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The appointment of Ambassador Masjedi in Iraq: goals and intentions

  The Iranian influence and  expansion in Iraq is continuing inside Iraq espiciallyy in its internal affairs, and  Iran is keen  to anticipate events; in order  the Iranian security and intelligence  apparatus to take its location, and  status in the event of change of the situation inside Iraq ,  the country is important for Iran, which constitutes a depth extended for its policy and its approach to the expansion towards ... Read More »

Baghdad Dialogue Conference … Vision of Abadi for Iraq after Daesh

The events of Baghdad Dialogue Conference , which was  held on Saturday over two days  in the Iraqi capital Baghdad at  Baghdad University and hosted senior officials and academic figures  under the slogan (after the victory options ), which was hosted by the Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought in collaboration with the House of Representatives and the University ... Read More »

Very private information: reveal the latest developments concerning the Qatari Abductees in Iraq

Back again to put the issue of Qatari kidnapped fishermen  behind the closed doors in Iraq and  to remind it  that  On 16 December of the last year, gunmen kidnapped , on  aboard  of  four- wheel drive vehicle ,  26 people from Qatari hunting group that was camping  in a desert area of ​​Muthanna province in southern Iraq  , nine ... Read More »

Iran’s expansionist agenda … decimate its economy … and destabilize the Middle East

  In the context of Iran ‘s mania for extension and territorial expansion   on the account of its empty treasury , and the deficit  of up to more than nine billion annually and the decline  of oil prices ; will Tehran  be able  to continue  of  the policy of  intervention  in the internal affairs of many countries, particularly Arab affairs. Which reflected on  the situation of the Arab countries where the ... Read More »

Rafsanjani’s departure … the end of the bilateral traditional in Iranian politics

On the eighth of  the current January , Iran turned the page of its contemporary political history in  the departure of its  strong  man Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani at the age of 82 years after suffering from  a severe heart attack  who was taken to Shohada  Hospital in Tajrish  in the northern suburb of Tehran. Rafsanjani is the second man in the ... Read More »

Basmaja residential project .. new evidence on financial corruption in Iraq

Aspects of corruption  in Iraq are  various and complex and its arms  has worsened and  become numerous  to be   turned from the corruption of individuals to the corruption of institutions , which led to the deterioration of the country ‘s economy and drain the state budget , and this affects the standard of living of the citizen to  increases the poverty of the poor and increase  the wealth of  the corrupt . The ... Read More »

Serious indicators: Iraq is draining its reserves of foreign exchange

The  burden of the war   waged  by Iraq against  the organization of the state “Daesh”,   constitutes  the most important   current challenges  that it casts its  shadow on all political, economic and social aspects and a significant decline in the economy as well as  foreign exchange reserves in  the Iraqi Central Bank, in addition to the displaced bill which is rising ... Read More »

The collapse of the Mosul Dam: economic ruin and the change of the map of Iraq ..

The story of the construction of the dam  dates back to the year of 1950  when the Iraqi Reconstruction Council decided  to establish  it  on the Tigris River in the site which is about forty kilometers north of Mosul. But political instability that prevailed in Iraq, and the large number of technical studies on the proposed sites for the construction of the dam delayed its inception to 1984. The dam is currently under threat ... Read More »

Iranian regime … an essential part of the dilemma of solution in the Syrian conflict

In the twenty-ninth of December of the last year, announced in the Turkish capital, “Ankara”  Turkish- Russian  agreement is aimed at a cease-fire in Syria, to be  implemented    on the same day and with Turkish and Russian guarantees . Following the entry into force of the agreement, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mawlood Jaweesh Davutoglu   made  a statement, who said that “all ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul the beginnings and results 7

Features of military plan drawn up by the command of the international coalition  and oversaw on  its   implementation with the Iraqi military and security forces  began to be clarified in  the nature of the   events and actions taken place  on the main axes of  the command of Nineveh operations  and after the announcement of  these formations   for  the starting of ... Read More »