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Shatha Khalil * Two words that have recently spread between the world's two largest economic powers, the US and China where they h ...
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Iranian politicians have never thought that the US occupation of Iraq on April 9, 2003 would be a strategic gift from Washington t ...
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Shatha Khalil The Integrity Commission revealed in a report on the total of delayed projects in the province of Salah al-Din , nea ...
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After the visit by Iraqi President Barham Salih to Gulf Arab countries and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, he also visited Iran i ...
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Shatha Khalil * The official documents of the Iraqi government revealed the largest operation of corruption and tax evasion, losse ...
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Preface: As long as the Middle East has been associated with the interests of the big powers because of its strategic importance t ...
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Activating  Turkey's role in the Syrian crisis As Turkey  is the most important regional player in the Middle East, its foreign po ...
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After his election as President of the Republic of Iraq... Barham Salih, working on the development of diplomatic, political and e ...
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On November 5, the second package of US sanctions against Iran began, meaning that the Trump administration decided to pursue a po ...
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Shatha Khalil * Oil markets are witnessing a storm of price volatility, oil price instability as a result of supply and demand, co ...
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