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Shatha Khalil * Following their historic meeting on June 12, 2018 in Singapore, US President Donald Trump and North Korean Preside ...
Comments Off on Summit of Trump and Kim; end or continuation of the provocative war between their two countries

Jordan has witnessed in recent days popular protests in the capital Amman and other provinces on a bill that provides for increasi ...
Comments Off on On the impact of the protests: King Abdullah II and lessons in governance

Shatha Khalil * The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has been keen to promote the rehabilitation and development of the tanker companies and ...
Comments Off on Iraqi oil tankers resume their activities to all countries of the world

Between June 6 and 10, the political life in Iraq has witnessed political, judicial and security developments with regard to corre ...
Comments Off on After the burning of the ballot boxes … the spoilers continue to wreak havoc in Iraq

Shatha Khalil * US influence in the world depends in part on its trade policies, and the risk of US President Donald Trump's decis ...
Comments Off on Trump ignites a trade war and replaces NAFTA

The Council of Ministers approved the recommendations of a government committee to investigate breaches in the elections, and Iraq ...
Comments Off on In the face of corruption: Abadi confirms the occurrence of serious violations of the elections

After the security and military victory that Iraq was able to achieve after defeating the terrorist organization ISIS , observers ...
Comments Off on Where is the interest of the homeland and citizen from the Iraqi election fraud?

The results of the Iraqi elections, which took place on 12 May last, received wide attention internally, Arab, regionally and inte ...
Comments Off on Iraqi elections … features and facts

Anwar Hamid Al-Dulaimi * The conflict in Syria can not be understood without talking about Syrian natural gas. One of the most imp ...
Comments Off on Syrian gas and its role in feeding global conflicts “the hidden war between East and West”

Shatha Khalil * Iraq has been suffering for years from low water levels flowing on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from the neighb ...
Comments Off on The drought of the Tigris and the Euphrates , Declaration of war on the civilization of Mesopotamia