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Documents reveal more corruption about “the foreign currency auction” in Iraq

The “foreign currency auction”, which was created after the US occupation of Iraq in April 2003, specifically in the year 2004 by the Central Bank of Iraq, represents a new form of the  economic corruption associated with the process of money laundering in Iraq and due to the importance of this issue and its negative impact on the exhausted Iraqi ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results 3

A continuation of the military and security activities carried out by Iraqi forces and fighters of the Kurdish forces and guards of Nineveh within the operations of the liberation  of  Nineveh , and  at the end of its third week it has been able to achieve many of the goals and field tasks  by which it managed  to tighten its ... Read More »

Oil supply glut the largest in 2017

  Oil markets faced  in the past period  several global transformations  which impacted directly on oil prices, as it ranged between ups and downs, Political factors were present, along with the technical and economic factors and uncertainties in the ability of  the Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries   ( OPEC)  to implement an output cut agreement.   A few days ago ... Read More »

Popular crowd … toward an official institution in Iraq

Iraqi parties are racing  against  time to pass the draft law of the popular crowd in the Iraqi parliament before the end of the battle of Mosul against al Daesh  in anticipation that the   expel of  Daesh  from  Nineveh province will lead to the absence of justification to proceed with the continuation of government spending on Shiite militias. Therefore  this Council ... Read More »

Iraq and the upcoming visit

  Haider Abadi  since has become a prime minister of Iraq in  August 2014, he tried – and trying-  to open up to the Arab countries in general and the Gulf in particular,  due to the  geographical convergence  , history and social composition. He understands the importance of good relations with the Arab Gulf states. Therefore, and in order to return to ... Read More »

Mohammed Allawi’s G.A.F.T.A press conference

Today’s Iraq faces many challenges, with some of them having global consequences. The long-suffering people of Iraq deserve to live in safety and prosperity and a stable Iraq is in everybody’s interest. If we are to stand any chance of realising this dream we must first understand the underlying issues at the heart of the problem, then we must proceed ... Read More »

For the banking sector in Iraq

  In any country, the monetary policy is one of the key pillars in supporting the national economy and development ,So the adopted plans  should be reconsidered  for the development of the potential of the banking sector and enhance opportunities for its contribution to the mobilization of savings and attract deposits .   Iraq and in the midst  of unstable ... Read More »

Iraq and its allies and drying funding of Daesh

  The  political and economic crises  that beset Iraq are classified  as the harshest on the level of countries in the region for more than 13 years after the invasion of the US  to its territory in 2003, and the  terrorism formed the first Trinity, which has plagued the country’s stability, and  stood  as an obstacle to any political  or ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul: the beginning and the results (2)

  The Activities of the operations  for  the liberation of Nineveh continued in its second week and the Iraqi military and security units and Kurdish forces were able to the  implementation of all combat missions in the  operations sectors  with precision and high organization   and with good field ability  which were able to implement all the plans and military goals that were prepared by the command of ... Read More »

“Auction of foreign currency”… the new look of corruption in Iraq

  The corruption , as defined by Dr. Daoud Khairallah , based on the Latin original  and  the Arabic dictionaries, is the  decay , drift and deteriorate or evil and contrary to the literary law , but is all that can be considered against the righteousness according to  the scholar and historian  Boutros  al-Bustani  in his book “Muhit al-Muhit” the diameter of the ocean. In this context, Khairallah ... Read More »