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Anti –Iran Warsaw meeting : On February 13-14, 60 countries met in the Polish capital , Warsaw , at the "Peace Conference", which ...
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US Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Chanahan landed in Baghdad on Tuesday for an unannounced visit by Pentagon for security rea ...
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Bremer plans and Iran benefits and Iraq loses Researcher Shatha Khalil Auction foreign currency sale - the dollar was a law legisl ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil One of the most prominent results of the war in Iraq after 2003, the emergence of militias and multi-part ...
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Dr. Muammar Faisal Khouli * The observer of the relationship between Turkey and France for decades and even today knows perfectly ...
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Researcher Shatha Khalil The relationship between economy and politics is closely related to each other, each one moves the other, ...
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When we talk about television we have to mention the history of "Iraqi television" because it has a great impact on the Iraqi peop ...
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A dream has come true when the Qatar national football team was able to defeat the Japanese in the final match of the Asian Cup, a ...
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Shatha Khalil * The educational institution in Iraq has deteriorated markedly as it was not isolated from the effects of the US oc ...
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Iran is trying to exploit the visit of US President Donald Trump to the military base of Ain al-Assad in western Iraq on December ...
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