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Oil markets are looking forward to the meeting of producers

  Oil prices kept  on  its progress this week, where  the price of Brent crude reached  to $ 48.35 a barrel, Marking the highest level in five weeks, and of course there was a clear role for the remarks by the  main producers about the possibility of making a decision for the stability of oil prices of the Organization of ... Read More »

Drugs .. a weapon of the Iranian regime in the destruction of Iraq

  Iraqi forces are struggling, on the northern front, in a bloody battles with  Daesh organization which controls large areas there , but in the south there is a battle of another type  that its source is  from Iran. Iraqi forces are struggling in the Basra , predominantly Shiite city , large quantities of drugs that often sneak across the border ... Read More »

The strategic goals of the Battle of Qayyarah

    Vanguards of the security and military Iraqi forces began the  advance towards  the center of the district of  Qayyarah  of the province of Nineveh Having been able to restore a number of villages surrounding the center, which coincided with the progress made by Kurdish forces in the areas of (Makhmour -alkwyr). This field change in the arena of confrontation ... Read More »

Emirates … Youth leading sustainability

  On December 17 / 1999,  in its resolution 54/120,  the General Assembly of united nations   declared  August 12 International Youth Day, which gives an opportunity to celebrate young people’s views and initiatives . On this occasion, the United Arab Emirates celebrated the International Youth Day, which is held this year under the slogan «youth leading Sustainability». Where the General Authority of ... Read More »

Iraq: Law for the Regulation of Commercial Agency … a step to re-adjust Markets

    The Regulation of the commercial business is  the most important obligations of a successful economy, which  all economies in the world seeks to it , Where the field includes all economic transactions, whether internal or external level. Iraqi market like the others  in  need to organize the commrecial business, especially with the circumstances of Iraq today, and the ... Read More »

Iraq’s Sunnis between the anvil of Daash and the hammer of the militias of popular crowd

  Since the battle of Tikrit in March 2015,  which   is   the first participation of the militias of popular crowed  in the Military  operations against al Aldaash and to this day, it continues to carry out its  systematic and sectarian crimes , abuses  and practices against the Iraqi Sunni provinces . Perhaps the last of those crimes were uncovered ... Read More »

Oil prices and the next meeting of Algeria

  High oil inventories and fears of demand and  the slowdown in the global economy  are still the most important issues that constitute a criterion  on oil prices And increase the oil market challenges. The most important thing  dominates the market in general is  the state of uncertainty associated as  we mentioned earlier  with oversupply and falling of the  demand  ... Read More »

Kurds in Iran … periods of oppression

  Despite the growing role of Iran in the recent period in the Middle East, and its ability to extend its influence on the capitals of the four Arab  countries, and its success in reaching an agreement that maintains its nuclear program, and lets to lift  the economic embargo imposed on it , and the rush of some European countries ... Read More »

Armed militias and the stability of Iraq

  Most of the Shiite militias  were  arisen  , after the US occupation of Iraq in April / May 2003. This Militias  receive military and financial support from the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime. These militias have worked under different covers, but remained not far from the knowledge of the political and security authorities and interacting  with it, and  these ... Read More »

American Administration after two years from the face of the organization Daash

  The US administration has sought to escalating rates of its confrontation with Daash organization by using all methods and techniques that enable them to abort the project of the terrorist organization for the expansion and foil its plans and strategy, which enable it to begin to control and influence and find ways and means to drain the sources of ... Read More »