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Telecommunications companies in Iraq …. An integrated system of corruption

The  communication and mail services in Iraq were available too early, where the Internet was used by centers or by telephone modem and wireless communications in a narrow range , but in the field of the  state earlier. As the Thuraya phones  associated with the satellite were used  prior to 2003,it was the only  reliable means, but it has been experiencing some of the determinants of the spread, since it ... Read More »

Iranian regime and naval military bases in Syria and Yemen

A strong  feeling  of the  Iranian regime is growing  that it has become a rising military power within the traditional world powers and that it is to give Iran  the full “right” to establish military bases outside its territory that reflects the new military status of it and the beginning will be initiated   by using the territory of the Arab ... Read More »

IMF … between the development of economy and finance of corruption in Iraq

The corruption and economic confusion practiced by successive governments in Iraq since 2003  in all its forms and fields  is  more greedy , deadly and spread  to the country ‘s economy than the direct actual occupation. The seriousness of this corruption  appears in Iraq ‘s request to borrow from the International Monetary Fund; to address the deficit in the balance of payments on the one hand and dumping the Iraqi economy  with debts  and ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: the beginnings and the results (5)

Military operations of  Nineveh continue in its sixth weak as it move  in all axes, which were prepared  on the ground according to the plan prepared by the  command of the international coalition, which took several directions and paths as a result of confrontations and clashes that occur when  they face the elements and fighters of Daesh according to the ... Read More »

In the case of the adoption of the “Law” of the popular crowd …. Iraq to Where ?

  While Iraqi security forces  continue its progress towards the center of Mosul city to recover it from the control of the organization Daesh, with the support of what is known as the popular crowd, and the flight of the international coalition led by the United States , the Iraqi Council of Representatives is witnessing a major division between the ... Read More »

Iraq and the initiative of the “historic settlement “

In the midst of the battle of Mosul against al Daesh, and the rise of calls for a genuine national reconciliation to prevent the  existence of a suitable environment to repeat  its emergence in the country, through the abolition of sectarian and ethnic quotas, and put an end to the monopoly of power by the Shiite parties, as opposed to ... Read More »

Hajj (Pilgrimage) between the Arafah and “Karbala”: rituals and the economy

Tourism is the  main pillars    for the sustainable development, and countries seek to achieve a clean development  free from environmental pollution, and this is what was achieved by religious tourism,   a lot of countries  where there are places of religious value  rely on the tourism , as an important  resource  for the  economic development , and  among these countries  is Saudi Arabia, where the Hajj ... Read More »

Auction of foreign currency in Iraq between corruption and the collapse of the dinar

The changes that have occurred in the structure of the political system in Iraq after 2003 affected the structural composition of the economy clearly, especially the auction of currency, which has had a major share in this change. The  views of economic figures are different  in Iraq about the pros and cons of an auction of currency which is organized by ... Read More »

Documents reveal more corruption about “the foreign currency auction” in Iraq

The “foreign currency auction”, which was created after the US occupation of Iraq in April 2003, specifically in the year 2004 by the Central Bank of Iraq, represents a new form of the  economic corruption associated with the process of money laundering in Iraq and due to the importance of this issue and its negative impact on the exhausted Iraqi ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results 3

A continuation of the military and security activities carried out by Iraqi forces and fighters of the Kurdish forces and guards of Nineveh within the operations of the liberation  of  Nineveh , and  at the end of its third week it has been able to achieve many of the goals and field tasks  by which it managed  to tighten its ... Read More »