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Khorasan: between two concepts

the  linguistic and verbal concepts and standards  have become to take its range  with any label for the formation or movement or current  whether  it  was a political, military or terrorist, noting that  everyone seeks  to use words of  the historical semantics and symbols and  references to sites and cities and events  that  the owners of these currents seek to ... Read More »

Have oil markets started actually to regain its balance?

  There is much talk about the return of balance in the oil markets, and to say that the oil war coming to an end  , Optimistic voices have been  depended on many factors including; the recession of the decline in prices, and high demand and according to statements from OPEC, the path of the global economy is going to ... Read More »

The Canadian government and the opposition: the bright side of democracy

  When talking about democratic systems ,  the wide gap appears   between the use of the term democracy to sing it, and the actual application of its finest forms, which is lacking in the majority of countries of the international community, even those which describes itself as a democracy. A video  spread on YouTube site where it appears the head ... Read More »

CBI between corruption and ambiguity

The central bank  in any state is the responsible institution for the control and guidance of the banking system, and aims in general to maintain monetary and financial stability in the country and contribute to the strengthening of economic   growth and controlling inflation and reducing unemployment. In Iraq, it seems to be different and completely ambiguous, where many citizens if ... Read More »

Saraya al-khorasani :The new influence in Iraq

    Iranian arms  started  , that were developed , created, trained and supported with money and weapons ,  to appear in a clear and effective  way in all Arab cities and  capitals especially since the  Iranian project has become a realistic case taking place in all the countries of the Arab region and in particular the Arab Gulf states after  the Arab situation and the problems experienced ... Read More »

Sadiq Khan …A practical lesson in the British citizenship

  The final official results of the elections  of  the mayor of the British capital  announced the win of the labor attorney  Sadiq Khan  as  the mayor of municipality of London, to become the first Muslim who assume office as mayor of a major Western capital, and received the keys of  London.   The results showed   ,  published  on Saturday, that ... Read More »

Arab electricity connection : the best solutions for energy crises

The electricity sector is one of the most sophisticated and growing sectors in the world; so it was important that there is interest in  the electrical linking and open channels of cooperation to ensure and meet the states ‘s requirements of this vital sector and the face of increasing energy consumption. And  calls of experts and officials have been launched ... Read More »

Iraqi economy blown by political storms

The political stability factor in all societies  is an indicator of social and economic stability to a large extent ,  the political situation in Iraq has led  since the fall of the Iraqi capital Baghdad under US occupation in 2003 to a state of insecurity and instability, where   all the concepts upon which countries  are  established in the world have broken ... Read More »

What awaits Iraq?

  last Saturday was not an ordinary day in the history of the Iraqi political process, and in Interestingly evolution,  the supporters of Muqtada al – Sadr  stormed  heavily fortified Green Zone through its key gates  and tore down the concrete wall surrounding it  and arrived to the headquarters of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and broke into the main hall, and destroyed its furniture and contents, as well as many of   MP and official’s  ... Read More »

Haider al-Abadi and the current political crisis

On the background of storming  the Iraqi Council  of Representatives by the supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr,  in the Green Zone  Iraqi President Fuad Masum, who feared the collapse of the existing political system since 2003, called on the three presidencies to hold a meeting to “discuss the repercussions of the events and to accelerate reforms,” with ​​the presence of the ... Read More »