Terrorist leaders between confrontation and extinction

Terrorist leaders between confrontation and extinction

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The pre-emptive security operations that were carried out and followed by the Iraqi security services, in cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism forces ,the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency at the Ministry of Interior, and coordination with the leadership of the International Coalition against ISIS terrorist, and targeting their leaders and locations, came In the context of limiting exposures and operations that targeted innocent citizens ,military and security headquarters in many city centers, districts and sub-districts in Iraq, specifically in the governorates of Diyala, Salah al-Din and Anbar and the city center of Baghdad.

These security operations, which came through accurate information, were the fruit of a security and intelligence effort represented by field follow-up, information gathering ,monitoring the terrorists movement by using air surveillance, advanced technical devices and thermal cameras, and in coordination with the Joint Operations Command room and direct field supervision by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi, Who has extensive experience in the intelligence work field , his follow-up to terrorist organizations , his knowledge of their leaders and their orientations and the movement of their elements during his tenure as head of the Iraqi intelligence service for several years, during which he was acquainted with many important files and field information on the movement of these leaders ,their extensions and their internal and external relationship.

Continuing the activity of these elements, combating them, limiting the rehabilitation of their base , working again with other directions and frameworks, constitutes a security concern related to the security ,intelligence agencies, and a major factor in unifying the international effort towards the preparation process and choosing strategic field plans to protect Iraq from the entrenchment and survival of the cells of this organization, It works actively and effectively, and activates serious security work for the sake of the goal that everyone seeks to achieve security and social peace.

These procedures and field efforts resulted in implementing the following:

First: On January 27, 2021, security leaders with the participation of the International Coalition leadership, and in the military operation of (Martyrs Revenge) which targeted and killed the terrorist Jabbar Salman Ali Farhan Al-Issawi, nicknamed Abu Yasser Al-Issawi, who is the second official in ISIS organization, born in 1982 from Fallujah city, Anbar governorate, He was killed with another 9 terrorists, all were killed in his guesthouse near Kirkuk governorate. They were killed by direct and precise strike using specific weapons, field air surveillance, and an intelligence effort that lasted for several months.

Second: On February 2, 2021, and in continuity with the field effort among all the Iraqi security services, the terrorist Jabbar Ali Fayyad, known as Abu Hassan al-Gharibawi, who held the position and responsibility of the General Military for the boycott of southern Iraq, who supervised the implementation of the terrorist operation that took place on January 21 2021 in Al-Tayaran Square in the center of the Baghdad, where 32 victims were killed and another 112 innocent citizens were wounded. In this air strike which werecarried out by the International Coalition Air Force in Abu Ghraib area, the terrorist Ghanem Sabah Jawad was responsible for transporting the two terrorists who blew themselves up in Al-Tayaran Square in Baghdad.

These two operations came in the context of security follow-ups and to restore confidence in the intelligence services, to instill a state of reassurance in the souls of the Iraqi people, and to restore the spirit of tranquility and security in them after the many terrorist operations and exposures that were carried out, in which many innocent victims were killed, and to confirm the truth of field follow-up and the accuracy of the information that Owned by the security services, it reflects the nature of field cooperation with all intelligence institutions and direct coordination with the leadership of the international coalition in the face of terrorism

With a security field vision, we can say the following:

  1. These operations represented the real direction for confronting terrorist elements, retribution and inflicting the greatest losses on them, especially in their field commanders and their important elements.
  2. Confronting the methods of the terrorist organization, which is working on restructuring its work, arranging its conditions, restoring its position with its members at home, and instilling confidence in them once again.
  3. These operations confirmed the correctness of joint cooperation between the Iraqi military, security leaders and the leadership of the international coalition in continuing to exchange information, implement plans, maintain security and stability in Iraq, and expand the circle of cooperation in combating terrorism and its tools.
  4. Stopping the continuity of the terrorist organization from carrying out future operations and attacks targeting the field sites of military and security leaders and places where citizens gather, and thwarting their tendencies in their attempt to sow fear and panic in the hearts of citizens.
  5. The two operations achieved a painful and strong blow to the efforts and approaches of ISIS and its attempt to regroup through the sleeper cells, restore confidence in its fighters and supporters at home, and confirmed the clarity of the information in the possession of the intelligence services and their vigorous follow-up of of ISIS elements presence and their locations, which resulted in targeting them through numerous air strikes that inflicted their losses.
  6. The facts and events came to clarify the extent of Iraq’s need to continue security and intelligence cooperation, exchange of information with the leadership of the International Coalition, and the implementation of air strikes after the apparent persistence of ISIS elements in carrying out terrorist operations.


  1. ISIS elements are still moving with clear flexibility in the desert areas and using remote roads in the movement of their fighters and their leaders, completely freely through the sleeper cells and the elements cooperating with them.

The fight against ISIS and the purification of Iraq from them remains a national duty, and the Iraqi government and security agencies do not hesitate to show the danger of this organization and its terrorist orientations, the nature of the attacks targeting it by the military and security forces, and the losses that fall within the ranks of its leaders and elements, and Iraq’s need for continuous cooperation, support and field support by the leadership The international coalition to fight ISIS, obtain accurate information related to the movement and relations of the organization through the assets of monitoring and air support, and enable the Iraqi forces to carry out their duties with better accuracy, expand coordination orbits, establish specialized courses, and benefit from the experiences of the international coalition in strengthening the Iraqi security system.

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