accused him of being dragged behind the political blocs in forming his government, or completing the rest of the cabinet at least, a step even that it was too late, but it was counted for Abdul Mahdi, the man who promised to form the government of technocrats, and he kept his promise.
It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council for National Security has several powers, the most important of which:
• Consideration of policies on the security and integrity of the Union, including draft legislation to ensure the achievement of Strategic Plan for National Security.
• Directing the various state agencies to develop their strategies in the interest of national security.
• Establish the necessary mechanisms and procedures for coordination between the various organs of the state in order to achieve national security.
• Work to strengthen the capacity of the state agencies in the face of crises and disasters, and ensure good management in the event of occurrence.
• Oversee the preparation and adoption of strategic plans for national security to ensure effective response to threats to national security.
• Supervise the development of a unified information base on the sources of threats, risks and challenges that the State may face.
• To give an opinion on the draft conventions and treaties relating to national security before they are issued.
• Propose the declaration of martial law and general mobilization.
Finally, no one can ignore the qualitative security boom in the time of Abdul Mahdi’s government, in terms of the significant decline in security breaches, which fell to very low levels that are acceptable from the security perspective of any country, compared with the high rates it had before him , and as well as what has been achieved by him , a significant security development in terms of opening the areas surrounded by concrete blocks since (2003), such as the Green Zone, and many other areas in the capital Baghdad in particular, and the rest of the Iraqi cities in general, as more than (10) Thousands of concrete blocs have been lifted till the now , and work is underway to lift what remains of them, as well as the most important security decision taken by Abdul Mahdi, the integration of the popular crowd forces to the Iraqi security forces.
As Abdul Mahdi gave a choice for factions and various parties that will enter the armed forces as part of the crowd, stressing that those who want to continue to carry weapons there are legal controls.
Fourth: Abdul-Mahdi’s achievements in the fight against corruption:
The scourge of corruption in Iraq has become one of the most prominent problems that hinder the achievement of the country’s progress in the files that are the most compatible with the life of the Iraqi citizen, starting from the provision of basic services, passing through the poverty and increasing unemployment, and to end with the security file specifically.
The file of corruption in Iraq, one of the most thorny files, which is the results of the accumulations of many years, where the file corruption is one of the most difficult files that are a difficult challenge to Adel Abdul Mahdi, as many of Abdul Mahdi’s opponents are betting on his failure to confront this file and open it, due to its risk and its multiple parties and its roots in the body of the Iraqi state.
However, the follower of the mechanisms and methods of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi in dealing with this file, finds undoubtedly that he took decisions described as dare and decisive, in terms of the fight against corruption, the first was the decision to form the Anti-Corruption Council, which is headed by himself, which is a companion to the Integrity Commission , and several bodies and councils, all working in the fight against corruption, combating and eliminating it, through the opening of thousands of files, and the largest and most dangerous, and referral of most of them to the judicial and executive authorities competent to take necessary in accordance with the law, and actually Abdul Mahdi achieved important achievements and steps in the fight against corruption, and held accountable the largest corrupt , and return large amounts of money to the state treasury,
It is noteworthy that the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, which includes officials and specialists headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, is the fourth executive oversight body to combat corruption, after the Integrity Commission, Federal Board of Supreme Audit , and the offices of inspectors general in ministries, in addition to the control exercised by the House of Representatives as a regulatory legislative body.
Abdul Mahdi’s plans depended , to hold accountable those involved in corruption , on establishing committees and experts during the first session of the fourth Iraqi parliament announcing the existence of (13000) files of corruption open in front of the Integrity Commission. Abdul Mahdi pledged to deal with the corrupters as they are no less threat than ISIS.
Finally, Abdul-Mahdi restructuring of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, saying it was a step to unify the efforts of the regulators. He said: The aim of the restructuring of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption is to enable it to take deterrent measures and unite the efforts of the regulators in the context of a new work capable to address any person or body, whatever its location, and act as a state in the detection of corruption and the protection of society and citizens and public money alike.
He added that this action comes in implementation of what we pledged in our government platform, which was ratified by the House of Representatives, and its implementation has become binding, stressing that: In front of that, the Supreme Council must enjoy to combat corruption with sufficient administrative and legal powers to control the file of corruption, and know its sources, kinks to follow up and implement.
And the observers of this file, and the deterrent actions taken against the corrupt, their seniors before their minors, are in itself achievements worthy of respect and appreciation and praise.
Fifth: Abdul Mahdi achievements in the field of agriculture :
The agricultural sector is a strategic file, and of utmost importance to Abdul Mahdi, and a significant presence within his government program, and began to implement what he promised to do , and during the first nine months of the life of his government, very important achievements were made in the Iraqi agricultural sector that haven’t been achieved since decades , despite the systematic targeting of this vital and important sector, by burning thousands of acres of planted agricultural crops of wheat and barley in many provinces of Iraq, but this targeting did not reduce the volume of wonderful achievement around the corner to reach Iraq to the stage of self-sufficiency of the two most important agricultural crops namely , Wheat and barley as reliable sources confirm that Iraq’s silos now contain more than 4.5 million tons of wheat where the Iraqi government has paid all amounts due to farmers. The prime minister seeks to reach more than 600,000 tons of rice during the two years , and these figures prove beyond doubt the success of the agricultural strategy set by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and worked to implement, which transformed Iraq from an agricultural importer to a an exporter country .
As well as the big boom in the cultivation of other crops no less important than the previous, which has achieved semi-self-sufficiency of Iraq, and with a competitive quality, such as tomatoes, vegetables and others, self-sufficiency is the prime minister’s goal sought during the presidency of the government.

Not only that, it is within the plan of Abdul Mahdi in support of the agricultural sector, support farmers and enable them to settle in their areas and lands, and provides them with the appropriate environment to upgrade the agricultural sector, to reach agricultural production comparable to world agricultural production in quality and quantity, through material and moral support to farmers and encourage them , and supply them with everything that would promote agriculture through several axes, notably :
• Providing financial, moral and research support to improve the quality of their agricultural crops.
• Encourage them to grow crops that are important in consumption.
• Providing affordable loans to farmers.
• Purchase their agricultural crops at competitive prices.
• Encouraging agricultural and livestock investment.
• Use national production to meet the needs of the food basket.
• Reduce imports and provide ration card items.
• Promote, develop and support modern agriculture.

The fair political observers praise the achievements of the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi in just nine months in the political, economic, security, agriculture, services and infrastructure sectors, as well as the openness to the Arab, regional and international environment.
They – the fair politicians who look at the full part of the cup – praise the efforts of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who works day and night, and over the days of the week, while those who look at the empty part of the cup, reduce these efforts, and try to underestimate them from the perspective of the famous saying ” we always underestimate the work of others, and the more their work is unique and dedicated the more we detract it .”

The bottom line, and in a way that may be scoffed at by those who reject all hardworking, patriotic and sincere ones,
We mention two verses of poetry from one of the poems of Mutanabbi , which he said :

Strong resolves come in proportion to men of determination, and noble deeds come in proportion to magnanimous men
Little things are deemed great by little minds, while grave calamities pale into insignificance in the eyes of the great

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