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Global oil prices since 1960 and forecasts to 2025…

Shatha Khalil * The Arab region witnessed political , social and economic turmoil since 2011 called the Arab Spring; which led to the disruption of oil supply of many of the producing countries such as Libya, Syria and Yemen, as the market has lost about 1.6 million barrels per day of Libya ‘s high – quality light oil and OPEC ... Read More »

The border conflict: between the Iranian and American influence

The  Battle of the border  in  the  ongoing  war on the organization Daesh in Syria and Iraq , has a strategic dimension beyond the two countries in connection with a conflict of influence waged by regional and international powers through local arms entrusted with the task to secure vital long-term interests of those conflicting forces threatening the situation on the ... Read More »

Daesh … A record full of sins

With the continued tightening the noose on the organization of “Daesh” in its stronghold in the Iraqi city of Mosul, while Iraqi troops were just 50 meters from Al-Nouri mosque in the old Mosul, the militants “Daesh” blew up Al-Nouri mosque and the historic Minaret al-Hadba (hunchback). To wake up the people of Mosul on Thursday for the first time ... Read More »

Historical and economic crimes.. Committed by ISIS in Mosul…

Mosul Historically: Mosul is Iraq ‘s second largest city after the capital , Baghdad, and a population of about two million people, and it is the center of the province of Nineveh in northern Iraq , known by this name for being the meeting place of several roads connecting East and West, and it is a commercial center since the ... Read More »

Abadi’s visit to Riyadh, Is it a new outset of relationships ?

  Muammar Faisal Kholi * Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi paid a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 19 of the current June.  During which, he met King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, and it is the first visit of Abadi to Saudi Arabia as prime minister, and this visit coincided with the crisis in the Gulf as Saudi Arabia, ... Read More »

ISIS phenomenon: questions to be solely answered

Iraqi government forces seek to remove “Mesopotamia” from the “Caliphate State” project announced by the leader of the terrorist Daesh known as “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” through the completion of the restoration of the city center of Mosul, the most prominent stronghold of the organization in Iraq, and its headquarters. Iraqi forces have launched since the dawn of Sunday, in the ... Read More »

Can Turkey renovate its empire by the end of the Treaty of Lausanne 2023…

Shatha Khalil * Turks have never forgotten the Treaty of Lausanne 11, which caused the reduction of the geography of the modern Turkish state, and forcing it to give up large territories that were belonging to it. So it was not strange to be tackled by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during regular meetings with the Turkish mayors to send ... Read More »

The dynamics of escalation toward war in Gaza

D.Salim m.Alzanoon Ten years have passed since Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip, and the movement has become weak today more than ever, does that mean the high probability of a war? In this context, there is a range of factors pushing the situation in the Gaza Strip towards deterioration and fight a new battle with Israel in the ... Read More »

Iraq… a corridor of Iran to the Mediterranean Sea

On 12 of the current June , Iran has sent a new message to the United States through the « adoption » the success of the Syrian regular forces and allied militias in the access to the border with Iraq, as commander of the «Quds force» in «Revolutionary Guards» Qassem Soleimani appeared alongside armed elements belonging to the Afghan “Liwa ... Read More »

The Iranian Corridor; has it become a reality?

Currently attention is focused on the areas adjacent to the Syrian-Iraqi border, amid questions about who will prevail to impose the control on it; the United States and its allies on the ground or Iran and its allies. Under the impact of battles taking place in the city of Mosul against al Daesh, the Iraqi-Syrian border witnesses, stretching across the ... Read More »