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After the announcement of the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections that took place in the last May, and knowing the most i ...
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Shatha Khalil * Since Trump came to power in the United States of America, the outbreak of regional wars and other proxy wars, and ...
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Dr.Salim M.Al Zanoon Despite the tense political relationship between Washington and Ankara over the past years, the economic inte ...
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Shatha Khalil * The growing dispute between Turkey and the United States, raising the import duties of aluminum from Turkey to 20 ...
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Anew stage of the Iraqi political scene has returned concerning the formation of the largest bloc of blocs and political parties a ...
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The collapse of the Iranian currency led to the loss of many Iraqi merchants and capitalists who had deposited their money in Iran ...
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Shatha Khalil * Since 2003 Iraq has suffered from the deterioration of the economic sectors that relied on it before the US invasi ...
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At the moment, US-Turkish relations are experiencing a state of extreme tension, a major emerging factor in the crisis between the ...
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Shatha Khalil * Not only Iran cut off more than fifteen mouths of fresh water, which was poured into the Tigris river , but increa ...
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Iran was the main beneficiary of the US occupation of Iraq on April 9, 2003, and the disposal of its enemy, former Iraqi President ...
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