Towards tightening control over the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh

Towards tightening control over the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh

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At the dawn of the seventeenth of the last October  Haider Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister announced the start of military operations for the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, and Iraqi forces in cooperation with the international coalition forces managed  to achieve military victories on the ground represented by the liberation of many villages in the province of Nineveh and the neighborhoods belonging to the city of Mosul. Despite the importance of this liberation , however, there are serious challenges facing this liberation as the  aim of military operations not only  to defeat al Daesh but the restoration of the entire  province  and do not let the loss of control again, because it represents a setback for the military effort and constitute a serious blow to any genuine national reconciliation, and in order to keep control  on villages and neighborhoods that have been recovered from the terrorist organization Daesh  it should take  into account a range of measures to guarantee the preservation of this military victory and strengthened it  towards a political and a social, economic and social victory  in Iraq, and these  measures are :

First, divide the Nineveh province into four administrative  constituencies  and place for  each constituency an  intelligence work plan.  By Which    the liberated areas  can be controlled  and  the challenge is still ongoing after the liberation of those villages and neighborhoods. What is achieved by military and security forces on the governorate  of Nineveh province is a great achievement so must the intelligence vision be clear and specific and sober. Here we have to rely on the Iraqi citizen, as  the biggest  force who takes hold on the land .

Second, the Iraqi armed forces control  on the dangerous spots in the liberated areas,  the security services control  on the regular areas and in the event of happening any breach in those areas ,  the use of armed forces  will be done for immediate  address . Here it requires caution that the  rest of  Daesh  will come  with new leaderships.

Third: dealing positively with the new orientation of the Sunni religious system  by  standing alongside  with  the Iraqi state, and this requires openness to them because this  orientation  is not just   a  maneuver   or   formal  orientation .

Fourth, after the full  military  control  on  the liberated villages and neighborhoods, the armed forces must be in designated areas and the largest effort would be for the  military operations because it is not possible to maintain the military force in large numbers in the cities.

Fifth: The deployment of intelligence agencies in the cities is important that it is accompanied by  action because this effective deployment gives these devices the ability to target terrorists before they target   the forces of intelligence. Terrorism has an  intellectual  doctrine , and this terrorism will continue for years and also depends on the situation in Syria.

Sixth: The presence of individuals from the local crowd who fought alongside the Iraqi military and security forces and have become the antithesis of the organization Daesh with the people of the region is necessary within the national intelligence effort.

Seventh: According to information obtained by Rawabe Center for Research and Strategic Studies   reports that the organization Daesh will try  hide its elements underground noting that the  next stage   will   be more  difficult   and the only way is to penetrate the enemy in its incubators and  this is the task of  intelligence agencies   because any terrorist attack occurs,  all the efforts may get lost  because  it touches the psyches of all citizens.

Eighth: The battle of Iraq  against  terrorism may last for several years, as the other generation of terrorism may appear, but confront it requires preparation and readiness to create the cooperation of the community with the armed forces and intelligence services. Terrorism can not to overcome   the Iraqi people if the people  are firmly  united , and vice versa.

Ninth: To win the battle against terrorism in the battle,   the goal of the Iraqi armed forces and security services in the province of Nineveh  must be  to win Iraqi citizens  and this confirms by  Haider Abadi, the Iraqi Prime Minister, because  the matter imposed by force can  not continue, because the  power may continue  for some period   and make the other in a  placement of defense and possibly withdrawal but will return after a period against Iraqi forces and security agencies, the  basic thing  is  to win  the citizen and  make him to feel  that he is  part of a national Iraqi system. The battle with terrorism is  the  intelligence, otherwise what the armed forces  to do in front of a  bomb car  ?,   the Iraqi government’s plan should be the intelligence plan  to  gain originally the distinguished citizens to  be leaders.

Tenth: focus on the importance of security among the citizens and take advantage of previous experience in the security  check, and security services  must  create cells of national safety  in order to rule out the work of the intelligence committee  from  the work of the committees in the governorates  in order  to avoid   the interaction after the return of the work  of the  council of  province, noting that the depth of  intelligence cells  and its links should be  in  the command of operations in the governorate. Here we have to focus on the good  “sincere,  honest  citizen , influential socially,” who  can distinguish between right and wrong, and they should beware of relying on  bad , hypocrite “citizens”   because this   is the waste of military and security efforts of the Iraqi government.

Eleventh: The issue of the closure of the border  is important  even   on a temporary basis because  keeping open  will  give  Daeh    the freedom to communicate with depth in Syria. And sleeper cells in other parts of the world.

Twelfth:  the Iraqi government and its armed forces and its security forces should   take into account the issue of tribal revenge in order not to confuse the military and security operations against al Daesh. So it  must invest the central  Court because it has juridical authority over all of Iraq because of the presence of tribal influences on judges and even to investigators, Iraq also needs to develop the capabilities of investigating officers.

These measures are  of the utmost importance to maintain military and security gains made in the era of Haider Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, Iraq in  his era is  better   in terms of the sectarian and ethnic polarization, when compared with Nuri al-Maliki, the former Iraqi prime minister, as his reign was characterized by  sectarian  and nationalist   discrimination  that the measures  referred to above may be an a way to preserve what has been achieved and that    Haider al-Abadi is trying to  establish it   to bring  Iraq  out  from the dark tunnel.


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