Al-Kafeel Omnnea … National Company with international standards

Al-Kafeel Omnnea … National Company with international standards

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Al-Kafeel Omnnea is one of the successful and important steps of Iraqi investment in the national private sector, which was based on the signing of the strategic partnership between His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Al Safi Secretary General of the holy Abbasid threshold in Karbala with Omnnea Company for Communications where its name became Al-Kafeel Omnnea Company under the patronage and support of the holy Abbasid threshold.
The executive director of the Al-Kafeel company, the engineer, Aref Bahash is one of the national figures, who works for the service of the nation and its sons. He is also one of the national qualified Iraqi competencies with the culture and the vast knowledge, working to serve his country with sincerity and dedication based on systematic scientific studies in various fields.
The engineer Aref al-Bahash said : The company, which was established in 2007, with a capital exceeding 100 million dollars, is one of the most successful companies in Iraq, which provides the national economy and provides job opportunities for the sons of Iraq, and it is specialized in the field of national and international communications and has a distinguished experience to win a contract with the Iraqi ministry of Communications to build a wireless telephone network, so it is a strong partner of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications to provide the best services to the citizen.

He added that the most important feature of the partnership is that it was built by Iraqi hands of workers, engineers and experts we are proud of them and their high efficiency in managing all its activities and sponsoring social and scientific activities to serve the citizens and the homeland.
Al-Bahash pointed out that the company , in which its services cover the area between Basra and Ramadi, seeks to be the first in the coverage of Iraq’s entire communications in the installation and operation of wireless phones and Internet, with extensive multidisciplinary engineers and modern design of receivers , and the company is developing its local wireless systems to a sophisticated network to meet the needs of all its subscribers .

The service provided by the Al-Kafeel Omnnea company is distinguished at the best levels, and the lowest prices, and keep away from raising the prices practiced by other companies on the price of the card, which reached 20%.
It also provides its services to the citizen, the security authorities, and its cooperation with the members of the security services to serve the security of the citizen and the country.

Al-Kafeel Omnnea sponsors the Iraqi scientific cadres for the development of the telecommunications sector and the work to establish a technical city that will be a center of attraction and radiation for the scientific and technological development of telecommunications in Iraq and the world, expected to be one of the important centers for the export of information and communication technology.
The company operates according to a well-known international technique called CDMA, a sophisticated technology used in developed countries such as European countries, Japan and others. It is one of the most advanced communication technologies with clear voice, high transmission speed for data and multi-service capabilities, and provide many modern services, from basic telephone services and related voice mail services, call transfer, credit transfer service, other credit transfer service, triangular calling service and other additional services.
The company offers the most modern mobile services and General Packet Radio Service, GPRS, and Multi Messaging service, MMS, in addition to the service of Internet and a wide range of data services using CDMA technology.
The simple citizen touches the distinctive service provided by the company by providing communication services that take into account the simple citizen’s possibility, and affordable prices with advanced services, taking into account the latest scientific specifications.

And he also touches the company’s honorable role in providing free communication services to visitors from inside and outside Iraq at all religious and national occasions, and it is also seen as the only national company that can reassures its subscribers and ensure that their funds remain within the national map.

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