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The collapse of the Mosul Dam: economic ruin and the change of the map of Iraq ..

The story of the construction of the dam  dates back to the year of 1950  when the Iraqi Reconstruction Council decided  to establish  it  on the Tigris River in the site which is about forty kilometers north of Mosul. But political instability that prevailed in Iraq, and the large number of technical studies on the proposed sites for the construction of the dam delayed its inception to 1984. The dam is currently under threat ... Read More »

Iranian regime … an essential part of the dilemma of solution in the Syrian conflict

In the twenty-ninth of December of the last year, announced in the Turkish capital, “Ankara”  Turkish- Russian  agreement is aimed at a cease-fire in Syria, to be  implemented    on the same day and with Turkish and Russian guarantees . Following the entry into force of the agreement, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mawlood Jaweesh Davutoglu   made  a statement, who said that “all ... Read More »

Battle of Mosul the beginnings and results 7

Features of military plan drawn up by the command of the international coalition  and oversaw on  its   implementation with the Iraqi military and security forces  began to be clarified in  the nature of the   events and actions taken place  on the main axes of  the command of Nineveh operations  and after the announcement of  these formations   for  the starting of ... Read More »

Oil markets and the gap between supply and demand

oil prices were able  during  the last December  to achieve levels not seen in nearly two years after the agreement  of «OPEC» and major producers to cut oil production by 1.8 million barrels a day in cooperation with Russia and others to reduce their supply, in a move to restore balance to the markets during 2017. In the midst of ... Read More »

Cutting off the electricity supply …the Iranian regime deepens Suffering of Iraq

  The Energy Committee in the Iraqi province of Wasit announced  the stop  of Iran’s electricity supplies  to Iraq amounting to 1250 MW, since the beginning of 2017, due to the «accumulated» debt , pointing out that the Ministry of Electricity called on all citizens to rationalize consumption and  lift the excesses to avoid increasing the hours of the  cut ... Read More »

Iraq: between the budget estimation and the actual balance sheet for the year of 2016

The Budget is the financial plan developed by the state as an  approach  to be  followed   in the next year, and  often  it was released in the beginning of each year and it is the main important  tool for managing  of fiscal policy for any state . The budget aims to identify the best ways to exploit the resources of the state and filling  its expenditures without exposure to the debt and  international loans, ... Read More »

Mass Group Holding Ltd. Achieved success in Kurdistan and confirmed it in Baghdad

Basmajh: the return of light to the eyes of Iraqis after the darkness stretched for years The electricity crisis in Iraq has reached  to a standstill, there  was no use with temporary and random prosthetic solutions, as well as a huge waste in the wealth of Iraq and not to take advantage of them, where  Iraq is losing  every day , 700 million cubic feet of gas, ... Read More »

Donor countries .. and administration of global crises

  Specialists   to define the grants as “cash  or material   or  technical assistance provided to the beneficiary  arranging it without  owed interest, and are not affected by the differences of  currency revaluation, and   provide availability  of foreign exchange to the concerned  ministries and agencies .” And  the idea of aid and grants between the countries was originated  since ancient times as it  was governed by interests and mutual ... Read More »

Towards tightening control over the liberated areas in the province of Nineveh

At the dawn of the seventeenth of the last October  Haider Abadi, Iraq’s prime minister announced the start of military operations for the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daesh, and Iraqi forces in cooperation with the international coalition forces managed  to achieve military victories on the ground represented by the liberation of many villages in the ... Read More »

Iraqi politicians and regional disputes

Nineveh military operations continue to implement the tasks entrusted to it in progress within the main  axes  identified  for it but  they  are  stumbled  from time to time due to several factors, the most important of them  are  the basic defenses  made by Daesh fighters in front of the  attacking military and security forces   in addition to the lack of ... Read More »