Iraqi-US- Iranian night on alert due to false information from Iraq

Iraqi-US- Iranian night on alert due to false information from Iraq

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Who targeted the tankers in the Gulf? (Reuters) – Gulf observers in Iran said , Iran may have launched its first regional war signals by targeting ships anchored near the port of Fujairah and has sought to respond to growing US pressure to abandon its nuclear and missile projects and stop threatening regional security . But not everything that is said by observers is true.

In general, and against this targeting, which could extend to other areas in the region, including Iraq, the US Embassy in Baghdad issued a statement on Sunday calling on its citizens not to travel to Iraq. The embassy in the statement advised all its citizens to be vigilant in the light of escalated tensions in Iraq. The statement added,”The measures to be taken are” do not travel to Iraq “,” avoid presence in gathering places “,” not to draw attention “and” pay attention to their surroundings,”

And what has increased the US alert in Iraq, that the Americans have received information from some Iraqis that – tonight – at dawn today the US interests in Iraq will be attacked by allies of Iran, and based on this information , the US administration contacted with the Iraqi political leadership to stand on the credibility of that information. According to special information obtained by the Rawabet Center for Researches and Strategic Studies, the information that reached the US Embassy in Iraq and in turn brought to Washington was wrong information and baseless . Although some of the acts are taken place but in essence they are simple and not by the allies of Iran, but from other parties seeking to blow up the security and military situation between Washington and Tehran.
In view of this false information, the Federal Government and the Government of Kurdistan Region of Iraq have placed strict protection on the American diplomatic mission in Iraq, both on the US Embassy in Baghdad and the US consulate in the Kurdistan region and Basra, and the protection of all US interests in Iraq, since the protection of such interests is the responsibility of Iraqi government based on the Vienna Conventions governing the operation of missions and diplomatic bodies.
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi assured Washington that the Iraqi situation is stable and he does not accept any harm to US interests in Iraq. He seeks through diplomatic channels to cool the conflict between Washington and Tehran so that things do not go into the unknown and that the two countries do not fall into the trap because of the plots against them to ignite a regional war in the region. At the same time, Adel Abdul Mahdi refuses to harm the security and sovereignty of Iraq and that Iraq is not a place for opponents to settle their accounts on his country’s soil.
On the Iranian side, and in order not to slip to the brink of the abyss between Washington and Tehran in Iraq and the region, its allies in Iraq have committed themselves to the utmost restraint, and the legitimate question that arises in this context: who is that body responsible for passing this false information to disturb the dawn of Iraq and Iran and evening of Washington, and put them on high alert to any action and reaction, but the fact is the short time the dawn will come and the morning starts and then Iraq to begin a new day away from any US-Iranian escalation on its soil. One day, the Iraqi poet Mudhaffar al-Nawab said, “sadness is very beautiful, and The night is devoid of taste without worries”, but it seems with the political intersections and contradictions in the region, “the night is devoid of taste without intrigues.”

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