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Execution of Al-Nimr and Shuweil : Saudi decision and facing challenges

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced , in the morning of the second day of January 2016 , it had executed a number of defendants of Riots and terrorist attacks and destabilize security and stability within Saudi territory including the most prominent Shiite cleric (Nimr Baqir al-Nimr) accused of calling for the establishment of Islamic rule conditioned with velayat-e faqih and ... Read More »

Forces of democratic Syria: the beginning of the new US strategy in the face of ISIS

The United States was able to promote its new strategy in dealing with the organization and the pursuit  of the Islamic state in Syria by providing  support and assistance to the formation of which was announced in the twelfth of October 2015 in the city of Maalikis in the province of Hasaka in the northeast of Syria, titled ( forces of ... Read More »

Ramadi battle against ISIS : the marginal role of the militias of the popular crowd

On  December 22,  of this  month ,  Iraqi forces lead offensive to liberate Ramadi from ISIS in terms that the military operations  had began  to end the control of the ISIS, “Daash”, on the city of Ramadi.   The government had finally marshaled a large enough force to prevail in Ramadi and began a wider operation to fight ISIS in other ... Read More »

Something about Persian Arrogant Statements against the sovereignty of Arab States

From time to time , an Iranian official comes out with media statements , to express of the arrogance of his country’s arrogant policy of expansion towards the Arab countries ,and it is possible to be said about these statements that it violate the sovereignty of some Arab countries in the eastern Arab states , but it is worth to ... Read More »

Arab media: the reality is bleak

The world has become like a small village since the launch of communications  and satellite television revolution in the light of many developments in technology noting  that   the  information is floating around our planet within a few seconds, and from here  the role of media was emerged  as a tool to guide  public policy, and has become the authority itself ... Read More »

America and ISIS : a strategy of confrontation

The United States is seeking to develop a new strategy which defines its confrontation to ISIS and find ways and means to stop the expansion and advancing of this organization and dry up the economic and financial sources funding it and weaken the infrastructure that the organization seeks to sustain and strengthen it and thus face the organization through an ... Read More »

Iraq under the Iranian Influence : People without a state

Under the policy of discontent shown  by the administration of US president Barak Obama for the foreign policy pursued by Iraqi Prime minister Haider Al-Abadi , the latest of which was the fabricated tension with the Turkish Government,  the us administration sent several days ago Gen. Lloyd Austin , commander of the central command of US Army  to meet Iraqi ... Read More »

Ankara and Erbil .. and the policy of regional alliances

In a turbulent Arab and regional environment, president of Iraq’s Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani arrived on the ninth of December of this month to the Turkish Republic and he has conducted talks with senior Turkish leadership on regional developments in the Middle East. And this visit was received with a diplomatic standing ovation by Turkish leaders who met the President ... Read More »

ISIS in Libya: objectives and goals

The organization of the Islamic State managed to surprise everyone to extend and march towards the Libyan territory announcing the presence of its fighters in the Libyan city of (Sirte) and control it which marked the starting point of moving forward to some other Libyan cities and enhance its capabilities and to encourage its supporters and fighters to go and ... Read More »

On the background of the Turkish-Iraqi crisis: Have the Iranian influence and its militia kept a sovereignty for Iraq ?!

The replacement of the military units by the Turkish government , which is in charge of training of the Peshmerga forces located in the region of Basheeqa in the vicinity of the city of Mosul for nearly two and a half year, provoked a considerable controversy in the Iraqi political class between objectors calling for accountability of Turkey, and between ... Read More »