Al-Rawabet: A center for the search of solid information

Al-Rawabet: A center for the search of solid information

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The Turkish government may need for more than twenty days in order to announce -yesterday- through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Mawlood Jawish Ihsanoglu” about what was revealed by Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies through a special information obtained by it stating: “the elements of the PKK in the past month, kidnapping two Turkish intelligence elements “MIT” in the city of Sulaymaniyah under the control of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan “. You can see the article by clicking on the following link” Sulaymaniyah and the open war between Turkey and the PKK”This is not the first time, in which the information obtained by the Rawabet Center has been coincided with the facts that occur in the region, which can be described by secrecy and away from the media of its various forms, and this is calculated to the Rawabet center. For example, and not as a limitation with respect to information obtained , this information came completely identical with what is planning by a regional state and seeks to implement it, starting from Iraq to achieve its expansionist interests in the Arab environment, this information is as follows:
1. Rawabet Center for the Research and Strategic Studies disseminated at the date of 2 of February in 2016, an article you can see it by clicking on the following link: “Tehran issues orders and Baghdad implement it “, the article was based on information that Iran will employ the war against the terrorist al – Daesh in Iraq to its advantage through a creation a “land corridor” to link it to its allies Syria and Lebanon. This land corridor starts from the Iranian border through Iraqi cities “Samarra, al-Alalam , Baiji, and Shirqat ,al-Hadhar and Tal Afar in Mosul , ” leading to the Syrian border. And if it hadn’t been for the opposition of the United States and its allies of Syrian Kurds, this corridor would have been “just around the corner” become a reality.

2. Rawabet Center for the Research and strategic studies disseminated at the date of 15 of the last September , an article,  you can see the article by clicking on the following link “Iran and the alternative corridor “This article was based on private information provides that Iran is seeking to find an alternative land corridor to the corridor of “Tal Afar- Mosul” , and this information about the corridor provides that: the corridor is with two tracks: The first starts from the Iranian border through Iraqi cities: Kut, Karbala, Akashat , Ana and Abu Kamal down to the area of the border triangle. The other: starts from the Iranian border, passing through the cities of Kut and Karbala, and leading to Nikhaib in Anbar province, adjacent to the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To implement this corridor, Iran and its allies will carry out a quick battles against Daesh and Syrian opposition, and according to the Iranian and Iraqi-Syrian coordination, Iraqi army will not exceed the Iraqi border toward Syria, and leave the exceeding for the militias of Iran if it requires. And the information provided that the plan of the alternative corridor is due to begin on 16th of the last September and the facts on the ground proved in the following day of the dissemination of that article , that the plan corridor has already begun at that date .

From the above it can be said that the role of the center since its inception in June 2014 is not limited to the production of research and studies and analysis of policies and introduction of assessment estimation in multiple areas, and to introduce future visions of interest to the individual and society and decision-makers ,but a new order was introduced also in the work of research centers which is getting private information in all political, security, military, economic and social fields, and analyzes it from a deep strategic perspective and disseminates it on its international information network “Internet” to benefit those who are concerned of it whether they are the political decision-makers or the readers or researchers concerned with the affairs of the region. So Rawabet Center is the Center for the research of the solid information.

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