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Iraqi airspace without control …

Shatha Khalil * The history of Iraqi Airways is linked to civil aviation; and since the establishment of the modern Iraqi state in 1921, the Civil Aviation was under the Ministry of Defense, and before that ,it  was under the British occupation authorities. When the first “civilian airport” was established in Iraq in 1933, the airport, which is located west ... Read More »

The strategic objectives for al-Hashd al-Shaabi (popular crowd) and the control over the Iraqi-Syrian border

Popular crowd forces (al-Hashd al-Shaaabi) on the western axis of the sector of Nineveh operations proceeded to advance towards the village of Umm Alchaababit , located in the west of the district of Tal Afar in a new and broad operation backed by all kinds of weapons and aviation of Iraqi army called it the “second operations of Muhammad Rasul ... Read More »

Trumps’s visit to the region, re-activation of the strategy of pillars

D.Salim m.Alzanoon President “Trump” chose to start his first tour to visit Saudi Arabia on 23th of the current May since he became the president as the first stop for him in the schedule of his international visit , and the President set to draw sharp contrast with Obama doctrine with visit to Saudi Arabia, this does not represent a ... Read More »

Who is the decision maker in the battle of western Anbar?

The restoration of Al-Hadhar area in the south of the city of Mosul by a lightning military operation of the forces of the popular crowd that did not take more than forty-eight hours opened the way for the Shiite factions that represent the main component for the crowd to advance west towards the border with Syria, that the geopolitical importance ... Read More »

French elections and the future of the European Union

D.Salim m.Alzanoon The experience of history indicates to the experience similar to the experience of the French elections today, they are similar to the 2002 elections , when (Jean-Marie Le Pen) , the founder of the National Front arrived the second round , but in the second round , France largely voted in favor of “Jacques Chirac” the conservative, what ... Read More »

Iraqi Oil Ministry, A New Step Forward

Shatha Khalil * Oil Ministry and its Minister Jabbar Ali Hussein Laibi are keen on the development of ambitious plans and programs to develop oil and gas resources in Iraq, and its development by keeping up with developments and changes in the oil and gas industry in the world, and the development of plans and programs for the years 2017,2018,2019,2020 ... Read More »

The new document of Hamas ……. pragmatism, and the limits of political change

D.Salim m.Alzanoon On 1 May Hamas movement released a new document of “general principles and policies”  based on the “doctrine of necessity” which allows the admission of certain issues and adopt some policies to  avoid the damage and  to achieve  the interests, according to this ,  the document constitutes  a degree of political pragmatism, which works to match the interests ... Read More »

Global companies and the competitive revenues…

Shatha Khalil * US retail chain, “Wal – Mart” has achieved in 2016 the top of the largest companies in the world in terms of achieving revenues of $ 482 billion. The beginnings of Wal – Mart dates back to 1962 as it started from a modest shop in a small town in the United States to a multinational company that its stores are spread in the world, east and west. Economic impacts ... Read More »

What the government does not know about the sexual exploitation of children in Iraq

Sexual harassment of children, can also be called sexual violence against children, is one of the most serious crimes rampant in society recently. It is a type of sexual exploitation or is sexual contact between children and adults in order to satisfy the sexual desires. Sexual violence against children is a gross violation of the rights of children, which also ... Read More »

Mesopotamia, between great resources and extreme poverty

Shatha Khalil * Citizens of the non-oil developing countries live a state of poverty and need, and that is normal, but the ridiculous strange that the Iraqi citizen to live in poverty and at the level of low income, lack of services and the deterioration of infrastructure, and more than a third of its citizens below the poverty line in ... Read More »