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Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results

  When the battle to liberate Mosul  was begun with dawn on the seventeenth of October 2016  ,the aspects and features  of this battle have become clearly defined  and characterized as marked for the rest of their counterparts from the clashes waged by the Iraqi military and security forces in many areas of the places that already had a Daesh ... Read More »

Tools of the Iranian expansionist project in the Arab Environment

  When Khomeini returned to Iran in 1979, on board of the Air France flight to Tehran, surrounded by   Western air and ground protection, after the fall of the regime of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi , and just observers of the Iranian affairs  inside and outside of Iran  were misinterpreted that the Iranian cleric, who lived in exile for nearly ... Read More »

Turkish position from the start of the battle of Mosul

  At the dawn of the seventeenth of this month, Haider Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister announced the start of military operations for the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, and the fact that the battle is  taking place under   Iraqi, regional and international  circumstances of highly polarization , reflected clearly about the lack of understanding among ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul is not like other battles

  The battle for Mosul will be different from all other battles that have taken place in Iraq  . The tenth of  June 2014 formed  a milestone in the path of the Iraqi crisis in particular and in  regional crisis in general, where  the organization Daesh dominated over the city of Mosul. It resulted in dramatic fall of the city to the collapse of the Iraqi security and military system, ... Read More »

Field Situation “social and security” in Iraq’s Anbar province until 11 of the current Oct.

  Iraqi forces are engaging   in the Iraqi provinces  , where the terrorist organization Daesh   presents , fierce military battles against him , but   due to the keenness of the rawabet center  for Research and Strategic Studies   to follow-up  the  field case   on various  levels, the center has received a specific field  information on the field   situation in Anbar province, ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul and the project of Iranian Empire

  The battle to liberate Mosul  from  al Daesh is not a battle of the international coalition led by the US administration and not the Iraqi government nor Turkey, which is trying to participate in spite of the refusal of Iraqi government  to do so, but also is the battle of the Iranian regime there. So Haider Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister ... Read More »

Meaning of Iran’s silence about the Turkey’s participation in the battle for Mosul

  In light of preparations for the launch the operation of the restoration of the city of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh  and in the light of conflicting local and regional interests    for  them, and because the  battle of Mosul  constitutes   an importance to Turkey at the level of internal and external policies , the Turkish National ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: Regional bickering

On 1 October 2016 , Turkish President (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) identified features of Turkish foreign policy in front of the Turkish Parliament, talking about the evolution of the political and military conditions on the ground in Iraq, pointed to the coming battle of Mosul, by saying (he objects to the participation of sectarian militias, which means the militias of popular ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul and fears of the absence of clear understanding

  On 21 of last September , chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff , US Army, “Joe Dunford said,” The Iraqi forces will be ready by next October  to attack the strongholds of the organization of the Islamic State in Mosul. Dunford said at a military ceremony in Washington that the Iraqis will be ready in early October  to begin ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: preparations and special operations

Rates of preparations for the coming battle of Mosul are rising and  the field plans are  made  and  security and military forces are deployed and the Americans  and British advisors  are participating  from all countries, which numbered (7) Thousands consultant and  field officers , all this in order to ensure the success of the operation and readiness  to address all ... Read More »