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Why did the US administration send its troops to Iraq?

  Due to instability experienced by Iraq in general and the security in particular, especially after the emergence of ISIL “Daash” in June 2014 as a  security challenge  for the continuation of the Iraqi political process as a whole, and under  the war by the international coalition led by the United States against it, the US Secretary of Defense Ashton ... Read More »

Oil prices Drop after the failure of the Doha meeting

oil prices are exposed to anew shock, after falling more than five percent on the back of the failure of the major oil producers  in the Qatari capital Doha To reach an agreement to freeze oil production,  this collapse  was  occurred after the representatives of 18 countries from the major oil producers  on Sunday , April 17, concluded their consultations in Doha to discuss the freeze ... Read More »

Rearrange : economic file of the Saudi Arabia ‘s visit to Egypt

    Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz ‘s visit to Egypt a few days ago formed a distinguishing feature in relations between the two countries, and it has gained  exceptional importance on both political and economic levels , in addition to being a support for the cooperation relations between the two countries. The  economic file has gained during the visit of exceptional importance, embodied by ... Read More »

To What will lead the consensual rule “quota” in Iraq?

It is Mistaken who thinks that the current political crisis represented by the formation of a new Iraqi government could end up with the “dismissal”  of the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Saleem al-Jubouri and his two deputies, and the complete  of  the  features of its end in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the government of ... Read More »

The reform document or saving

Haider al-Abadi attended  the Iraqi parliament session on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 and submitted a list of his  proposed  ministry Which came a day after the announcement of the signing of the (document of national reform) and after the period that set to  him in the reform program he put forward  to the House of Representatives by more than two weeks ago. Abadi  used  the Iraqi ... Read More »

Harvest of years: the Iraqi economy after 13 years of occupation

Speaking of the fall of Baghdad and the collapse of the Iraqi state in its  concept, and the entry of the US occupation forces and their allies in Iraq 2003  comes to a reminder of that terrible fall in both human and moral meanings by all standards, to establish anew phase that caused for the  collapse of the system and the pillars  of the political, ... Read More »

On the anniversary of the occupation: Why did George W. Bush administration occupy Iraq ?

At the dawn of the twentieth of March 2003 the former US President “George W. Bush” administration began a military aggression against Iraq, it has been able in the ninth of April of occupation of it completely. On the occasion of the thirteenth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq, we aim in this first anniversary to address the motives cited ... Read More »

The costs of producing a barrel of oil and its impact on producing countries

A storm in oil prices  has led since the summer of 2014 to a state of terror dominated the markets , and  the Oil prices have lost around 70% of its value, and it was the largest share of this shock  for the producing countries with high production cost, and this cost is a measure of the sensitivity of the producing countries of the oil crisis ... Read More »

Why John Kerry will visit Baghdad?

On the twentieth of  the last February  , the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi  requested from  the House of Representatives to authorize him to form a new government of  a technocratic nature , which sees a way to resolve  manifold crises in Iraq , and in this framework ,   the Iraqi prime minister gave in the twenty-thirtieth of the last ... Read More »

Could Syrian crisis ignite world war ?

  The  political, economic and military conditions of the current circumstances  are similar with the conditions which prevailed or created for the establishment of the First and the second World War alike. Factors that contributed to the First World War summed up : from the political and military point   is the creation of  the international blocs and alliances, and from the economic  point   is the industrial ... Read More »