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Dr... Salim Mohammed Al-Zanoun * In the recent period, Iran has moved to a gradual escalation strategy that includes targeting Was ...
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On Friday, the Office of the highest –ranking religious Marja , Ali al-Sistani issued a statement on the occasion of the fifth ann ...
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Dr... Salim Mohammed Al-Zanoun * Tensions between the United States and Iran have risen recently. While Washington has tightened i ...
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The consequences of international conflicts are usually predictable in terms of their forms, their parties, their features, and th ...
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With the escalation of tension in the region and in the context of the proxy war, it seems that Iran has chosen Iraq as a preferre ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil The new sanctions have come into effect and could hinder the stalled European efforts to keep some trade ...
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Dr... Salim Mohammed Al-Zanoun. In less than a month, four attacks on oil interests in the Arabian Gulf were targeted. In mid-May, ...
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Trade dispute between China and the United States  since the first Trump days at the White House has heated up. Trump accused Chin ...
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Shatha Khalil * This year, Iraq is achieving the highest rate of cultivation of agricultural crops (wheat and barley) for tens of ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil In the midst of tensions and crises, investors are accustomed to the fact that tension is directly and qu ...
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