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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi Integrity Commission announced in a statement Monday that  $ 60 million had been lost nearly  from t ...
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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's visit to Saudi Arabia last Wednesday showed signs of a serious desire ...
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A month after the declaration of the elimination of the alleged "caliphate", the legacy of the terrorist organization ISIS weighs ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * After the economic, technological and scientific blockade on Iraq in the nineties, two orbits are remai ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * Basra is the third largest city in the Republic of Iraq, the economic capital of Iraq, and its main por ...
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On April 8, US President Donald Trump declared that the United States has classified Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist org ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * since 2003 and till today, Iraq has witnessed many political and sectarian situations, economic instabi ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil * The global economy witnessed many transformations in the 1980s. The most important of these changes was ...
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On the 23rd of last month, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced that they had taken control of the last pocket of the terrorist ...
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Iran and Iraq have decided to restore the 1975 Algiers Agreement as part of a drive to improve relations and deal with border disp ...
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